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Hearing his words, all the local people were angry.

Right at this moment, Gu Ning threw an apple and it flew directly into the mouth of the man from Country R, blocking his mouth.

He had to stop swearing.

That scene surprised everyone and they all agreed that she was extremely good at throwing!

However, most people thought she just had good luck.

Nevertheless, whether it was because of her ability or good luck, everyone was pleased to see it happen.

The man felt his mouth hurt as the apple stuffed his mouth.

He couldnt pull it off until he used a lot of force.

“Damn you people…” The man from Country R was furious.

It appeared as if he couldnt wait to kill Gu Ning.

Without delay, he threw the apple at Gu Ning.

He didnt care whether she was injured or not.

If he cared about that, he wouldnt have attacked her.

The crowd was worried too, because they didnt want Gu Ning to be hurt.

To their surprise, Gu Ning raised her leg and easily kicked the apple away.

The apple crossed a parabola in the air and finally fell into a trash can five meters away.

Why did she use her leg instead of her hand Because the apple had already been in the mouth of the man from Country R and was stained with his saliva.

It was disgusting.

It shocked the crowd.

If it was because of good luck that she was able to throw the apple to shut the mans mouth, then she must have relied on her abilities to kick the apple into the trash can.

Seeing that, the two arrogant men from Country R nervously swallowed.

They were a little scared and felt that it wouldnt be easy to bully Gu Ning, but their pride wouldnt allow them to yield.

If they gave in like that, they would be humiliated.

People might think they were afraid of Gu Ning.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was a local.

If she were also a person from Country R, they would have stopped arguing with her.


“How can local people treat foreign friends so rudely You should be polite and respectful to us!” One man from Country R blamed Gu Ning.

“Foreign friends” Gu Ning found it extremely funny.

After that, she coldly looked at the man and said in a cold tone, “Of course, if youre really our friends, well be polite to you.

But are you our friends You came to our country yet you bullied our people.

You humiliated us.

Do you think well respect you Its already very nice of me that I didnt punch you.

Its a daydream for you to even ask me for politeness.

Oh, are you implying that rudeness is your way of politeness.

If so, Im treating you the same way.

Am I wrong You cant forbid other people from fighting back.

Who do you think you are You dont have privileges in our country!”

Hearing that, the local people were mad and started to criticize the two men from Country R, but a few lackeys still said nothing.

The local man who stayed with the two men from Country R did nothing either.

He didnt think Gu Nings words were wrong, but birds of a feather flock together so he didnt bother to criticize the two men from Country R either.

Because not everyone from Country R was bad, some people from Country R felt ashamed of their peoples rude behavior.

It was the two mens fault after all.

Only a minority agreed with them and disdained the local people.

Even though it was their fault, they still had a lot of support.

On the other hand, there were many people watching the drama quietly.

“You…” The two men from Country R didnt know what to say, and felt stressed facing Gu Ning.

Staff from around the gate heard their argument and walked over, but didnt stop them.

Instead, they sided with Gu Ning.

They never liked rude foreigners.

“The boarding will begin in ten minutes.

In order not to delay the departure, please apologize to the two girls,” said Gu Ning.

She disliked them, but there was no need to continue arguing with them.

“Apologize No way!” The two men from Country R felt humiliated when Gu Ning asked them to apologize to the two local girls so they immediately refused.

“Really” Gu Ning was mad and put a lot of pressure on the two men.

The two men were even more stressed than before and could hardly breathe.

At this moment, they were terrified of Gu Ning.

Even the onlookers were affected and suddenly found Gu Ning a little scary.

Without a word, Gu Ning coldly stared at them.

She wanted to see how long they could stay so arrogant.

The two girls didnt think they needed an apology, because they were afraid the two men might take revenge, but they didnt know how to say it.

They felt they couldnt embarrass Gu Ning and their country.

After all, they cared a lot about their dignity.

No one said anything as everyone focused on the two men.

“Im sorry.”

In the end, they couldnt bear the pressure any longer and apologized.

No matter how reluctant they were, they finished an apology, so Gu Ning stopped putting pressure on them.

“You can do whatever you want in your own country, but behave when you are in our country.

Dont think were easy to bully.”

The two men were unwilling to accept the result, but they knew they were no match for this girl, so it was better for them to listen to her now.

However, after they arrived in their country, they would pay her back.

Gu Ning understood what they were thinking, but she didnt care.

If they planned to take revenge, she would fight back once more.


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