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Chapter 2515 Have a Guess

“Hes so arrogant! How could he go against father!” Jing Yunyan clenched his teeth.

“He dared to do that because there is a rule made by Tiandaozong.

Whoever kills a mortal will be severely punished.” Senior Mrs.

Jing was also displeased, but it worked.

Even though Jing Jining deliberately went against Jing Yaorong, Jing Yaorong had no reason to kill him.

Besides, Jing Yanhua also threatened him to not hurt Jing Jining, otherwise he would report it to Tiandaozong.

They could stop Jing Yanhua from doing that, but their familys dirty secret might still be exposed.

There were dozens of members in the Jing family, and not all of them were reliable.

Among them, some were disloyal to Jing Yanhua, and if they reported his bad deeds to Tiandaozong, he would still be punished.

“Although Jing Jining will be forced to stay in the cultivation world and cant keep in touch with Jing Yunyao, Jing Yunyao has Shangguan Yangs support.

It wont be easy to kill her again,” said Jing Yunyan, filled with irritation.

Even though he personally had no grudge against Jing Yunyao and barely knew her, he hated her when he learned that she was the daughter of Jing Yaorongs first wife.

Besides, his family also wanted her to die, so he agreed to kill her.

“Jing Yunyao can easily injure me, which means she has already reached the Yuan Ying Period.

I just dont know whether shes in the primary or middle stage.

So it wont be easy for us to deal with her.

Im afraid we need the elders in the Yuan Ying Period or father to kill her when shes alone,” said Jing Yunfei.

Upon thinking of Jing Yunyaos level, he got super jealous.

If a cultivator could reach the Yuan Ying Period, he or she has to be very skilled.

It was not only Jing Yunfei; other people were also jealous of Jing Yunyao.

“How is it possible How could she reach the Yuan Ying Period so quickly” Senior Mrs.

Jing squeezed sound from between her clenched teeth.

She was extremely jealousy and angry.

Why Why couldnt it be her own daughter How could the daughter of that bi*ch become so outstanding

She refused to accept it.

“Father is still mad.

We can go ask him about it after his anger has subsided a little,” said Jing Yunyan.

When Jing Jining and the others got back to the south yard, the kitchen became busy again.

The cook didnt know that Jing Jining would be back, so they hadnt made his favorite dishes.

Meanwhile, Jing Jining sat down to treat his injury.

He was much better by the time the dishes were placed on the table, so he got up and enjoyed the meal with his parents.

Only his family of three dined around the table, while the other people all left, so that they could have a private talk.

Once Jing Yanhua made sure that nobody was eavesdropping, he asked, “Jining, is Yunyao really still alive”

Although Jing Jining had told them about that before, he was afraid that Jing Jining purposely said that to Jing Yaorong to annoy him, so he needed to make sure of it.

“Yes, Yunyao is still alive.” Jing Jining answered.

Hearing the affirmative answer, Jing Yanhua and Junior Mrs.

Jing nodded.

“What level is Yunyao at right now She could easily injure Jing Yunfei!” Jing Yanhua asked curiously.

Jing Jining understood that his parents always listened to Jing Yaorong during these years, but they had moral standards.

Therefore, they wouldnt tell Jing Yaorong anything even if Jing Jining shared the information with them.

In other words, there was no need for him to keep it a secret.

“Have a guess,” said Jing Jining.

“Jing Yunfei is in the Golden Core Stage.

Since Yunyao could easily defeat him, she should be in the Yuan Ying Period,” said Junior Mrs.


They had already guessed that Jing Yunyao must be in the Yuan Ying Period now.

It was very surprising, because only a few cultivators in the cultivation world could reach that level.

Even in the Jing family, only three members were in the Yuan Ying Period.

Because of Jing Yaorong, Jing Yunyao left the Jing family, which was the Jing familys loss.

They wished that Jing Yaorong hadnt been so determined to kill Jing Yunyao back then.

However, even if Jing Yaorong hadnt done that to Jing Yunyao, Jing Yunyao would still have been deprived of her abilities by Tiandaozong.

She would become a mortal instead.

If so, she wouldnt have reached the Yuan Ying Period.

Nevertheless, they were all aware that Jing Yunyao was willing to give up her abilities as a cultivator and live an ordinary life with her husband.

Jing Jining smiled and asked, “Do you know what stage Yunyao is at in the Yuan Ying Period”

“The early stage, right Its already incredible that she could reach the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period at her age,” said Jing Yanhua.

It was unbelievable in his eyes that Jing Yunyao could reach the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period at her age.

“You underestimated her,” said Jing Jining.

“What The middle stage” Jing Yanhua was shocked.

If it wasnt the early stage, then it should be the middle stage.

Anyway, it couldnt be the Golden Core Stage.

If Jing Yunyao was just in the Golden Core Stage, she couldnt have injured Jing Yunfei so easily.

In addition, Jing Jining just mentioned the Yuan Ying Period in his question, so Jing Yunyao must be in the middle stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

Jing Jining said nothing and stopped leaving them hanging.

He put down his chopsticks, then dipped his finger into the alcohol in his cup.

After that, he wrote on the table: The early stage of Soul out of Body.

Although they observed that there was no one else around them, their abilities were limited.

If Jing Yaorong or other senior cultivators were hiding around, they might be able to notice them.

Therefore, to prevent someone overhearing them, Jing Jining wrote on the table.

Although the Jing Jining would know sooner or later, Jing Jining wouldnt let them know about it right now.

The next moment, Jing Jining messed it up and the words became unclear, but Jing Yanhua and Junior Mrs.

Jing had already read it.

Instantly they rounded their eyes in shock.

What The early stage of Soul out of Body How was it possible

However, they were sure that they saw the words clearly.

Was Jing Jining joking with them How come Jing Yunyao was in the early stage of Soul out of Body now.

Because Jing Yanhua and Junior Mrs.

Jing were too shocked, they could barely say a word.

Jing Jining didnt interrupt them and gave them enough time to digest it.

He picked up his chopsticks again and continued to eat.

His favorite red braised pork was made, and it was as delicious as always.

He somehow had a feeling that the red braised pork made by his family was more delicious than if cooked outside.

Perhaps he was used to its flavor.

After a long while, Jing Yanhua and Junior Mrs.

Jing came back to their senses, but it was still too shocking to be true.


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