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Gu Ning didnt bother to keep it a secret and said that it was done by Chengfeng Real Estate, but that the manager still refused to admit it.

Although Lin Fei was sure that it was done by Chengfeng Real Estate, he was still mad when he heard the answer from Gu Ning.

“Chengfeng Real Estate is really stupid.

How could they dare to scheme against you.

Theyre digging their own grave!” said Lin Fei.

He couldnt wait to see Chengfeng Real Estate pay a heavy price for it.

“They didnt know that Shenghua Real Estate is owned by the Shengning Organization.

If they had known, they wouldnt have dared to do that.

If they deliberately challenged me, theyre either stupid or too confident,” said Gu Ning.

Because Chengfeng Real Estate didnt have strong support, they were no match for the Shengning Organization.

“Im afraid the Zheng family were unable to sleep peacefully yesterday!” said Lin Fei proudly.

He had no grudge against the Zheng family, but he was Gu Nings friend, so he disliked those who dared to scheme against her.

Because Gu Ning was talking with Lin Fei the entire time, Leng Shaoting felt ignored and uncomfortable.

However, they said nothing special, it was just about business.

Gu Ning felt Leng Shaotings emotional change and felt resigned.

She had to pick up a piece of dessert before the meal and fed Leng Shaoting.

It was a little embarrassing to do that publicly, but she wanted to make her man happy.

Seeing Gu Nings actions, Leng Shaoting was cheered up at once.

He smiled and ate it.

Lin Fei had seen such a picture many times before, so he didnt think much, but he also realized that he had been talking to Gu Ning the entire time and left Leng Shaoting excluded, so he turned to talk to Leng Shaoting instead.


Leng, what do you do” asked Lin Fei.

“Im a soldier,” said Leng Shaoting.

Lin Feis eyes lit up at once when he heard that Leng Shaoting was a soldier.

Not only women had a preference for soldiers, many men had the same tendency.

In other words, they all had a strong admiration for soldiers.

Women had a preference for soldiers out of admiration and love, but men had a preference for soldiers because they wanted to become a well-respected idol.

However, not every man had the chance to join the army.

Lin Fei used to have that idea, but his family stopped him.

“Youre a soldier Thats amazing! I wanted to join the army as well, but my family disagreed.

I couldnt go against them, so I had to give up,” said Lin Fei.

He still felt it was a shame that he didnt join the army.

“Well, sometimes you cant make the choice on your own.

Your family obviously hopes that you can take over your familys business,” said Gu Ning.

The Lin family was the richest family in City G, and they needed an heir.

Lin Fei couldnt deny it, so he only shrugged.

Afterwards, the dishes were placed on the table and they began to enjoy the meal.

Once they finished, they went their separate ways.

Because Lin Fei knew that Gu Ning came for business, he didnt bother them.

That morning, after An Guangyao came, Meng Fan interrogated Kong Lixuan once more.

Kong Lixuan admitted it in the end, but he insisted on saying that it was his own decision and had nothing to do with other people.

He was willing to be the scapegoat, so he wouldnt give them other peoples names.

Therefore, Gu Ning felt it was time for her to stand out, otherwise they wouldnt get a satisfactory result.

Since Kong Lixuan took the blame, if they couldnt find more evidence, this case had to be settled.

Gu Ning wouldnt allow the mastermind to get away with it.

No matter who it was, they had to pay the price.

Before Gu Ning went to the police station, she told K to investigate Chengfeng Real Estate to see if they had done any other illegal deeds.

If Kong Lixuans words werent enough to catch the mastermind, she would use other evidence to punish them.

If only her staff were attacked, she might not conduct a thorough investigation, but she was involved too.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the police station, K sent the information he collected to her e-mailbox.

Chengfeng Real Estate had a bad reputation, so it was easy to collect evidence about their illegal deeds.

In fact, many companies had broken the law, but normally no one would investigate them unless they messed with someone with influence.

The most serious mistake that Chengfeng Real Estate made was tax evasion, and the number was hundreds of millions of yuan.

If Chengfeng Real Estate confessed to its scheme against Shenghua Real Estate and made a public apology and paid the compensation, Gu Ning wouldnt expose their dirty secrets, but if Chengfeng Real Estate was determined to make Kong Lixuan the scapegoat, Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to teach them a lesson.

When Gu Ning came, she told An Guangyao about it beforehand, so An Guangyao was also present.

After that, they called Meng Fan and asked him to take Kong Lixuan to the interrogation room.

They would do the interrogation in person.

Normally, outsiders couldnt do the interrogation, even if it was the victim, but people with high status had different priorities, so Meng Fan let Gu Ning in.

At the beginning, the director of the police station didnt know that Shenghua Real Estate was a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization, so he asked Meng Fan not to take it seriously, otherwise Chengfeng Real Estate might be displeased, but when he heard that Shenghua Real Estate was owned by the Shengning Organization and that the chairman came over in person, he told Meng Fan to do his best.

Everyone was afraid of people with power.

So if Chengfeng Real Estate had more powerful support than the Shengning Organization, the director of the police station would put on another face.

As soon as the director of the police station heard that Gu Ning came, he came to see her and stayed with them for the interrogation.

Although Kong Lixuan admitted that he did it, he knew it wasnt enough.

Gu Ning and the others wanted to know more.

Therefore, when he saw so many people in the room, he became quite nervous.

He was afraid that he might blurt out the name of the mastermind.

In that case, his family might be paid back.


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