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“Very well.” Gu Ning gave the raw material to Wang Xinyan.

Wang Xinyan grabbed it without hesitation and gloated over her victory.

With the raw material in her hands, Wang Xinyan left with Wang Hongming.

There was a dense sense of coldness at the bottom of Gu Nings eyes.

She had planned to only take half of the medium-high-level jade and all of the top-level and high-level jade, but now she changed her mind.

She would take all the raw materials, even those with medium-level jade inside.

Before long, Gu Ning picked out all the raw materials with jade that medium-level and above from Room B,C and D, and put them into her cart.

There were 68 of them in total.

Three of them contained top-level jade; seven of them contained high-level jade; 21 of them contained medium-high-level jade and the rest all contained medium-level jade.

Gu Ning didnt even ignore the two raw materials with the priceless jade inside that was in Room A.

One of the raw materials was as big as a basketball, while the other was about the size of a football.

Everyone was stunned by Gu Nings shopping spree of raw materials.

Someone even thought that she must be crazy because she was spending money completely like a spendthrift.

The manger was also shocked when Gu Ning went to pay her bill.

The pile of her raw materials cost 26.8 million yuan in all, and the two raw materials from Room A were worth twelve million yuan, because they already showed a window of jade inside.

The raw material that was the size of a basketball from Room A cost seven million yuan, while the other which was about the size of a football cost five million yuan.

If the jade inside of them was two third of their size after the outer layer was removed, the bigger one and the smaller one would be worth at least ten million yuan and eight million yuan respectively.

In fact, it wasnt very profitable to buy raw materials in Room A, but it was highly possible to make money.

People around Gu Ning while she was paying her bill, instead, all felt concerned for her if she lost.

Gu Ning settled her bill within seconds.

When she had just finished, she heard Wang Xinyans voice from the area of stone-cutting.

“There is jade! There is jade inside, Grandpa!” Wang Xinyan raised her voice with excitement.

Wang Hongming was also pleased to see that.

Gu Ning already knew that the raw material contained jade, so she wasnt surprised.

The jade belonged to Wang Hongming, so no one bid for it, because the Wang Family also ran a jewelry store, and so Wang Hongming naturally wouldnt sell it.

The worker washed the layer of dust off of the jade, and said with astonishment, “Its light pink, and has to be of the pink lotus-root type!”

“What Its a medium-high-level jade!”

“Indeed, its worth a lot!”

“Wow, Im so envious.”

“I chose it!” Wang Xinyan said with great pride, and Wang Hongming beamed with pleasure.

“Miss Wang is really a promising young girl with outstanding ability of stone gambling!”

“Master Wang must be very proud of you.”

Everyone flattered them continuously.

Gu Ning sneered.

It was too early to be so happy.

She understood that what she was going to do would definitely annoy the Wang Family.

They would probably try to hurt her secretly, but she didnt care, because she had Leng Shaotings support now.

And Leng Shaoting was more than willing to protect her.

Speaking of Leng Shaoting, he was already on a private jet flying to City Teng now.

Chen Meng was the pilot while Gu Yueze who ranked ninth in their team was the co-pilot.

In the plane, Xin Bei, Si Ming and Xu Jinchen were chatting casually, but Leng Shaoting sat alone at the back staring at his phone with affection in his eyes.

Si Ming noticed that, and was surprised.

He immediately spoke to Xin Bei and Xu Jinchen in a low voice, “Hey, look at our boss.

He keeps staring at his phone with fondness in his eyes.

Is he looking at pictures of beauties”

Xin Bei and Xu Jinchen looked to Leng Shaoting at once.

However, Leng Shaoting clearly heard what Si Ming said, so he put his phone down giving them a cold look.

Thus when Xin Bei and Xu Jinchen turned back, they met Leng Shaotings cold look right away.

They felt like they had both been caught at a crime scene, and immediately turned their eyes away.

Si Ming panicked too.

It felt so bad that they were caught while gossiping about their boss.

Although they knew that their boss wouldnt be mad at them because of that, they were frightened under the pressure of their bosss air.

Thus Si Ming changed the subject without hesitation.

“Um, Jinchen, where were we just then Oh, you just told us that your family introduced a girl to you.

How is she”

“The blind date was so boring.

I hated it!” Xu Jinchen said with strong dislike.

“I agree.

You still have a long life ahead.

I dont think you need to worry about that,” Xin Bei said.

In the Wang Family store, people were all astonished when Gu Ning pushed her cart which was full of raw materials, walking to the area of stone-cutting.

“Jesus! She bought a lot!”

“I think that there are too many of them.”

“Look, there were two raw materials with a window! The cart must cost at least twenty million yuan.”

“She must be super-rich!”

Wang Xinyan and Wang Hongming were both shocked too.

“Its meaningless to buy so many raw materials.

They could all be waste,” Wang Xinyan said acidly.

Wang Hongming apparently didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to cut out jade.

However, Wang Xinyan had just grabbed a raw material with a medium-high-level jade of the pink lotus-root type inside from her.

If Wang Xinyan hadnt grabbed it, the valuable jade would be hers.

In that case, Wang Hongming couldnt help thinking to himself about whether the woman had just been lucky or if she really had her own special skills.

“How can you know the results before theyre even cut out” Gu Ning retorted with confidence.

“Gee, do you think its easy to cut out jade” Wang Xinyan looked at Gu Ning like she was an idiot.

“Well, lets see,” Gu Ning said.

“I think theyre all waste, and youll be broke, ha-ha.” Wang Xinyan of course hoped that Gu Ning would fail.


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