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At the beginning, many people thought it was an unfair game, and were suspicious that Kang Yuannan might want to steal the Kang familys business.

Now after hearing Kang Shaojies explanation, they were sure of it and turned to give Kang Yuannan an accusatory look.

“What do you mean Are you implying that I want to steal the power Although you have the most shares in the Kang familys business, I only have slightly fewer shares than you.

The Kang familys business matters to me as well.

Is it wrong that I care about its future Dont make it seem as if Im scheming against the Kang familys business.

I wont take the blame,” said Kang Yuannan angrily.

He wouldnt bother to hide his ambition in front of Kang Shaojie, but he must be careful in public.

“I didnt say that.

Uncle, please dont think too much,” said Kang Shaojie.

Even though he implied that, he wouldnt admit it.

“Alright, we havent finished yet.

Lets continue to cut the raw jade materials.”

While they were arguing, Kang Yuannans raw jade materials were all cut open, and it was discovered that his last one was a normal stone.

Because Kang Shaojie cut out another piece of jade, the game was finally over.

The result couldnt be clearer, so Kang Yuannan felt that Kang Shaojie was making fun of him.

He didnt think too much about that.

It was Kang Shaojie who implied that he was trying to steal the Kang familys business.

Anyway, Kang Yuannan didnt argue again, or other people would believe that he was really guilty.

Therefore, Kang Yuannan only gave Kang Shaojie a glare.

It seemed as if he couldnt wait to tear Kang Shaojie to pieces.

Although he had thought about the result and he would accept the result for the time being if he lost, it was hard for him to face the failure right now.

“Shaojie, youre really lucky today.

I heard one of your friends has also chosen six raw jade materials in your store the day before yesterday, and there were four pieces of jade among them.

After watching the game, I bet the friend is you, right” At this moment, Mr.

Chen said seriously and joked about it.

However, he believed that the person who cut out the four pieces of jade from six raw jade materials had to be Kang Shaojie.

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Some people didnt realize that, but they soon understood what Mr.

Chen was talking about.

In that case, Kang Shaojie was much better at stone-gambling than they thought.

Kang Shaojie was a little panicked, because it was actually Gu Nings effort, but he couldnt show it on his face at this moment.

“Are you the one who cut out the four pieces of jade from six raw jade materials that day” asked Kang Yuannan.

If it was really Kang Shaojie, Kang Shaojie had to be very skilled at hiding himself! Kang Yuannan always believed that Kang Shaojie was no match for him.

However, it turned out that Kang Shaojie could cut out so many pieces of high quality jade.

No wonder Kang Shaojie disagreed to having a helper at the very beginning, and gave in when Kang Yuannan said that neither of them could have a helper.

Kang Shaojie could cut out jade by himself!

Kang Yuannan had that idea, because he was blaming Kang Shaojie.

Though that was unreasonable since Kang Shaojie did nothing wrong! He was completely innocent.

“I didnt cut out the jade that day.

And my friend helped me with my choices today,” said Kang Shaojie.

He couldnt directly tell them that it was another person who chose the raw jade materials today, but he had to make it clear to feel better.

Hearing that, the crowd believed that his friend must have taught him some knowledge about stone-gambling, not that they picked the raw jade materials for him.

Everyone watched Kang Shaojie pick the raw jade materials, no one touched him and he didnt have any abnormal behavior.

Therefore, even though he said that he learned some skills from his friend, people only believed that he was being modest.

He still needed to rely on himself to make the choices.

Kang Yaunnan focused on Kang Shaojies face, trying to see whether he was lying.

However, when Kang Shaojie gave that explanation, he seemed very honest.

Kang Yuannan couldnt tell whether he was lying.

Either way, Kang Yuannan still refused to believe it.

He was convinced that Kang Shaojie didnt cheat today, but he didnt believe the so-called friend wasnt him.

Nevertheless, it was meaningless.

It wouldnt do him any good even if he conducted an investigation about it.

It was not only Kang Yuannan, some onlookers also didnt believe it.

After Kang Shaojies jade was cut out, he had to cut his last raw jade material.

Although the result was already out and it didnt matter whether there was more jade in his last raw jade material, it was necessary to finish the game.

After the very first cut, jade showed again, amazing the crowd.

After the second cut, it showed that it was jade of good quality.

All in all, Kang Shaojie cut out four pieces of jade from five raw jade materials.

That had never happened before! Therefore, everyone began to admire Kang Shaojie, but only Kang Shaojie knew how panicked he was right now.

“Fine!” Kang Yuannan was furious.

He couldnt stay there any longer, so he snorted and walked away.

Those directors who supported Kang Yuannan were ready to leave with him.

Because the result was already out, there was no need for them to stay here any longer.

After all, they couldnt deny the result.

Two directors hesitated to stay or leave.

In fact, the directors who supported Kang Yuannan were very satisfied with his performance, but they wouldnt give up and turn to side with Kang Shaojie right away.

The other two directors, however, had the thought of changing sides.

Anyway, they were forced to side with Kang Yuannan through coercion and bribery before the game.

Anyway, they couldnt do that right now, because Kang Shaojie might not need them.

What was worse, Kang Shaojie might harbor grudges against them since they supported Kang Yuannan against him.

Therefore, they decided to have a private talk with Kang Shaojie afterwards to see his attitude.

When Kang Yuannan was walking out, Kang Shaojie immediately shouted, “Wait a moment, Uncle Yuannan!”

There were many people watching them, so Kang Yuannan couldnt embarrass Kang Shaojie.

He stopped and replied in a displeased tone.


“Since I won, the bet was that you and the other directors should admit that Im the new chairman of the Kang familys business, right” asked Kang Shaojie.


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