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Chu Peihan and the others believed Gu Ning, but wouldnt explain it to other people.

They didnt care about what the crowd were talking about.

They were only worried about Gu Ning.

Because the clubhouse was very large and Gu Ning needed to shout to other people to run away along the way, one and a half minutes passed when she finally reached the private room that Leng Yuanqian was in.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning kicked the door open, scaring everyone inside.

They immediately turned to look at her.

There were seven people in the private room.

Among them, three were foreigners.

As for the other four, they were all senior officials, including Leng Yuanqian.

The three foreigners had to be Leng Yuanqians important guests.

In addition to the three foreigners, the other four people were also familiar with Gu Ning.

The three senior officials had only seen Gu Nings photos on the Internet, but they all recognized her at a glance.

Whether they knew Gu Ning or not, she just intruded inside, which displeased everyone in the room.

“Gu Ning, what are you doing” Leng Yuanqian snapped at her.

Although he knew Gu Ning had to be doing it for a reason, he had no idea what she wanted.

No matter what, it was very rude.

“There is a bomb,” said Gu Ning seriously.


Hearing that, everyone was shocked, but couldnt believe it.

Only Leng Yuanqian believed Gu Nings words.

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“If so, we must leave now,” said Leng Yuanqian, standing up.

“There are only fifteen seconds left.

Its too late.

Sit near me, and well be fine,” said Gu Ning.

If they sat with her, would they be fine

Although people who knew Gu Ning had heard about her abilities, she couldnt win their trust by saying that.

As a result, no one moved.

Gu Ning understood that they didnt trust her, but she couldnt help getting mad.

“Move, now!”

Gu Ning put a lot of pressure on them.

Subconsciously, they listened to her and sat near her.

The next moment, Gu Ning walked in front of them and made a thick barrier with her magical energy to cover them.

They couldnt see the barrier, but they could feel the surrounding air change.

However, they couldnt tell how it changed.

At this moment, Gu Ning had no time to keep her superpower a secret.

She had to save them.

If it was necessary, she would threaten them to keep it secret later.

She saved their lives.

If they couldnt keep it a secret, she would punish them.

After five seconds, they heard a loud explosion.

Although they were protected inside the barrier, they were still shaken by the waves of the explosion.

Even though their bodies became numb, they werent injured at all.

The barrier stopped everything from getting in.

Anyway, they were struck dumb and couldnt notice the details.

Afterwards, the ceiling above their heads and the ground under their feet started collapsing.

However, thanks to the barrier, they werent hit.

After they came back to their senses, they finally realized that something wasnt right.

The people outside were shocked by the explosion.

To their surprise, there was indeed a bomb.

Those who successfully ran out felt extremely lucky today.

And those who didnt believe there was a bomb regretted staying in the club.

Most of them were injured after the explosion.

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Luckily, some people only fell and were hit by stuff falling.

Anyway, they survived, and that was the best result.

“Gu Ning!” Chu Peihan didnt see Gu Ning after the explosion, so she shouted anxiously.

She even wanted to run inside and find Gu Ning, but Han Chenglin stopped her.

Han Chenglin cared about Gu Nings safety too, but it was too dangerous for Chu Peihan to go inside right now.

And he believed that Gu Ning would be fine.

Therefore, Han Chenglin comforted Chu Peihan and said, “Calm down, Gu Ning will be fine.”

“Right, Ningning is so strong.

Shell definitely be fine,” said Mu Ke as he also stopped Yu Mixi from running inside.

“Ningning, Ningning!” Yu Mixi cried loudly.

Although she also believed that Gu Ning would be fine, she was still worried when she couldnt see Gu Ning.

“What happened Why are we not injured at all” One official exclaimed.

He didnt want to be injured either, but it was an explosion.

They hadnt been through an explosion before, but they knew how destructive it could be.

They hadnt experienced it before, but they could imagine it.

Any who encountered that would barely survive.

The next moment, they turned to look at Gu Ning with one accord.

They remembered what she just said to them.

She told them to sit near her and they would be fine.

Did it have something to do with her

However, she did nothing.

She just stood there.

What happened

However, Gu Ning warned them at this moment.

“Please keep it a secret.

Dont tell anyone else.

After you go out later, just tell other people that you were coincidentally not hit by anything.

You survived just because of good luck.

Do you understand Whoever dares to tell the truth will be punished by me.”

Gu Ning didnt care how important they were, she directly threatened them.

Hearing that, they were sure that they had survived because of Gu Ning, but they didnt know how exactly it happened.

“Miss, do you have superpowers” A foreigner who was about forty years old asked Gu Ning, looking at her with admiration.

It seemed that he believed that she had superpowers.

Superpowers What superpowers

Leng Yuanqian and the others didnt understand what he was talking about.

“Oh, where did you hear about people with superpowers” Gu Ning asked with great interest.

Other local people didnt think of that, but this foreigner had that idea.

“Ive watched it on your TV shows.

Those people with superpowers can walk on the walls and are super strong.

They can also release unbelievable force to knock back attacks.

Like what just happened, were not injured at all,” said the foreigner.

Hearing that, Leng Yuanqian and the others immediately understood what he was talking about, but they thought it was crazy.

There couldnt really be people with superpowers!


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