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Chapter 2385: A Misunderstanding or Grudge

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Back in the Tang familys house, all the elders were home, so once Gu Ning got back, they asked her about Gu Mans condition.

Jiang Lihua originally wanted to visit Gu Man, but she had an appointment that afternoon, so she didnt go to the hospital.

She only got home a short time ago.

Although they didnt go visit, they had called Gu Man to show their care for her.

Anyway, when they saw Gu Ning, they still asked Gu Ning about Gu Mans condition.

Chatting with the elders, Gu Ning suddenly had a vision.

In the vision, Tang Jiakai and two friends were in the wilderness.

They were lost and called each others names, but they couldnt see or hear each others voices even when they were close to one another.

What was more surprising was that Tang Jiakai and one of his friends directly walked through each others body when they walked past one another.

They were both human beings.

Neither of them was a ghost.

After that, Gu Ning saw the answer.

Next to them, there was a grave and a ghost was on it.

It was obvious that this ghost was causing trouble.

Under the effect of the ghost, the three boys were put in different spaces, so they couldnt hear or see each other.

It was very dangerous, so Gu Ning had to immediately go to rescue them.

However, Gu Ning didnt want to worry Tang Haifeng and the other family members, so she made an excuse that she wanted to hang out with her friends and needed to go out for a while.

The Tang family never stopped Gu Ning from gathering with her friends.

They knew that Gu Ning could protect herself, so they said nothing about it.

After Gu Ning drove out of the Tang familys house, she rapidly rushed to the destination.

At the same time, she called Tang Jiakai.

She didnt know whether it had already happened or which space Tang Jiakai was in right now, but she still needed to call him.

Tang Jiakai answered her call, and Gu Ning felt greatly relieved.

It meant that Tang Jiakai was still in the same space.

“Hi, Ningning!” Tang Jiakais voice was trembling a little.

“Where are you” Gu Ning asked.

Although she already knew the answer, she still needed to ask him about it.

“Im in a mountain and Im lost.

I cant find my friends.

They wont answer my calls or reply to my shouts.

I dont know how to leave this place.

I cant find the way out…” Tang Jiakai said, trembling heavily.

He was scared because of the creepy situation.

“Stand there and dont move.

Send me your location.

Ill pick you up right now,” said Gu Ning.

She knew what had happened, but she couldnt frighten Tang Jiakai.

She asked for his location because she didnt want him to know that she already knew where he was.

It would be hard for her to explain later.

“Sure,” said Tang Jiakai.

Because Tang Jiakai was scared and helpless after he got lost and separated from his friends, he was very relieved when Gu Ning said that she would come to find him.

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He was very anxious to find his friends, so he forgot to call Gu Ning for help.

He didnt realize that he could turn to her for help until she called him.

The mountain Tang Jiakai was on wasnt close to the City B, so Gu Ning spent nearly an hour on the road even though she drove very fast.

During the hour, it was great torture for Tang Jiakai.

Because he was alone in a remote mountain late at night, it was impossible for him not to be terrified.

“Hi, Ningning!”

Tang Jiakai couldnt be fully relieved until he saw Gu Ning.

Once Gu Ning showed up, he wasnt scared any longer.

When Gu Ning walked over, she saw Tang Jiakai and his two friends nearby.

She could see them because she had a pair of Jade Eyes.

In addition to that, Gu Ning also saw the ghost floating above the grave.

“Why did you come here with your friends How did you get lost” Gu Ning asked.

There had to be a reason for it, and she needed to know it in order to save them.

After all, Tang Jiakai was free, but his two friends were trapped.

Although the ghost didnt trap Tang Jiakai, it cast a spell on him and he couldnt leave until dawn.

However, the two boys trapped in another space might not be able to leave even after daybreak.

As Gu Ning talked, the two boys could vaguely hear her, but it wasnt clear, so they thought that it was an auditory hallucination.

Because Gu Ning was a few meters away from them and didnt speak loudly, they couldnt hear her clearly.

They could hear Gu Nings voice, but they couldnt hear Tang Jiakais because Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary human being.

The two boys actually suffered the same situation as Tang Jiakai.

Both of them felt that they were separated from the other two friends.

They couldnt hear any responses nor could they leave.

Besides, there was no signal.

Therefore, their experience was even stranger than Tang Jiakais, so they were really scared and wondered whether they had encountered a ghost.

They refused to believe in ghosts, but they were too frightened to think normally.

What was worse, the more they felt it could be a ghost, the more terrified they were.

“Todays the death anniversary of a friend of my friend.

His grave is right here.

My friend wanted to visit his grave to mourn his death, so he called me and another friend.

After we finished the custom, we walked away, but we noticed that we were lost,” said Tang Jiakai.

Hearing that, Gu Ning pondered over it.

It seemed that Tang Jiakais friend wasnt just the friend of the dead person who was buried here, or the ghost wouldnt deliberately trap them here.

Therefore, Gu Ning felt that there must be a misunderstanding or a grudge.

Frankly, Tang Jiakais friend might have something to do with the persons death.

If there was a grudge between them, Tang Jiakais friend must have come here out of guilt.

“Well, youre going to witness something creepy and shocking.

Be mentally prepared.” Gu Ning said seriously to Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai panicked a little, then became serious too.

“Ningning, is there really a ghost” he asked subconsciously.

He didnt believe that ghosts really existed, but what he had just been through was too strange.


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