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“No one knows what is going to happen till it really happens.

Although stone gambling is a highly risky business, Im confident that I can win, like this jade of the pink lotus-root type…” Gu Ning stopped at this time.

There was no need for her to finish the sentence, because Wang Xinyan and Wang Hongming understood her meaning.

Wang Hongming was curious about Gu Ning now.

This woman seems to not be an ordinary person.

Did she know that there was jade of the pink lotus-root type in the raw material beforehand If so, there could be more raw materials with jade inside in her cart! Wang Hongming started to sense that something was wrong.

“I told you that I saw the raw material before you!” Wang Xinyan was reluctant to admit the fact that Gu Ning had also been positive about the raw material.

“Anyway, we were both positive about it.

It makes no difference who the first one was,” Gu Ning smiled and sounded sarcastic.

“You…” Wang Xinyan was mad.

She increasingly hated Gu Ning now.

All of a sudden, an idea dawned on Wang Xinyan.

She wore an evil smile and said, “Since youre so confident, why dont we have a bet”

“Oh, how” Gu Ning wouldnt reject it.

“Except for the two raw materials with a window, if you can cut out 10 pieces of jade from the rest of the raw materials in your cart, Ill give this jade of the pink lotus-root type to you.

Otherwise, you have to buy it at full price,” Wang Xinyan said.

“Xinyan, dont be so naughty!” Wang Hongming snapped.

It wasnt because he had no confidence in Wang Xinyan, but he didnt want to lose the jade of the pink lotus-root type.

What if Gu Ning won Although he didnt believe it, he was worried.

And it would be shameful if Wang Xinyan lost.

However, in the onlookers eyes, they believed that Wang Xinyan was taking advantage of Gu Ning.

It was universally acknowledged that nine out of ten raw materials could be waste.

If there were two raw materials with jade inside in Gu Nings cart, it would be great luck.

The point was that Wang Xinyan had already gotten the jade of the pink lotus-root type, and she absolutely wouldnt let Gu Ning win easily.

Even so, no one dared to say a word.

It had nothing to do with them after all, and none of them were willing to stand up against the Wang Family.

“Grandpa, do you think that I would lose” Wang Xinyan argued.

“You… Well, fine.

You can do whatever you want,” Wang Hongming compromised.

Wang Hongming spoiled Wang Xinyan rotten because only Wang Xinyan liked jade as much as he did.

She was also willing to learn.

Most importantly, Wang Xinyan had outstanding instinct, and she often cut out jade from raw materials.

Even he couldnt do that.

Wang Xinyans rude and self-willed character came into existence exactly because her grandpa spoiled her.

With the approval of Wang Hongming, Wang Xinyan challenged Gu Ning, “Do you dare”

“Of course! Why not” Gu Ning agreed willingly.

She was going to cut out raw materials here after all, and she was sure that she would win.

However, others didnt believe so.

All of them thought that she was doomed to fail.

Wang Xinyan was jealous of Gu Nings generosity.

Although the Wang Family was super-rich and had a wealth of ten billion yuan, she only had savings of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

“Then lets begin!” Wang Xinyan urged with impatience.

“However, I think we better sign an agreement before we begin, in case someone regrets,” Gu Ning proposed, because she had no trust in the Wang Family.

“You…” Wang Xinyan was displeased facing Gu Nings mistrust, but to convince her, Wang Xinyan agreed, “Sure, no problem.”

Wang Hongming was arrogant, but not dumb.

He started to get anxious seeing Gu Ning being so confident, but he still didnt believe that Gu Ning had the ability to cut out 10 pieces of jade from her 60 or so raw materials.

Minutes later, they signed the agreement.

And Gu Ning began to cut out her raw materials.

There were three machines in the store, and only one was occupied, so the other two worked together to cut out Gu Nings raw materials.

Gu Ning chose a raw material the size of a football with medium-level jade inside first.

She drew the lines herself before she handed it to the worker.

The second one was as big as an American football and also contained medium-level jade.

Gu Ning drew the lines on it too.

Many people gathered around at once.

No one wanted to miss this exciting bet.

The machines were working, and Wang Xinyan and Wang Hongming were nervous.

“The green shows!” the worker said with excitement after the first cut.

His voice attracted all the attention of the people around him.

“What There is jade inside How is it possible” Wang Xinyan couldnt believe her ears, neither could Wang Hongming.

How was it possible

Nevertheless, it was the truth.

“What type is it” someone asked.

The worker cleaned the dust from the jade and had a closer look.

“Its dark green with a smooth texture.

It must be Black Jadeite.”

“Black Jadeite! Its a rare medium-level jade!” someone said with thrill.

“There is probably just a thin layer of it!” Wang Xinyan snorted.

She of course wanted Gu Ning to lose.

Thinking of the possibility that she could fail, Wang Xinyans expression became evil. No, I cant lose.

“Well know whether there is only a thin layer of it,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

Wang Hongming felt anxious again.

He suddenly had a feeling that there were probably more than 10 pieces of jade among her raw materials.

“Miss, do you want to sell it” someone bid at once.

“Yes, but Ill sell it after its fully cut out,” Gu Ning said.

Since she said so, people around her waited for the final result.


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