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Chapter 255: Shopping Spree of Raw Materials

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During the meal, Gu Ning had a pleasant talk with Master Tang.

Master Tang also sincerely invited her to have a trip in City B, and Gu Ning agreed.

City B was a developed city like the capital.

After the meal, Gu Ning and Master Tang went their separate ways.

When she was back in her room, Gu Ning changed her outfit and dressed like a mature woman with heavy make-up and curly hair.

Then, she left the hotel, and took a taxi to the street of stone gambling.

She contacted Qiao Ya when she arrived.

Qiao Ya and Gao Yi had already prepared the shop and machines.

There were plenty of empty shops and machines provided for those who bought a large amount of raw materials but couldnt transfer them away for a short period of time.

Therefore, it didnt cause Gao Yi and Qiao Ya much trouble to settle it.

Under the guidance of Qiao Ya, Gu Ning soon found the location of the shop.

However, the minute Gu Ning walked inside, Qiao Ya stopped her and said coldly, “Sorry, Miss, this is a private place and no outsiders are allowed to enter.”

“Well, what if I must go inside” Gu Ning asked.

She deliberately lowered her voice.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya who were professional killers recognized her at once.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning completely changed after she dressed up and wore make-up, and they couldnt believe their eyes.


Gu Ning was satisfied that they were both able to recognize her.

If they failed to do so, Gu Ning would have to doubt their ability.

“Qiao Ya, please guard the warehouse.

Gao Yi, take a cart and lets shop for raw materials together,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” the two answered.

After that, Gao Yi pushed a cart, following Gu Ning out.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes the moment raw materials appeared in her sight.

Once she found that there was jade inside, she would buy it.

Of course, Gu Ning wouldnt buy every piece of raw material with jade inside.

She planned to acquire all the raw materials with high-level as well as top-level jade, and half of the raw materials with medium-level as well as medium-high-level jade inside.

As for those raw materials that contained jade whose level was lower than medium-low level, Gu Ning would directly ignore them.

There was zero to three raw materials with high-level jade inside in a normal shop.

That was to say; either there was no high-level jade or at most there was three pieces of it in a shop normally.

As for top-level jade, Gu Ning barely found one in many shops.

Meanwhile, many shops had raw materials with medium-high-level jade inside, but the amount didnt exceed 10.

Gu Ning didnt cut the raw materials on site, but packed them up, taking them away.

In the first shop she got three raw materials with medium-high-level jade and one with high-level jade inside.

Gao Yi pushed the cart, and it wasnt convenient for him to walk inside with Gu Ning, so he waited for her outside.

However, within 10 minutes, Gu Ning stepped out with a big cardboard box, which shocked Gao Yi.

Shes so quick!

Gao Yi immediately walked over to take the box from Gu Ning.

It weighed around 60 pounds.

In the second shop, Gu Ning still finished shopping within 10 minutes, and she got almost the same amount of raw materials as the first shop.

Gu Ning then continued to buy raw materials.

She had already got 45 raw materials with jade inside by the time she reached the seventh shop among which five contacted top-level jade, so Gu Ning put them away in her telepathic eye space while packing.

There were several of them in a large size, and there was no more room in the cart to put them.

Thus Gao Yi first went back to the warehouse before he came back again.

It wasnt uncommon that people would acquire raw materials in a large amount, so no one paid much attention to them.

They only cared about those who cut out raw materials with jade, or even priceless jade.

Qiao Ya was surprised to see Gao Yi come back so soon with a cart full of raw materials.

The second time, Gu Ning got 50 raw materials in nine shops.

Two of them contained top-level jade, and Gu Ning put the two in her telepathic eye space too.

Gao Yi then moved the raw materials back to the warehouse again.

The third time, they went to a large store that belonged to the Wang Family, which was one of the three largest raw material suppliers in City Teng.

The Wang Family also had a quadrangle in the same structure as the Zhang Family.

The cheapest raw materials at the price of hundreds of yuan each were in the front hall, while there were rooms ranked as A,B,C and D according to the different levels of raw materials at the back.

The raw materials were at the price of hundreds or thousands of yuan a pound in Room D; the price rose to between thousands and dozens of thousands of yuan a pound in Room C; in Room B, the price stayed at dozens of thousands of yuan a pound, but in Room A, the raw materials already had a window, which meant that it was highly possible to cut out jade.

In that case, the price rocketed up to millions or dozens of million yuan each.

However, the size and value of the jade inside the raw materials in Room A were still in doubt, and it was still possible that there was only a thin layer of jade, so buyers had to have the courage to gamble.

Gu Ning had a tour around the hall first, and found three raw materials with medium-high-level jade inside.

Then she went to Room D and Room C, and got 16 pieces of medium-high-level jade, five pieces of high-level jade and two pieces of top-level jade.

When Gu Ning walked into Room B, she noticed a huge raw material the size of her body.

Although they had the same size, the raw material was a stone, so it would be many times heavier than her.

Approximately, it had to weigh at least 400 pounds.

There was dense and strong power inside this huge raw material.

It was a piece of medium-high-level jade, but she would have to cut it out to see its type.

Its outer layer wasnt very thick, and it should weigh around 300 pounds after its outer layer was removed.

A piece of jade that size had to be worth over a billion yuan at least.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning was thrilled.

And she moved the huge raw material into her cart without delay.

Because of her power, she was full of strength and much more powerful than ordinary people.

However, her action shocked everyone around.

How is she able to move a huge raw material which is much heavier than herself into the cart

Gu Ning noticed their reaction, but she didnt mind.

She pushed the cart out to pay the bill.

When people saw that Gu Ning pushed her cart out with a huge raw material inside, they were all astonished.

Such a huge raw material from Room B had to cost fifteen thousand yuan a pound at least.

And it would cost at least seven million yuan in total!


Everybody couldnt help taking a long breath in, because no one believed that the huge raw material was worth risking.

Even the manager failed to figure out why this woman chose this huge raw material.

Their boss also wasnt positive about it.

Their boss was a well-known jade expert.

If he wasnt positive about it, no one else would be.

Accordingly, consumers who were familiar with their store all believed that this huge raw material was a waste.

And so this raw material had stayed in their store for two years, because no one was willing to buy it.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning bought it today.

The manager of course wouldnt stop her.

In addition, he would make a high commission.

However, Gu Ning was aware that there was greatly valuable jade in it, so she was willing to pay for it even if its price was seventy million yuan.


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