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“Tell Wang Xinyan that if she wants to cause us trouble, she should find some able people.

Youre merely trash.

And tell her to wait for my revenge, because she really annoyed me this time!” Gu Ning warned them then left with Leng Shaoting.

After they were gone, one of those men called Wang Xinyan at once and told her that they failed.

Wang Xinyan was mad and snapped at them on the phone.

Although Wang Xinyan didnt believe that Gu Ning had the ability to get revenge on her, she felt uneasy to some extent.

And her good mood was ruined.

Leng Shaoting looked extremely displeased, because of what Wang Xinyan told those men to do to Gu Ning.

He would never allow them to do so, but he was annoyed that they had the intention to hurt Gu Ning.

“Im fine.

Please dont be mad just because of them.” Gu Ning didnt want to see Leng Shaoting being unhappy.

“They schemed against you!” Leng Shaoting said coldly.

He relaxed a little after Gu Nings comfort, but he was still mad.

“Im fine and safe now.

They cant hurt me at all!” Gu Ning continued to comfort him.

“Ill handle it,” Leng Shaoting said.

No matter who dared to hurt the person that he loved, he would let him or her pay for it.

He already had a plan to get revenge on the Wang Family.

“Sure.” Gu Ning didnt reject, otherwise Leng Shaoting would be upset.

Leng Shaoting was finally cheered up because Gu Ning was willing to let him help her.

Feeling Leng Shaotings emotional change, Gu Ning didnt know what to say but was touched.

The two then ambled on the streets in this ancient town, hand in hand like a normal couple.

It was winter, so this ancient town wasnt full of activity like it was in summer, but it was still crowded.

A beautiful couple like Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning soon attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

Especially when girls noticed Leng Shaoting, they all marveled at his extraordinarily handsome appearance.

“Jesus! Hes so good-looking!”

“Is he a star or something”

“I dont think that a star would have a stroll around with his girlfriend.”

“Hes so handsome.

What a shame that he isnt an actor!”

“Indeed, if he was an actor, he would have a considerable amount of fans!”


“I wish that I had such a handsome boyfriend!”

“I think that you should probably be as pretty as the girl beside him first.”

Hearing all the conversations among those girls, Gu Ning didnt feel uncomfortable at all.

Instead, she was proud.

Leng Shaoting didnt like to be the center of peoples attention, so he ignored them all.

Although antique stands during the night were much less than that during the day, there were still many of them.

Gu Ning didnt miss any antique stand on the street, but she didnt walk in the antique shops because she came here to take a chance, not to buy antiques.

She enjoyed distinguishing a real antique from fake ones herself.

Antiques had been popular for so many years, so there were less real antiques left on the streets.

Real antiques were either in antique shops, collected by antique lovers or placed in museums.

Thus Gu Ning didnt find a single real antique after she walked through half of the street.

However, when they had almost walked to the end of the street, Gu Ning noticed an antique with power on a stand.

It was an 8.5cm tall blue and white glaze bowl, which was worth around two million yuan, but Gu Ning only paid three thousand yuan for it.

They didnt go back until 10 pm, but on their way back, Gu Ning became nervous once she thought of the fact that she was going to stay in the same room as Leng Shaoting tonight.

Before long, they arrived at the hotel.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya slept in the factory building tonight, so there were only Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting in this presidential suite now.

The minute that they walked inside, Leng Shaoting locked the door and pressed Gu Ning to him.

He kissed her violently, as if he had restricted himself for a long time.

Gu Ning was surprised, but she didnt push him away.

Instead, she clasped his waist and kissed him back.

Leng Shaoting hadnt seen Gu Ning for days, and now they were finally alone with each other.

He couldnt wait to be closer to her.

The more passionately Gu Ning kissed him back, the more eagerly Leng Shaoting wanted her.

They slowly moved to the sofa, and he pressed her against the back of the sofa, continuing their kissing.

They started to breathe fast, and Leng Shaoting almost lost his control, but unexpectedly, his phone rang all of a sudden and ruined everything.

Leng Shaoting was mad. Who is calling at this damn time!

Gu Ning couldnt help laughing.

“Answer the phone first.”

Leng Shaoting understood that there were only a few people who had his number.

It had to be important if they called him.

He took out his phone.

The caller was Xu Jinchen.

“What” Leng Shaoting said in obvious anger, which scared Xu Jinchen.

Whats wrong with boss Why is he so mad

Xu Jinchen immediately regretted that he called Leng Shaoting, because he actually had nothing serious to tell him, but he had already called.

If he didnt say anything at all, it would be worse, so he stammered, “Um, well, boss, where are you now”

“Just tell me whats wrong,” Leng Shaoting said.


Nothing is wrong.

I was just worried about your safety because youre not back yet,” Xu Jinchen said.

“Anything else” Leng Shaoting asked.

He almost lost his patience.

“No, nothing else.” Xu Jinchens voice trembled a little in fear.

“If you dont have anything serious, dont call me again,” Leng Shaoting said icily before he hung up on Xu Jinchen.

He was a patient person, but now wasnt the right time and he was being tortured by his sexual desire.

Xu Jinchen was struck dumb.

He thought that his bosss reaction was very abnormal today.

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