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Gu Nings second raw material that was cut out was jade too, and Wang Xinyan was more than upset now.

“Jesus! This miss is so lucky!”

“Indeed, Ive never seen another person who can cut out two pieces of jade consecutively.”

Everyone was amazed.

“How is it possible Why” Wang Xinyan couldnt believe her eyes, and refused to accept the truth.

Wang Hongming was displeased too. Is this woman lucky or able

However, no one would believe that she was just lucky to cut out two pieces of jade consecutively.

However, if this woman had extraordinarily outstanding ability of stone gambling, there could be more jade in those raw materials.

Wang Hongming almost had a breakdown.

Normally, the workers would be thrilled to cut out jade, because they could be famous by doing so, but now it was a completely different situation.

Their boss didnt want them to cut out jade at all, so their hands were trembling slightly.

The raw materials in their hands were like hot potatoes that they wanted to throw away, but they couldnt do that.

The second piece of medium-level jade was of the water type.

At this time, the third machine was available, so Gu Ning took out the third raw material, still with medium-level jade inside.

The green showed within minutes too.

Everyone was more than shocked now.

Wang Hongming was extremely displeased now, and Wang Xinyans face distorted in jealousy.

Once someone cut out jade, firecrackers would be exploded so that people would be aware of the good news.

Meanwhile, more and more people swarmed into the store.

“Nice to meet you, miss.

Im the manager of Baoyuan Company, Zhang Yan.

This is my name card.

I hope that we can cooperate someday,” a man immediately introduced himself to Gu Ning.

Baoyuan Company was a second-tier brand in the jewelry industry.

Gu Nings next goal was precisely to expand her client group for her jade provider business which she was going to open soon, and jewelry companies were the majority of her potential clients, so she was more than willing to meet the manager.

“Nice to meet you too.

My names Tang Aining.” Gu Ning used the name in her previous incarnation, but wasnt worried that it would cause her any trouble if the Tang Family and Qi Ziyue found out.

Let alone there being so many different people with the same name, even if she showed up with the name, Tang Aining, in front of their eyes, they wouldnt doubt it at all, because she had changed completely.

Gu Ning then exchanged name cards with the man.

“Miss Tang, nice to meet you! Im the manager of Jinyu Jewelry, Qin Yan…”

“Miss Tang, so glad to meet you! Im…”

More and more managers of jewelry companies came to Gu Nings side and exchanged name cards with her in search of future cooperation.

Gu Ning didnt reject.

Within a short time, Gu Ning received seven name cards including first-line, second-line and third-line jewelry brands.

Someone bid the minute that the first jade was fully cut out.

“Five million yuan.”

“5.5 million yuan!”

“Thirteen million yuan.”

In the end, the Black Jadeite was sold at the price of thirteen million yuan.

To not expose her real identity, Gu Ning had told K to open an account in a Swiss Bank for her earlier.

The Swiss Bank had an extremely high-level secrecy system and was well-known as the most trustworthy bank around the world.

About a quarter of the worlds personal wealth was stored in the bank.

Politicians, business tycoons and A-list celebrities in the world all put their money in the Swiss Bank, which had also created Switzerlands world-famous financial industry.

In that case, even if someone wanted to investigate her identity, he or she was doomed to fail.

The first deal was finished within minutes.

Gu Ning then took out her fourth raw material, and it was the same.

Everyone rounded their eyes in great shock.

It was shocking enough that she had already cut out three pieces of jade consecutively, but it seemed that there was more to come.

The second jade was fully cut out later, and was sold at the price of eight million yuan.

Gu Nings fifth raw material also cut out valuable jade.

Everyone was stunned, and no one could believe that it was real.

They felt like they were in a dream, which was too good to be true.

“Jesus! This is the first time that Ive ever witnessed someone cut out five pieces of jade consecutively!”

“Indeed! I think theres more jade in the rest of the raw materials.”

“I agree!”

Many people started to believe that.

“Why does she look so familiar”

“Who” someone asked.

“I cant remember it now all of a sudden.”

The news went abroad soon, and more people swarmed inside of the store.

Its hall was filled with people now.

“Stop it now!” Wang Xinyan suddenly opened her mouth.

If it continued, she was doomed to fail, which was the last thing she wanted to experience in this world.

Thus she tried to deny the bet.

Although Wang Hongming had the same idea, he felt embarrassed to do so.

What this woman had done today was beyond his imagination.

He was shocked and regretful, because those raw materials were all from his own store!

It was painful for him to see more jade cut out from the rest raw materials, but he couldnt take them back because he had already sold them.

“What Do you want to deny the bet” Gu Ning looked to Wang Xinyan asking sarcastically.

Hearing that, everyone showed disdain towards Wang Xinyan.

Wang Xinyan felt a little embarrassed in such a situation, even though she was usually shameless.

However, she raised her voice and said, “If so, what can you do to me”

She didnt believe that Gu Ning could handle her.

She was the daughter of the Wang Family!

“What do you think, Master Wang” Gu Ning said to Wang Hongming.

It sounded so sarcastic and provocative.

Wang Hongming flushed a little.

He knew that it was embarrassing, but he sincerely didnt want it to continue, so he used an excuse.

“Since Miss Tang already cut out so many pieces of jade.

I dont think that you lack the jade of the pink lotus-root type at all.

Why dont we stop right now”

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