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Zhang Jingnan didnt recognize Gu Ning, but heard other peoples discussions about her.

They seemed to admire her very much.

Who was this Miss Gu

Even though he was confused, he understood that it wasnt the right time to ask about it now.

Zhang Jingnan took Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting directly to the interrogation room.

The male owner of house No.

35 was handcuffed to the chair by both his hands and feet.

He struggled hard, but he couldnt break free.

He was also covered in the evil force, so he was clearly violent.

“Let me go, let me go!” Once they came in, the man shouted, “Im innocent.

I didnt kill…”

However, nobody paid attention to him.

“Have you done the interrogation” Leng Shaoting asked.

“Not yet,” said Zhang Jingnan, because he decided to do it after Leng Shaoting came.

“Do it now.

Well watch from the side,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Sure.” Zhang Jingnan replied, then began to interrogate the man.

“Name” Zhang Jingnan asked.

“He Yuanhao,” said the man.




“Vice president of XX Group,” said He Yuanhao.

“Did you kill your wife” Zhang Jingnan asked.

“No, not me.

I didnt…” Upon hearing that, He Yuanhao denied it emotionally.

“If its not you, why did you hang up on us and turn off your phone when we told you that we dug up a female corpse in your yard” Zhang Jingnan asked.

Hearing that, He Yuanhao panicked a little.

He felt guilty, but denied it again.

“I didnt turn off my phone.

It was out of power…”

“Well, why didnt you come back after hearing about the death of your wife” asked Zhang Jingnan.

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“Im busy,” said He Yuanhao, but it wasnt convincing.

“If you arent the murderer, didnt you notice that someone had done something in your yard Didnt you notice that your wife had been absent for a week” Zhang Jingnan asked.

“My yard is the same as before.

How could I see the problem My wife told me that she traveled abroad.

Its very normal that I cant get through to her when shes in a foreign country.

I didnt know that she was killed and buried in the yard!” He Yuanhao said and put on a sad face.

It sounded reasonable, but his reaction had already betrayed him.

Even if he acted sad right now, it was too late.

Anyway, his fear and anxiety were real, because he was really anxious and nervous.

If he was ready to face it, he wouldnt have hung up on the police and run away when he received the polices call and was told that they had dug out a female body from his yard.

Unfortunately, he was still caught in the end.

He didnt know whether he could get away with it this time, although he had turned to his connections for help.

Hopefully, the person could help him out!

“You said your wife went to travel abroad.

When did she leave the house” Zhang Jingnan asked.

“In the afternoon six days ago,” said He Yuanhao.

“Weve watched the surveillance videos.

In the afternoon six days ago, your wife indeed left the house with a suitcase, but she came back at 8 pm.

An hour later, you came home.

Although the surveillance cameras are broken and the videos have been lost, the surveillance cameras by the road cover the area around the door and wall of your house.

During this time, no stranger intruded in your home.

Can you explain that” Zhang Jingnan asked.

“I…” He Yuanhao was in complete panic now.

Obviously, he was very guilty, but he still argued.

“I dont know.

I didnt kill her.

I didnt…”

Affected by the evil force, He Yuanhao was losing control of his emotions.

“He Yuanhao, why did you kill her” Zhang Jingnan asked.

Although He Yuanhao didnt admit it yet, Zhang Jingnan was sure that he was the murderer.

Gu Ning, however, had seen the vision, so she was aware that He Yuanhao was guilty.

“You killed your wife.” At this moment, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

Zhang Jingnan didnt stop her, or feel dissatisfied.

“You and your wife argued on the landing.

You pushed and pulled each other, then you pushed her down the stairs.

She rolled down the stairs and knocked the back of her head against the ground.

Thats how she died,” said Gu Ning.

“How did you know that” He Yuanhao rounded his eyes in shock and unconsciously asked, exposing his dirty secret.

The next moment, He Yuanhao realized that he shouldnt have said that aloud, so he immediately denied.

“No, its not true.

I didnt…”

“Do you think well believe you now” Gu Ning sneered.

“I… I didnt…” He Yuanhao kept on denying it, but his reaction told everyone that he was guilty.

“Its you.

You killed her.” Gu Ning became aggressive.

Being verbally attacked by Gu Ning, He Yuanhao couldnt stay calm any longer and had a mental breakdown.

“She deserved it.

She betrayed me!”

Betrayal was hateful, but he shouldnt have killed her just because of that.

Besides, it was illegal.

“I didnt do it on purpose.

It was an accident.

I didnt mean to push her down the stairs…” He Yuanhao explained.

Gu Ning believed his reply, because she could see that from the vision.

It was true that He Yuanhao accidentally pushed his wife down the stairs, but it was undeniable that he caused her death.

If he had reported himself for the crime and been accused of committing manslaughter at the time, the sentence would have been lighter.

However, instead of reporting the crime, he buried the body, which made the consequences even more serious.

Because He Yuanhao admitted his crime, Gu Ning stopped arguing with him.

The police would send him to court.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

Although He Yuanhao was also affected by the evil force, it wasnt too harmful to his health, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt pay much attention to it.

Zhang Jingnan walked Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to their car in person.

When he walked back, he still heard other people talking about Gu Ning, so he asked, “Who is that Miss Gu Why do you admire her so much”

He understood that Miss Gu couldnt be more influential than Leng Shaoting, but it aroused his curiosity when other people wouldnt stop talking about her.


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