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“Of course!” Han Chenglin normally disliked taking photos with strangers, but it was Chu Peihans friend, so he was more than willing to do it now.

It wouldnt do him any harm if he could form a good relationship with her friends.

“I want photos too!” said Zhang Tianping.

Although he didnt want to show it off, it was a rare chance to see a big star, so he wanted to keep the memory by having some photos.

“And me!” Su Anya joined them at once.

Seeing that they were so excited to see Han Chenglin, Chu Peihan rolled her eyes.

He wasnt very famous.

Did they have to be so happy

She was working in the entertainment industry now, and she was going to play an important role in a show!

That night, they enjoyed themselves very much, but they didnt drink too much, because it wouldnt be as fun if they got drunk.

They usually stopped drinking when they felt that they had had enough.

They also usually didnt stay out too late and would separate at about 11 pm.

Therefore, when it was 11 pm, they separated.

Because they had known that they would drink, they didnt drive and directly took a taxi back home.

Han Chenglin had told his assistant to come to pick them up, so he would send Chu Peihan and Su Anya home.

Mu Ke would send Yu Mixi home, and Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping were both strong men, so they could protect themselves and took a taxi home.

Han Chenglins assistant didnt know that he went out to see Chu Peihan until now.

If so, Han Chenglin must have come to City F for Chu Peihan!

It seemed that there was chemistry between them.

Han Chenglins assistant recognized Chu Peihan because of the rumors about them not too long ago.

He used to think that they were just friends and it was a misunderstanding, but now it turned out that he was wrong.

He didnt know that Han Chenglin went out to see Chu Peihan before he came to pick them up because he wasnt aware that Chu Peihan lived in City F.

“Nice to see you, Miss Chu.” The assistant greeted Chu Peihan.

Because she might become Han Chenglins girlfriend, he had to be nice to her.

“Do you know me” Chu Peihan was surprised that Han Chenglins assistant recognized her.

In fact, she didnt know that he was Han Chenglins assistant.

“Yeah, I learned about you when you had those rumors with Chenglin,” said the assistant.

At the same time, he carefully gave Han Chenglin a glance.

He wanted to see whether Han Chenglin would get mad when he talked about the rumors.

Han Chenglin didnt seem mad at all.

Instead, there was a vague smile on his face.

Upon hearing the rumors, Chu Peihan felt a little uneasy.

She was unhappy about it, because whenever she was with Han Chenglin, there was always trouble.

“Rumors What rumors Why is there a rumor about you Are you…” Su Anya got interested at once and wanted to hear more gossip.

When rumors about Han Chenglin and Chu Peihan went viral, only a few of them had read the news.

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Because it didnt cause a sensation and Chu Peihan didnt talk about that stuff with them, they werent aware of it.

Chu Peihan understood what Su Anya wanted to hear, so she angrily knocked Su Anyas forehead with her knuckle.

“Stop asking about it.

There is nothing between him and me.

It was just a misunderstanding.”

“Ouch!” Su Anya shouted in pain.

It actually wasnt very painful, but she deliberately shouted loudly.

“Dont you know that women love gossip Why are you so eager to deny it Did you panic”

“I denied it because its not true,” said Chu Peihan in annoyance.

“I didnt know that! Thats why I asked you about it,” said Su Anya.

She wasnt fully convinced by Chu Peihans explanation.

She didnt know the truth, but she could feel that there was something different between Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin.

At this moment, some passers-by turned to look at them, so Chu Peihan directly pulled Su Anya into the car, in case any rumors were caused again.

“Get in now!” Chu Peihan shouted at Han Chenglin when she saw that he still stood outside.

Han Chenglin gave her a smile, then walked to sit in the front passengers seat.

His assistant was the driver.

After the car started, Su Anya whispered in Chu Peihans ear.

“Hey, is there really nothing between you two”

Her voice wasnt loud, but Han Chenglin could still hear it.

However, he pretended that he heard nothing.

Chu Peihan gave Su Anya a glare.


“Come on, hes so handsome and hes a star.

Why didnt you do something Doesnt he like you” Su Anya asked.

Chu Peihan was angered and shouted, “How could you say that to my face Why do you think he is the one that doesnt like me I have no interest in him!”

“Um, Miss Chu, Chenglin is a quality man…” Han Chenglins assistant defended him.

Although he wasnt clear about Chu Peihans family background, he knew that Han Chenglins family was very rich.

In fact, even if Chu Peihans family was the richest in City F, it wasnt comparable to Han Chenglins family.

He didnt say that to scold Chu Peihan, but he wanted to let her know that Han Chenglin was a good choice.

“Its none of your business.

Focus on driving,” said Han Chenglin.

He understood that Chu Peihan was just mad and didnt mean to attack him.

He also knew that his assistant misunderstood Chu Peihan, so he stopped the assistant.

“Fine.” The assistant felt a little aggrieved, but he said nothing further since Han Chenglin didnt care about it.

After all, it had nothing to do with him, and he was just an outsider.

“It doesnt matter whether hes good or not.

Its just my feelings.

Do you understand” Chu Peihan replied to Han Chenglins assistant.

Han Chenglins assistant nodded, because it was the truth.

Different women had different preferences.

Some preferred money, some preferred a good-looking face, while some wanted love.

When a woman didnt lack money and was good looking, she undoubtedly wanted love.

Han Chenglin was a little upset, because it meant Chu Peihan had no special feelings for him now.

Nevermind, he had time and patience.

“But…” Su Anya still wanted to ask about something, but Chu Peihan glared at her again.

“If you dare to say another word, Ill gag your mouth.”

Su Anya felt aggrieved and pouted, but stopped asking, because she knew that Chu Peihan meant what she said.

Could she fight with her It was impossible for her to win, so she had to give in.


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