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Because Li Mingzhang was slightly frightened by He Qihangs words, he had an absent look on his face.

Seeing that, Mrs.

Li asked with concern, “Whats wrong”

“Mom, Mingyue should be awake now.

She told He Qihang that I pushed her on purpose.

He Qihang just called me and shouted that he was going to pay me back.” Li Mingzhang didnt know what he should do.

“Mom, what if He Qihang asks Gu Ning to cause me trouble”

Knowing that Li Mingyue was awake now, Mrs.

Li was happy, but she was also a little upset when Li Mingzhang said that He Qihang decided to pay him back.

However, she was mad upon thinking that Li Mingzhang deliberately pushed Li Mingyue, so she criticized him.

“You shouldnt have pushed Mingyue! Couldnt you talk to her nicely Why did you have to use violence Didnt you know that she was pregnant If it hadnt been for Miss Gu, Mingyue could have lost life! Now she has survived, but she lost her baby.

Its understandable for them to blame you.

Dont you feel guilty at all”

“I was a little impulsive, but Mingyue is fine now.

They can have more babies if they want.

He Qihang punched me today.

I think thats enough!” Li Mingzhang argued.

Even though he felt slightly guilty, he didnt think it was so serious.

“You…” Mrs.

Li was angered.

“That was a life! Mingyue was pregnant for seven months and the baby already had a shape.

How could you be so cold-blooded”

“It already happened.

What can I do The most important thing right now is to stop He Qihang from blaming me,” said Li Mingzhang.

He didnt regret it at all.


Li was mad, but Li Mingzhang was her son, so she didnt want him to be in trouble.

She also hoped that He Qihang and Li Mingyue would stop blaming Li Mingzhang for that.

They would pay the costs while Li Mingyue was in the hospital.

“If you want them to stop blaming you for that, mind your attitude.

Go visit Mingyue tomorrow morning with some gifts and you should pay all the medical fees,” said Mrs.


“Mingyue just had an operation and she needs to stay in the hospital for a while.

That will be a lot of money!” Li Mingzhang was reluctant to pay the medical fee, because it would add up to at least a few hundred thousand yuan.


Li was furious.

“Do you think you dont need to pay for injuring other people If you dont listen to me, just wait till He Qihang pays you back.

If you anger them, you could be put in jail after they call the police.

Dont think Mingyue will forgive you just because youre her older brother.

You caused her to lose her baby and almost her life.

I dont think Mingyue still sees you as family.

She wont care about your life either.”

As their mother, Mrs.

Li knew that Li Mingyue didnt get along with Li Mingzhang.

If she hadnt paid some attention to Li Mingyue, Li Mingyue would probably have left them earlier on, but compared with her sons, she still valued her daughter less.

Nevertheless, she believed that Li Mingzhang should pay the compensation this time.

“I…” Mrs.

Li made it very clear, so Li Mingzhang didnt know what to say.

He had to accept it.

An hour after Gu Ning returned to the siheyuan, Leng Shaoting got back.

Gu Ning knew that Leng Shaoting was coming back, so she went to wait for him at the gate.

Master Leng and Jing Yunyao even joked about that, but they understood that Gu Ning missed Leng Shaoting very much.

In fact, Jing Yunyao had the same feeling.

She also wanted to wait for Leng Shaoting outside, but they were a young couple.

They might want to kiss and hug each other once they met again, so she didnt go out.

When Leng Shaoting finally got back, Gu Ning met his eyes and knew that both of them had missed the other badly.

“Youre back!” said Gu Ning with excitement.

“Yeah, Im back!” said Leng Shaoting.

Then he immediately walked to Gu Ning and gave her a big hug.

Gu Ning hugged him tightly as well.

They smelt each other and felt greatly satisfied.

They wanted more, but it wasnt the right time.

“Did you miss me” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Of course, I missed you every moment.

I could barely eat and sleep,” said Gu Ning seriously.

Although it was exaggerated, she indeed missed him deeply.

“Did you miss my body” Leng Shaoting asked with an evil smile.

Gu Ning immediately flushed and pushed him away.

She left his arms and gave him a glare.

“Stop flirting with me.

I was just worried about your safety.”

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