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Yu Mixi was exhausted now.

Another two circles were a big challenge for her.

Thus Gu Ning didnt give her much pressure.

As for Mu Ke, Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to torture him.

“Mu Ke, run after me at the same speed, now,” Gu Ning said, then ran ahead first.

Mu Ke immediately followed up.

He had intentionally slowed his pace down when he had been running with Yu Mixi.

Now with Gu Ning, he could enjoy the feeling of running like a wild horse.

Though Gu Ning was running fast, she knew this wasnt a race.

Mu Ke knew it as well.

Physical training wasnt the same thing as race.

He didnt run pass Gu Ning on purpose, but remained behind her.

After a circle, Mu Ke started to be out of breath.

Two circles later, Mu Ke fought for his breath.

After three circles, Mu Ke was exhausted and gradually was left behind by Gu Ning.

Then Mu Ke found out Gu Nings pace of running was all the same, no matter how many circles she had run.

Even every step was of the same length, when Gu Ning was running.

Though there was several centimeters difference, it could be omitted.

Mu Ke was 100% sure that Gu Ning must have received professional training for years.

He was more respectful and curious about Gu Ning now.

Seeing Gu Ning and Mu Ke had already finished three circles, Yu Mixi felt envious.

She wish she had been as physically strong as them.

No pain, no gain.

Yu Mixi knew it clearly.

Gu Ning and Mu Ke had trained themselves for many years, while she had just started to exercise.

Yu Mixi was envious, but not jealous.

She made up her mind to do better than herself.

As long as she was determined, she could be as strong as Gu Ning and Mu Ke one day in the future.

Four circles later, Mu Ke was far behind Gu Ning.

He could barely breathe, and his pace slowed down gradually.

Mu Ke actually was physically strong.

Running fast cost much more strength than running slowly.

Five circles of running at a fast pace was equal to dozens of circles at a slow pace.

Even Gu Ning had to stop after six circles of fast running.

She was able to continue, but wasnt willing to.

“Gu-Gu Ning, you, youre incredible! You can keep the same length of each step, and run at the same pace.

Wow!” Mu Ke actually stopped after five circles.

He was out of breath, and felt thirsty.

He kept walking for a while, because he knew he couldnt sit down right after running.

“Youll get used to it,” Gu Ning replied while catching her breath.

When Gu Ning and Mu Ke had finished their circles, Yu Mixi was completely tired after two circles.

She could barely stand, but struggled to finish her training.

Gu Ning walked over and stopped her, “Its alright.

Youve done very well today.

Lets have a walk first, then take a rest.”

Yu Mixi immediately leaned against Gu Ning.

She felt dizzy and unable to walk by herself.

After a long while, Yu Mixi finally recovered.

Gu Ning pulled out two bottles of water from her backpack, handing them to Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

Then she took out another bottle for herself.

Gu Ning bought the water on her way to football field.

She knew they would be in great need of water after running.

“Thanks,” Mu Ke and Yu Mixi thanked Gu Ning.

They both opened the bottle immediately, and poured the water into their mouth, like they hadnt had water for many days.

It was five minutes away from the morning class.

They went back to classroom together.

They planned to continue their training when they were free.

Shao Feifei was in good mood today.

She assumed those hoodlums she had hired had successfully done what she had asked them to do.

Though she hadnt received their call, Shao Feifei believed Gu Ning wasnt able to fight with several men.

Probably those hoodlums were too happy to call her.

“Feifei, what has happened You look so pleased today.”

“Exactly, tell us now!”

Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya didnt know what Shao Feifei had secretly done.

They asked with curiosity.

“It is a good news, but its not a great time to tell you.

Ill let you know when we finish the classes today,” Shao Feifei replied.

Though Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya were curious, they didnt dare to force Shao Feifei to tell them.

It was two minutes away from the morning class.

Everyone was in the classroom, except Gu Ning and Yu Mixi.

Seeing Gu Ning was absent, Shao Feifei was more certain that Gu Ning had been in trouble.

She put on a big smile.

But next, Shao Feifeis smile froze on her face.

She looked frightened even.

It was Gu Ning.

She showed up at the door of the classroom.

Gu Ning had no idea whether Shao Feifei knew the truth or not.

She only understood Shao Feifeis face must be “interesting” when she appeared.

Thus the minute Gu Ning walked in the classroom, she stared at Shao Feifei.

Noticing Shao Feifei being in shock, Gu Ning knew Shao Feifei wasnt aware that her plan had failed.

“Gu Ning, why are you here” Shao Feifei jumped up from her desk.

Everyone around her was confused.

This was classroom, and Gu Ning was supposed to attend the classes.

What was wrong with that

“Oh, If Im not here, where should I be” Gu Ning asked Shao Feifei with provocation.

“Didnt you…” The second Shao Feifei opened her mouth, she realized she shouldnt have done that.

So she immediately shut her mouth.

Gu Ning wouldnt let her get away with it easily.

She asked, “What”

“No-nothing.” Though Shao Feifei didnt know what exactly had happened yesterday and she was more than disappointed now, she knew she had to keep it a secret.


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