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What if Leng Shaoming couldnt accept it after Zhan Zhiyin told him the truth He might stay away from Zhan Zhiyin afterwards and Zhan Zhiyin might blame Gu Ning for encouraging her to be honest.

If she told her to keep it a secret, it might seem as if she supported Zhan Zhiyin in fooling Leng Shaoming, which wasnt fair on him either.

Therefore, whether Gu Ning suggested Zhan Zhiyin be honest or not, it wouldnt have a good result.

Therefore, it was up to Zhan Zhiyin.

Even if Zhan Zhiyin kept it a secret from Leng Shaoming, she might not be able to do that forever.

Her friends might keep it a secret too, but other people wouldnt help her.

After all, there were other cultivators, monsters and ghosts in this world.

If Leng Shaoming could accept the fact that Zhan Zhiyin was a half monster.

it wouldnt hurt him whenever Zhan Zhiyin told him the truth, but if Leng Shaoming couldnt accept a monster, it was better for Zhan Zhiyin to be honest with him as soon as possible.

There was no deep love between them right now, so neither of them would be too deeply hurt.

However, exactly because there was no deep love between them yet, it could easily ruin their relationship if Leng Shaoming learned the truth right now.

Therefore, Gu Ning replied: I cant make the decision for you.

You must do it yourself.

If you dont want to tell him, I wont interfere, but whether you tell him now or not, itll be exposed one day.

Once its exposed, it might not cause serious damage if he can accept it.

If not, itll seriously damage your relationship.

Think about it carefully before you make the decision!

When Gu Ning just met Zhan Zhiyin, she barely knew her, so she told Zhan Zhiyin to be honest with Leng Shaoming.

She thought Zhan Zhiyin could only be with Leng Shaoming after he accepted her.

However, Gu Ning had changed her mind.

After getting along with Zhan Zhiyin for a while, she learned more about her.

So she was sure that Zhan Zhiyin wouldnt hurt Leng Shaoming.

Reading Gu Nings reply, Zhan Zhiyin was lost in thought.

Although Gu Ning didnt force her to be honest with Leng Shaoming if she wanted to be Leng Shaomings girlfriend, like Gu Ning said, once the secret was exposed, it might cause serious damage to their relationship if Leng Shaoming couldnt accept it.

Only if Leng Shaoming could accept it would they be together.

Therefore, after careful thinking, Zhan Zhiyin felt she should be honest with Leng Shaoming.

Even if he was really scared because she was a half monster and stayed away from her, she could accept that result.

She might not become his girlfriend, but she would still protect him as always.

Thinking of that, Zhan Zhiyin felt much more relieved.

To be honest, it had been tough for her while she couldnt figure out what to do.

When Zhan Zhiyin walked out of the washroom looking worried, Leng Shaoming asked with concern, “Whats wrong Do you feel uncomfortable”

“Not at all,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

“Great, but do tell me if you feel uncomfortable, alright” said Leng Shaoming.

He didnt believe that Zhan Zhiyin was fine, but he wouldnt force her to tell him the reason since she didnt want to.

“Dont worry, Im not a kid.

If there is really anything wrong, Ill tell you,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

“I know you can take care of yourself, but Im just afraid that youll hesitate to turn to me for help.” Leng Shaoming spoke in a relaxed tone, but he actually was serious.

In fact, Leng Shaoming really cared about her, but he couldnt show it right away.

Zhan Zhiyin understood it very well and felt happy about it.

However, she was worried too.

She was worried that Leng Shaoming wouldnt care about her any more after finding out that she was a half monster.

“Oh, have you found out who the mastermind is yet” Zhan Zhiyin changed the topic and asked.

She cared about that very much.

If they could find the mastermind, she wouldnt hesitate to tear the person to pieces.

However, it was just her idea.

Even if there was a result, they still needed to go to court.

“Not yet.

Since the person dared to scheme against me, he must be fully-prepared.

We need to see what we can do, or how good the person is at hiding,” said Leng Shaoming.

As they chatted, Leng Shaomings secretary came back with food.

Then Leng Shaoming told him to leave.

It was his secretary, not a housemaid.

He could ask his secretary to help him with something, but not everything.

And they had made a full recovery now, so they could look after themselves.

Although both of them had worries, they shared the meal in harmony, not feeling embarrassed.

After the meal, Zhan Zhiyin packed the take-out package and wanted to dump them, but Leng Shaoming stopped her.

He told her to have a seat and leave it to him.

Leng Shaoming was thinking about how to confess his affection for Zhan Zhiyin, while Zhan Zhiyin was thinking about how she should tell Leng Shaoming her secret.

They made up their mind to do that, but still felt nervous when they were really going to do that.

After cleaning the table, Leng Shaoming went back to lie down on the bed.

They were watching TV, but neither of them had interest in it because they were thinking about what they should do next.

They remained silent for about ten minutes, then spoke at the same time.


They smiled at each other with embarrassment.

“What do you want to say” said Leng Shaoming.

“Um, I need to go out for a while,” said Zhan Zhiyin.

She decided to be honest with Leng Shaoming, but didnt dare to tell him about her secret face to face.

Therefore, she could only go out first and send him a message while she was outside.

“Where are you going Do you need me” said Leng Shaoming.

“No need, Ill be back soon,” said Zhan Zhiyin, but whether she would come back actually depended on Leng Shaomings answer.

“Great, be careful,” said Leng Shaoming.

It was Zhan Zhiyins right and freedom to go out, so he couldnt stop her.

After that, Zhan Zhiyin changed her clothing and went out.

Walking out of the inpatient department, Zhan Zhiyin directly left the hospital.

About ten minutes later, Zhan Zhiyin took out her phone and sent Leng Shaoming a message.

She didnt dare to call him.

Zhan Zhiyin: Shaoming, there is something very important about me, but Im very afraid to let you know about it, so I kept it a secret from you.

However, its not fair on you if I dont tell you.

So, Ive made up my mind to tell you the secret now.

I only hope that you can keep it between us.

Please dont tell anyone else.

I mentioned that story about a man and a female monster for a purpose, because…

At this moment, Zhan Zhiyin paused and hesitated to finish, but a few seconds later, she continued.


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