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He had courage, and wouldnt give up just because it was dangerous.

Otherwise the Dai family wouldnt have been so influential today.

In fact, the Dai family had been through a lot before they earned a position in the capital.

They had been on the verge of failure many times before, so Master Dai knew how dangerous this road was.

They must have effective control of it before taking action.

“Master Dai, you know its risky, but the Leng family has enough confidence to make it happen.

As long as the Dai family is willing to work with us, I think there is an 80% probability that well succeed,” said Jing Yunyao.

The probability was about 80% instead of 90% or 100%, because the Leng family couldnt just do whatever they wanted, but an 80% probability wasnt low.

Hearing Jing Yunyaos reply, Master Dai had hope.

“What do you need us to do” asked Master Dai.

It was barely enough that the Dai family agreed to help, because there were many things they needed to do.

Anyway, the Dai family would benefit the most from it.

“If the Dai family wants to replace the Chang family, we need to know the officials that are in the same faction as the Dai family.

Well collect evidence of other families illegal deeds, then hand it to the Dai family.

Your people can use the evidence to make some achievements.

But please choose the most reliable and potential officials for that.

As for the other things, we must keep it a secret for the time being.

Please dont blame me, Master Dai,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Sure, I understand,” said Master Dai.

He was only a helper, not a force inside the Leng familys faction, so there were some things he shouldnt know.

After reaching a cooperation with Master Dai, Jing Yunyao left.

While Jing Yunyao was talking with Master Dai in the study, Mrs.

Dai and Miss Dai were in the living room, so when Jing Yunyao was gone, Miss Dai asked Master Dai, “Dad, what happened I didnt think we have a private relationship with the Leng family.”

“Yeah.” Mrs.

Dai joined their conversation.

“Alright, you dont need to know.

Ill let you know once its allowed,” said Master Dai.

Anyway, the fewer people who knew about it, the better.

In that case, Mrs.

Dai and Miss Dai said nothing further.

They guessed it might be related to politics.

After Jing Yunyao walked out of the Dai familys house, she called Master Leng and told him everything.

After that, they began to collect evidence of the other important families illegal deeds.

Because they were going to conduct an investigation, they needed Gu Nings help, so Master Leng called her that afternoon.

Gu Ning agreed to help with alacrity.

They needed hackers to collect evidence and people to secretly follow their targets at the same time.

Therefore, Gu Ning assigned the task to Ks team and a group of killers, like Gao Yi, Qiao Ya, Ba Tianyang and so on, that served her right now.

They were killers, so they were very good at investigating.

As long as they took action and worked with Ks team, they would find whatever clues were left behind by those powerful families.

Gu Ning didnt join them right away, but she would when it was necessary.

The Chamber of Commerce were holding a meeting that afternoon, and Gu Ning was a few minutes late because she needed to assign tasks, which aroused some peoples dissatisfaction.

“Oh, were all waiting for you, the busy boss of a large business group.”

“She isnt only the boss of a large business group, shes also the fiancée of Lord Leng! Shes definitely more important than us.”



“Shut up!” Nie Chenyang snapped at them.

Many people had already heard that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings fiancée.

After all, there were many people from high society in the chamber.

“President, its a compliment.

Why are you so mad”

“Right, are you one of her admirers”


“Enough, I know youre jealous of her.

If you have enough energy, why dont you focus on your business” Nie Chenyang angrily said to them.

Was he one of Gu Nings admirers Of course he liked her, because Gu Ning was so outstanding that it was hard for a man not to be impressed by her, but he had reason and a clear understanding of himself.

He wouldnt hold bias for Gu Ning just because he had a very good impression of her, nor would he hate her just because he couldnt win her heart.

Nie Chenyang said what they were thinking, so they felt embarrassed.

“Were not jealous of her.

Why should we be jealous There are plenty of people who are better than her.”

“Right, were not jealous of her at all!”


At this moment, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Then shut your mouths.

Stop mocking me.

I said nothing, but you should know where to stop.

If you dare judge me again, dont blame me for teaching you a lesson.”

She wouldnt let them attack her and not fight back.

She wasnt their parent, so she wouldnt spoil them!

Once Gu Ning said that, some people closed their mouths in horror.

Although they dared to laugh at Gu Ning openly, they were still unwilling to argue against her face to face.

However, Lu Juncheng jumped out at this moment.

“Gu Ning, dont be so arrogant.

Although youre the Leng familys future granddaughter-in-law, youre not married yet.

No one knows what will happen in the future.

You better keep a low profile.”

Lu Juncheng dared to say that to Gu Ning, not only because he didnt get along with Gu Ning, but also because he wanted to please Yuan Yilin.

When many people made fun of Gu Ning, Yuan Yilin was obviously pleased, but when they were cowed by Gu Nings words, Yuan Yilin looked disappointed.

As a result, Lu Juncheng decided to stand out for Yuan Yilin.

Song Miaoge had told Gu Ning about what had happened between Lu Juncheng and Yuan Yilin.

It was true, but not many people were aware of that.

Since it had already happened, no matter how much Yuan Yilin hated Lu Juncheng, she couldnt do anything to him right now.

After all, she would be humiliated if it was exposed.

However, it was impossible for her to get together with Lu Juncheng.

Either way, Lu Juncheng defended Yuan Yilin as always.

To be specific, he was more protective of her than before.

After having sex with her, Lu Juncheng was more devoted to her, even though they had only slept together once.

Yuan Yilin wasnt a virgin, but Lu Juncheng didnt care.

After that night, he bore Yuan Yilins taste in mind in case he forgot how delicious it was.

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