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“Master Wang, you must be kidding me.

This jade of the pink lotus-root type is worth at least twenty million yuan.

Why should I abandon it Well, Im not an unreasonable person either.

If I win, you dont have to give this jade of the pink lotus-root type to me, but you have to pay me the same amount of money as its price.

The Wang Family is a well-known super-rich family in City Teng, so I think that twenty million yuan is barely anything to you, right” Gu Ning said, still in a provocative way.

Wang Hongming was displeased and slightly mad.

Although twenty million yuan truly was nothing for the Wang Family, he wasnt willing to give it to a stranger out of the blue.

“Miss Tang, are you sure” Wang Hongming asked and threatened.

“Why not Your granddaughter is the one who proposed the bet, and now she wants to deny it Dont you think that its shameful” Gu Ning asked coldly.

She wasnt weak or a chicken.

The crowd burst into discussion at once.

“Exactly! They have no right to do that.”

“The Wang Family is an influential family.

Its so inappropriate for them to do that.”


I saw Miss Wang grab the jade of the pink lotus-root type from Miss Tang just then with my own eyes!”

“What Its so shameful!”

“Its not the first time the Wang Family has done such a thing either.”

Although the Wang Family was powerful, it wasnt dominant, so many people still dared to discuss it.

Especially the representatives of the jewelry companies, they stood with Gu Ning and werent afraid of the Wang Family at all, because the power behind them was much more influential than the Wang Family.

Wang Hongming was embarrassed, but couldnt vent his anger in public, because it would give others ammunition.

Thus he tried his best to curb his anger and said icily, “Fine, you can continue cutting those raw materials.

If you win, Ill pay you the same amount of money as its price.”

The Wang Family didnt lack jade, but it didnt have many pieces of medium-high-level jade either, so he would rather pay Gu Ning the money and keep the jade.

“Grandpa…” Wang Xinyan disagreed.

“Shut up! You brought this up, and you must bear the result,” Wang Hongming snapped.

He was now a little annoyed at Wang Xinyans self-willed personality.

If she hadnt made the bet with Gu Ning, it wouldnt have ended up like this.

“Grandpa, were one of the most influential families in City Teng, and my uncle is the vice mayor.

Do we have to care about a stranger” Wang Xinyan argued, and didnt hide her intention to threaten Gu Ning at all.

“Oh, so the vice mayor can bully others whenever he wants to Shouldnt a government officer be upright and reasonable Why is your uncle the opposite Moreover, the vice mayor isnt the most powerful man in this city.

What if someone in a higher position than your uncle finds out about what youve done, what will happen to your uncle” Gu Ning said.

Actually, Wang Hongming wanted to see whether Gu Ning would panic because of their familys network, but unexpectedly, Gu Ning wasnt afraid at all.

“Xinyan, shut up right now! This is your own business, so dont involve our whole family and your uncle.

I dont want you to cause any misunderstandings,” Wang Hongming criticized Wang Xinyan.

He indeed was worried that his second son would be affected.

If his sons career was damaged, the Wang Family would be hurt too.

In addition, the Wang Family had never encountered such a trouble before today.

This woman doesnt care about our Wang Familys power.

Does she have more powerful backing Wang Hongming couldnt help thinking to himself.

Wang Xinyan was reluctant to accept it, but didnt dare to utter another word, so she compromised in the end.

She could now only wish that Gu Ning wouldnt cut out more pieces of jade.

The gamble went on.

Within minutes, the sixth piece of jade was cut out and sold.

Every time Wang Hongming heard that there was another piece of jade in Gu Nings raw material, he became more upset.

Gu Ning had cut out a lot of pieces of medium-high-level jade till now.

However, the workers were feeling tortured.

They now could only hope that their boss wouldnt vent his anger on them.

Otherwise, they could be fired.

When the seventh piece of jade of the hibiscus type was cut out, a workers hands were trembling and there was a dense layer of sweat around his forehead.

“How is it possible How!” Wang Xinyan almost cried in anxiety.

Wang Hongming gave up right then.

He knew that they would definitely lose, and was more jealous of Gu Nings ability of stone gambling.

“Oh, I remember it now!”

All of a sudden, the man who had said that Gu Ning looked familiar opened his mouth again.

“I read the news on the Internet.

There was a woman who cut out four pieces of medium-high-level and high-level jade continuously in City G the other day, and she made 345 million yuan at that time! Everyone regards her as the Queen of Jade! I think that she is probably the Queen of Jade.”

“What The Queen of Jade”

People were all shocked, looking to Gu Ning.

Wang Hongming had heard of it too, but didnt believe it, because he thought that it must be a publicity stunt or the woman was just lucky, but now…

If this woman before his eyes was the Queen of Jade, the news had to be the truth, because she had already shown her ability in front of them.

Thinking of this womans extremely outstanding ability, Wang Hongming gave the raw materials in Gu Nings cart a worried glance. Is there a piece of jade in every… Wang Hongming didnt dare to continue thinking about it, because he couldnt accept the truth.

Someone immediately used his phone to take pictures of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning noticed that, but she didnt stop him.

Since she changed her outfit and appearance, she wasnt afraid that someone would recognize her.

Before long, a piece of news with the title The Queen of Jade Cut Out More Highly Valuable Jade in City Teng [To be continued] was released.

Not many people knew who the Queen of Jade was, but the news was shocking enough.

Citizens in City Teng were all aware of the high risk of stone gambling.

Thus they were all curious as to why it suddenly became so easy to cut out jade.

Some searched the Queen of Jade on the Internet at once, and there was more astonishing news about her.

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