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There were photos attached too.

Although it was only a profile, it still wasnt difficult to recognize that the woman in the photos was the woman in front of their eyes.

And people were all astonished by the amount of money she had made.

She had made 345 million yuan last time with four pieces of jade, and this time she got six pieces of jade, which meant that she was going to make even more money.

Although the majority that she cut out was medium-level jade, and its price was much lower, it was already a fortune in ordinary peoples eyes.

In addition, it hadnt finished yet!

More and more people reposted the news and an increasing number of people got to know about it.

Many of them who lived nearby ran to the street of stone gambling to witness it with their own eyes.

Gu Ning cut out a high-level jade from the eighth raw material.

It was of the glass type.

The ninth piece was also a high-level jade.

It was violet.

Wang Hongming almost went crazy trembling from anger and disappointment.

Why Why can this woman cut out so many pieces of jade Why

Wang Xinyan was already struck dumb.

She wished that she was in a dream.

And then, Gu Ning directly took out the tenth raw material with a top-level jade inside.

When a worker announced that there was jade inside, no one was surprised again, because they were already used to it.

If there was no jade inside, they would probably be astonished.

However, when they found out the type of the jade, it caused a sensation once more, because it was the top-level Fulushou jade.

The worker had been working in this industry for at least seven years, but he had never cut out a single piece of top-level jade, which was the reason why he was so excited.

If his boss was going to fire him because of that, he wouldnt say a word.

“What Did I hear it right A top-level Fulushou jade”

Wang Hongming almost passed out.

Although the Wang Family didnt lack jade, it was rare to find high-level and top-level jade; especially the top-level jade.

They had to cut out over a thousand raw materials to get a piece of top-level jade during these years, but Gu Ning easily cut out two pieces of high-level jade and a single piece of top-level jade from his own store, which made his eyes green.

After the tenth jade was cut out, Gu Ning looked to Wang Hongming.

“Master Wang, I think the result of the bet is pretty clear now.

Would you prefer to transfer the money to me or give a check”

“Grandpa…” Wang Xinyan wanted to stop her grandpa, but before she could finish, Wang Hongming gave her an angry glance.

She then closed her mouth at once.

Wang Hongming was extremely unwilling to do so, but it was too late to deny it, so he had to transfer the money to Gu Ning.

The crowd burst into discussion again.

“Miss Tang is so awesome! How can she be so lucky and able at the same time”

“Does she have a superpower and know that there is jade inside”

“I think that she must have Jade Eyes, which can see the inside of raw materials.”

People started to guess, because it was so shocking.

However, they were all ordinary people and no one really believed that Gu Ning had Jade Eyes.

Wang Hongming was in a rage now; not because he just lost 20 million yuan, but because Gu Ning took so much valuable, even priceless jade out of his store.

That jade was worth far more than twenty million yuan.

Does she really have a superpower or Jade Eyes Wang Hongming thought to himself, but he soon denied it.

He couldnt accept this ridiculous idea.

The last person that Wang Hongming wanted to see in this world right now was Gu Ning, but he didnt leave right away, because he was curious how many pieces of jade this woman could cut out and he was also interested in the Fulushou jade.

Although Wang Hongming was an influential figure in City Teng and many people wouldnt compete against him for the Fulushou jade, the jewelry businessmen couldnt care less about him.

All they wanted was jade.

And the rule was that the most generous buyer got the jade.

The Fulushou jade wasnt small, so its initial bid price was very high.

“Fifty million yuan!”

“Sixty million yuan!”

“Three hundred and twenty million yuan!”

In the end, Wang Hongming got the Fulushou jade at the price of three hundred and twenty million yuan.

He decided to transfer the money again.

Wang Hongming now had mixed emotions, because he paid a fortune for a piece of jade out of his own raw materials.

It was so unusual! If he had cut out the jade himself, he wouldnt pay a cent for it.

Unfortunately, he wasnt lucky enough.

“Grandpa, why did you buy her jade” Wang Xinyan was almost 20-years-old, but was spoiled rotten already.

She was so emotional and couldnt make good judgments from the perspective of a businessman.

“Rong, send her back now.” Wang Hongming was in a bad mood now, but Wang Xinyan kept complaining beside his ears, which annoyed him greatly, so he asked the driver to take her back first.

“Grandpa…” Wang Xinyan was reluctant to leave.

“Go back home now!” Wang Hongming lost his patience.

Wang Xinyan didnt resist any more, and left with the driver.

While she was walking out, she glared at Gu Ning with great force.

She hated her to death now.

However, Gu Ning didnt care at all, because she knew that Wang Xinyan could barely compete with her.

Someone posted the news on the Internet again.

Its title was Latest News: The Queen of Jade Cut Out 10 Piece of Jade Till Now.

One of Them Is Fulushou Jade Which Was Sold at The Price of 320 Million Yuan!

There were pictures of the jade attached to the post.

The news caused an even bigger sensation this time, even the members from the Jade Association swarmed into the store without delay.

Jade of the glass and violet types was hard to find, but not rare, while Fulushou jade was truly a rarity.

They only heard that someone cut out Fulushou jade once in a few years.

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