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“I think Kang Shaojie is going to win this time.”

“Although hes at an advantage, the game isnt over yet.

Kang Yuannan might change the situation.”

“I dont think its possible…”

“Shut up!” Kang Yuannan couldnt stand it and directly snapped at them.

How could they say that he was going to lose Didnt he still have his last raw jade material

If he cut out a piece of jade which was more valuable than Kang Shaojies and Kang Shaojie failed to cut out another piece of jade, he would win.

After Kang Yuannan snapped at them, he realized that he just lost his manners, but he didnt bother to apologize.

He simply said nothing further, because he was furious now.

After being snapped at by Kang Yuannan, the other people stopped discussing them.

After all, they were ordinary people, and didnt dare to go against Kang Yuannan.

Kang Shaojie said nothing either, but he gloated over Kang Yuannans bad luck.

The ruder Kang Yuannan was, the more people would know his true color.

Afterwards, Kang Yuannan began to cut his fifth raw jade material, while Kang Shaojie cut his forth one.

The two raw jade materials were cut almost at the same time.

Kang Yuannans raw jade material was still a stone, while jade was shown in Kang Shaojies.

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Hearing that, the crowd was surprised once more, because this was the third raw jade material that contained jade.

Kang Shaojie was undoubtedly excited.

He wasnt disappointed and Gu Ning was really good at stone-gambling.

There were two pieces of jade among three raw jade materials.

Kang Yuannan, however, became even angrier.

He even stiffened and trembled a little.

It was hard for him to accept this result.

When did Kang Shaojie become so good at stone-gambling He cut out three pieces of jade from four raw jade materials.

Although the jade wasnt fully cut out yet, and could just be a thin layer, it was highly likely for there to be jade inside.

On the other hand, his own raw jade material was still a stone.

Whether Kang Shaojie could cut out another piece of jade or not, as long as there was no jade in his raw jade material, Kang Shaojie was going to win.

No, it couldnt happen, no!

“It seems Kang Shaojie is going to win.”



The crowd began to talk about it again.

Kang Yuannan wanted to snap at them, but his reason stopped him.

He couldnt lose his manners, since it would only damage his reputation.

As for their familys opponents, Mr.

Meng and Mr.

Chen, Mr.

Meng was only surprised, while Mr.

Chen was jealous of Kang Shaojie.

How could Kang Shaojie be so lucky He cut out three pieces of high quality jade from only five raw jade materials.

All of a sudden, Mr.

Chen doubted whether Kang Shaojies friend who chose six raw jade materials with four pieces of jade inside was actually him.

It was not only Mr.

Chen, since Mr.

Meng, Kang Yuannan and some shareholders had the same idea.

After the second cut, Kang Shaojies jade showed good quality, while Kang Yuannans raw jade material was still a stone.

At this moment, Kang Yuannan was in despair.

“No way, its impossible, impossible!” Kang Yuannan mumbled.

Although his voice wasnt loud, several people near him still heard it, including Kang Shaojie and a few shareholders who supported him.

“How is it impossible We all witnessed it!” said a shareholder mockingly.

He always wanted to argue with Kang Yuannan, but had to behave himself.

“Right, Chairman Tang, do you plan to deny the outcome” said another shareholder, showing obvious mockery.

“It cant be clearer, and were all watching it.

Its useless even if you try to deny it.”

While most of the shareholders sided with Kang Yuannan, they still chose to support Kang Shaojie.

They were loyal to Kang Yuanbo, so they naturally decided to support Kang Shaojie when Kang Yuanbo wanted him to take over the Kang familys business.

No matter what, Kang Shaojie was the heir of the Kang familys business.

Even if Kang Yuannan stole the control of the Kang familys business, he would only be the president.

The chairman was still Kang Shaojie, though he would have no power.

Kang Shaojie was a capable leader, so he would grab the control back sooner or later even if Kang Yuannan stole it away now.

“You all shut up!”

Kang Yuannan felt that they were making fun of him, so he angrily shouted at them.

“Uncle, dont be so mad.

I dont want them to think that you cant accept failure,” said Kang Shaojie.

He didnt seem to be gloating over his uncles bad luck on the surface, but he was in his heart.

At the same time, he felt lucky that he met Gu Ning, or he might be the loser today.

Hearing that, Kang Yuannan turned to stare at Kang Shaojie.

He said with his teeth clenched, “Are you very satisfied and proud now”

“If I win today, Ill surely be very happy, but I wont be proud of it, because its not a big deal.

After all, the Kang familys business has been given to me by my father.

I have 60% of the shares, so I ought to be in charge of it.

The shareholders have doubts about my abilities.

Theyre worried that I cant lead the company to a better future.

I completely understand their worries, so I agreed to have the competition today.

If I lost, I would disappoint my father, and I honestly couldnt face him again,” said Kang Shaojie.

Although he and Kang Yuannan had already become enemies in private, Kang Shaojie still had to be polite to Kang Yuannan in public.

However, he wouldnt grin and bear it.

Although he was unwilling to embarrass the Kang family by letting outsiders know about their familys inner conflicts, sometimes outsiders could still know without him saying it aloud.

Therefore, he had to be smart and learn how to defend himself like what he just did.

The crowd immediately understood his meaning, and had a bad impression of Kang Yuannan.

One without a good reputation couldnt lead a company well, because he would lose partners.

Therefore, the Chen familys business wasnt as successful as the Meng family and the Kang familys business.

If they didnt have connections in the government, they would have already been replaced.

Even though the Meng family, the Kang family, and the Chen family were the three major raw jade material developers in City Rui, there were many other smaller raw jade material developers in this city.

Some raw jade material developers had better sales than the Chen family, but lacked influence, so they couldnt replace the Chen family.


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