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Because it was a public place, they didnt talk about Leng Shaoting, but Gu Ning talked to Jing Yunyao about Jing Jining.

“Mother, I visited the Jing family yesterday and I heard Junior Mrs.

Jing urging Uncle Jing to get married.

Uncle Jing isnt young anymore and its indeed time for him to have a family,” said Gu Ning.

“Of course, he should have gotten married long ago.

Ive tried to persuade him to get married many times before, but he always told me he didnt have a good choice.

However, I know he left the Jing family because of me.

If he doesnt stay in the cultivation world, how can he find a good match” Jing Yunyao signed.

She felt a little guilty and had a resigned expression.

“I saw a woman in the Jing family yesterday.

Her name is Shen Yiling.

Miss Shen admires Uncle Jing.

Master Jing and Junior Mrs.

Jing also have a good impression of her, but Uncle Jing is obviously avoiding her.

I dont think he hates her.

I think he has a good impression of Miss Shen.

However, he must have his concerns,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt bring up Shen Yiling to help her because it was their own personal affair.

She only mentioned Shen Yiling because she was telling Jing Yunyao the news.

Because Jing Yunyao hadnt gone back to the cultivation world for many years and she had only stayed there for a short while last time, many people in the cultivation world were strangers to her now, so she didnt know Shen Yiling.

“Avoiding I guess he probably doesnt have a clear idea yet,” said Jing Yunyao.

Because she didnt know Shen Yiling, she had no idea about Shen Yilings age.

She wasnt aware of their age gap.

As they chatted with each other, they suddenly heard a loud argument.

It attracted their attention so they turned to look for it.

There were two local girls and three men, including a local man and two men from Country R.

After hearing their argument, they figured out the reason.

The two men from Country R went to strike up a conversation with the two girls.

The girls didnt want to talk to them, so the men from Country R got angry and began to humiliate them.

They even humiliated their country.

The local man didnt defend their country, and even joined the two men from Country R to humiliate the two girls.

He was acting like a lackey, which was disgusting.

The two girls even cried from the anger.

Other people around were watching the drama.

Seeing that, Gu Ning felt she had to do something.

Therefore, she stood up and walked over.


She walked in between them and protected the two girls behind her.

The moment the three men saw Gu Ning, their eyes lit up.

The two men from Country R leered at Gu Ning, disgusting her.

Gu Ning coldly looked at the local man who was with the two men from Country R and asked, “Are you a local”

In order to not cause a misunderstanding, Gu Ning needed to make sure of it.

“I am, so” The man replied.

Although he knew Gu Ning stood out for the two girls, he had a good attitude because of Gu Nings beauty.

“I simply want to tell you that you look disgusting as a lackey next to two foreign men.

Its embarrassing,” said Gu Ning in a flat voice, but it was a sharp comment.

Hearing that, other locals felt satisfied.

Even though they didnt want to get involved in the argument, they actually disliked the local man for helping the two men from Country R bully the two local girls.

“You…” The man immediately got angry.

He snapped at Gu Ning.

“Its my own business.

It has nothing to do with you.

You have no right to judge me.”

“I know, but I just wanted to stop you! Since you can bully other people, why cant I bully you” said Gu Ning aggressively.

She had no kindness for bullies who helped foreigners humiliate local people.

“You…” The man was mad and threatened Gu Ning.

“Dont think I wont beat you just because youre a woman.”

Saying that, the man seemed to be ready to fight, trying to scare Gu Ning.

Seeing that, everyone was worried about Gu Ning.

The two girls were also anxious, so they said to Gu Ning in a low voice, “Its not a big deal.

Were girls.

We cant win.”

Although they were mad too, they were outside now and their safety was more important.

Besides, they were going to City Gang in Country R later.

They would land in their place.

If those men were going to hurt them, they wouldnt be able to fight back.

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said to comfort them.

The two girls were still very worried, but they couldnt stop Gu Ning, so they said nothing further.

If it became serious, they would go to have fun in another place.

Compared with their safety, the cost of the plane tickets was nothing.

“Try if you can.” Gu Ning sneered at the man.

“You…” The man got even angrier.

He had the impulse to fight with Gu Ning, but his reason stopped him.

Gu Ning ignored the local man and turned to look at the two men from Country R.

“How could you bully our people Do you think were easy to bully” said Gu Ning.

“So what What can you do to us” The two men from Country R replied arrogantly.

They looked down their noses at Gu Ning.

Upon hearing that, many local people were furious.

“They are so mean! How can they be so aggressive”

“Right, what do they think they are”

“They are so full of themselves and are always aggressive.”


Everyone criticized them, but no one dared to stand out.

Although some people from Country R were indeed arrogant, some of them were very nice.

Therefore, a man from Country R walked out and said to the two men, “You two should show some respect.”

When the two men heard that, they didnt think they were wrong.

Instead, they became more aggressive.

“Its none of your business.

Dont think that because youre one of us Ill respect them for your face.

I just think theyre inferior to us.

Theyre cheap…”


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