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Hearing that, the man in white got mad.

He turned to glare at Gu Ning, but Leng Shaoting protected her behind him, so he couldnt see her.

“How do you know” asked the man in white.

He was about to lose temper.

He was suspicious of them for getting into the chamber without his permission, but he was always here.

How could they have gotten in How could she know

Right after Gu Ning asked that question, she realized she shouldnt have said that, because she needed to explain it and then her secret would be exposed.

If she didnt tell the truth, she honestly didnt know how to explain it.

Most importantly, Gu Ning had mentioned many of the details of the ice coffin.

Unfortunately, it was too late and she couldnt take her words back, so she could only be honest.

“Because I have a pair of Jade Eyes and I can see whats behind the wall.

Thats how we found this chamber.”

It wouldnt be a big deal if the man in white heard about her secret, because he wouldnt spread it and no one would believe it.

Hearing that, the man in white was astonished.

Jade Eyes

Although it was the first time that he had ever heard about that, he understood what it was from Gu Nings explanation.

With Jade Eyes, she could see through any obstacles.

However, Gu Ning observed his place without his permission, which still displeased him because he felt his privacy was invaded.

Gu Ning understood that, so she apologized before the man in white lost temper.

“Im sorry for observing the chamber without your permission, but I didnt know whether you were friendly, so I needed to know more about the situation.

Please forgive me.”

When Gu Ning apologized, she moved out from behind Leng Shaoting and met his eyes, showing obvious sincerity on her face.

In fact, Gu Ning purposely met the eyes of the man in white at this moment.

She knew she closely resembled the woman he loved, so she hoped his anger would go away after seeing her face.

Although she didnt know what had happened between them, this man was a very affectionate man since he stayed here for over a thousand years to guard his love.

Therefore, Gu Ning didnt want to ruin the peace.

In other words, she didnt want to have conflict with this man.

Upon seeing Gu Nings face which greatly resembled his loves face, the man in white indeed calmed down.

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A few seconds later, he moved his eyes away from her.

Even though she greatly resembled Shen Er, she wasnt Shen Er so he wouldnt pay much attention to her.

“Right, Im talking about the woman in the ice coffin.” The man in white replied.

After that, he told them his story.

“Shen Er is a disciple of a cultivation sect, while Im a disciple of the demon clan.

The cultivation sect and the demon clan once had a battle.

Shen Er was injured, and I rescued her.

We secretly ran away.

After getting along for a while, we fell in love and got together.”

“We knew that were forbidden to be together, because the good and the evil factions were bitter enemies.

But I had never hurt any innocent people even though I was born in the demon clan.

Even when the good and the evil factions were in a battle, I did nothing.

In order not to be discovered, we hid far away and lived an ordinary life, but Shen Er was still found by other disciples in the same cultivation sect as her.

They directly attacked me for no reason just because I was a demon…”

“They said they represented the good, but their hands were covered in blood.

I was a demon, but I had never hurt any innocent people.

Is it my fault that I was born in the demon clan Do I have to be killed even though I did nothing wrong”

Saying that, the man in white got emotional.

“Shen Er and I ran all the way till here.

But she was seriously injured because of me.

She died several days later, so I put her in this ice coffin.

Her body is kept well, and we can be together forever,” said the man in white.

Knowing that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting had sympathy for him.

Actually, they never thought that the so-called good cultivators were all good people with a sense of justice.

For example, officials in the government also bullied ordinary citizens.

Corrupt public servants were very hateful.


After the man in white finished, he realized that he had said too much, but he had kept it to himself for too long.

Nobody listened to him before, and now he had the chance to tell his story.

“Im done.

What else do you want to know If not, you can leave now,” said the man in white.

“I want to know why youll die once you leave this cave” asked Gu Ning.

The man in white only told them the result, but didnt tell them the reason, so Gu Ning felt it was necessary to make it clear.

“Because Shen Ers master found us in this cave, and he felt touched by my love for Shen Er, he allowed me to stay here with Shen Er, but in order to stop me from hurting innocent people, he sealed my soul in this cave.

Once I leave this cave, my body will separate from my soul and I will die,” said the man in white.

Even though Shen Ers master didnt kill him and allowed him to stay with Shen Er, he didnt feel grateful to Shen Ers master at all.

If it hadnt been for them, Shen Er wouldnt have died.


Leng Shaoting immediately sensed around and really sensed a Taoist magic figure.

Although Leng Shaoting didnt know much about Taoist magic figures, Shangguan Yang was an expert and he had seen Taoist magic figures many times before.

Therefore, he could sense them, but couldnt tell what Taoist magic figure it was.

He didnt use his magical senses earlier, so he didnt feel it till now.

In that case, Leng Shaoting believed the mans words.

“If so, we wont bother you any longer,” said Leng Shaoting, then he held Gu Nings hand and walked away.

The sky was dark now, but it wasnt completely dark.

The others thought that Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning could quickly come out, but they had been inside for an hour.

It worried them and they were afraid that they might have encountered trouble.

Only Xu Jinchen and Zhan Zhiyin were calm, because they knew Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning could protect themselves.


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