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Chapter 2382: Youre the Unreasonable One

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“Shen Liang, Im not dumb.

I know that you agreed with your mother.

Dont lie to my face and say that you know nothing about it.

Its ridiculous.

After living with you for a year, I clearly know how you really think of me.

I tolerated it for the sake of an intact family.

I know that your family values boys over girls, but I thought that you wouldnt hurt the baby because its related to you.

However, it turns out that I was wrong.

I couldnt believe that you would rather kill it!” said Shu Fangyi.

“Fangyi, dont get me wrong.

I dont want to kill the baby.

If I had that idea, I would have told you to have an abortion.

I honestly had no idea about my mothers behavior today.

It was my mothers idea.” Shen Liang explained.

“You did try to force me to have an abortion, but your father stopped you.” Shu Fangyi sneered.

“I admit that I value boys over girls, but Ive changed my mind.

I accepted the baby and I even thought of a name for her,” said Shen Liang.

“It doesnt mean anything! You just did it for fun.

You dont want me to divorce you because you want my manor.

Im telling you its impossible for you to take it away from me!” Shu Fangyi shouted emotionally.

“Fangyi.” Shen Liang suddenly didnt know what to do.

He didnt expect Shu Fangyi to see through him.

“Alright, lets get divorced tomorrow.

If youre willing to be cooperative, we can finish it harmoniously.

Ill only take away my belongings.

I dont want a cent from your family.

I also need you to sign an agreement to cut off your relationship with my daughter.

My daughter will have the same surname as me.

Shell have no relationship with your family and I wont tell her anything about you after she grows up,” said Shu Fangyi.

“If you dont agree, I think we can only talk about it in court.

If so, Ill take away my belongings and the compensation.

Your mother brought some people and tried to take my baby from me.

If I call the police and sue her, shell be punished for threatening the babys life.

Your familys reputation will be ruined by then.”

Shu Fangyi was obviously threatening Shen Liang.

It was what Gu Ning told her to do.

After all, the baby was fine now, so the Shen family wouldnt pay a high price for that even if they called the police.

They would only be held in detention for a few days and pay a compensation of a few thousand yuan.

On the other hand, with that bargaining chip, Shu Fangyi could force Shen Liang to get a divorce and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Actually, if they really took it to court, it would also be troublesome.

Shu Fangyi just gave birth to the baby, so she needed time to make a recovery.

Besides, there might be new problems after she leaves the hospital.

“You…” Shen Liang felt cornered.

If the drama spread abroad, it would indeed damage the Shen familys reputation.

Their familys business could be affected too, which was a terrible result.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was with Shu Fangyi here, so he didnt dare to do anything.

Shen Liang blamed Shu Fangyi for being so lucky.

Shu Fangyi luckily met Gu Ning and Gu Ning helped her out.

“Who told you I want your manor My family isnt poor.

Why should I steal your manor” Shen Liang refused to admit it and pretended that he couldnt care less about Shu Fangyis manor.

“Then do you care about me or the baby Do you think Ill trust you given what Ive just been through The babys been born for a week, but you barely came to see her.

Every time you showed up, I could see that you dislike her.

Dont tell me youre busy.

I know you always have free time.

I think you should stop wasting time persuading me, because I dont buy a word you say,” said Shu Fangyi.

Shen Liang was awkward, but was reluctant to give up.

“Do you have to do this Cant you give me another chance Do you have to let the baby have no father”

“Stop talking about the baby.

If it hadnt been for Miss Gu, the baby could have been killed or sent away.

Youre not a qualified father.

In fact, I can sue your family for human trafficking.

In that case, youll be severely punished!” said Shu Fangyi.

Hearing that, Shen Liang was scared and suddenly realized that he knew very little about Shu Fangyi.

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He thought that she would only be mad for a while after the baby was sent away, but unexpectedly she seemed determined to put them in jail.

“If you agree to divorce, I wont sue you for what your family has done to me today.

Anyway, I wont lose anything if we have to take it to court,” said Shu Fangyi.

Shen Liang fell into silence.

It was a very difficult decision.

After being silent for a few seconds, Shen Liang said, “I need some time.

Ill reply to you tomorrow.”

“If I dont receive your reply before 12 pm tomorrow, Ill see you in court,” said Shu Fangyi.

After that, Shen Liang walked out and Shu Fangyi sank to the bed.

She was completely exhausted now.

It was very tiring, but she had to be strong, or she wouldnt be able to protect her baby against the Shen family!

“How is it Did she agree”

Senior Mrs.

Shen immediately asked Shen Liang once he walked out.

“Shu Fangyi is determined to divorce.

She says if I dont agree, shell sue me,” said Shen Liang in disappointment.

If Shu Fangyi divorced him, his family couldnt get the manor.


“What She still wants to divorce after you tried to please her How could she be so unreasonable” Senior Mrs.

Shen was mad.

She thought that Shu Fangyi wouldnt divorce her son as long as her son came.

“Youre the unreasonable one here!” The moment Senior Mrs.

Shen finished, Gu Ning showed up at the door.

She coldly said, “If your mother-in-law wants to send your baby away and even tries to kill your baby, your husband dislikes your baby and only wants to steal your property, would you be willing to accept that and give them your property”

“I…” Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt know what to say.

If she were the daughter-in-law, she surely wouldnt do that.

She could only blame Shu Fangyi for being unreasonable because she wasnt the victim.

“Mom, lets talk about it at home.” Shen Liang was unwilling to embarrass himself in public, so he pulled his mother away.

Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt want to leave, but she could do nothing about it even if she stayed.

She was also afraid of Gu Ning, so she had to leave in the end..


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