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Chapter 2369: Dumb Woman

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After that, Gu Ning suddenly thought of something important, so she seriously reminded them.

“Oh, dont show your abilities in front of other people.

Even if you have conflicts with mortals, dont use your magical skills.

Itll only cause more trouble.

You can only do that when you encounter monsters, ghosts, or other people with superpowers.”

“Of course.”

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin understood it was very serious, so they agreed.

They chatted for a while, then the dishes were placed on the table and they began to eat.

Gu Ning, Jiang Liluo, and Si Jin ate a lot, so they ate almost all of the food.

After all, they were cultivators who ate much more than ordinary people.

In fact, even if they had eaten nothing for several days, they wouldnt feel very hungry.

They just needed to eat more food the next time.

After the meal, Gu Ning took Jiang Liluo and Si Jin to a teahouse before Leng Shaoting called her.

They stayed in the teahouse for a while, then Leng Shaoting called her and asked about where they were.

Gu Ning told him that she was in the downtown Huangdeng Hotel, but Leng Shaoting needed more than twenty minutes to arrive, so they had to wait for a while longer.

Twenty-five minutes later, Leng Shaoting arrived and called Gu Ning.

Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to wait for them in the hall, and they would go downstairs.

Because Leng Shaoting was too handsome, he easily attracted attention from other people, especially from women.

So shortly after Leng Shaoting hung up the call with Gu Ning, two beautiful young women walked out of the elevator and saw him.

They were immediately attracted to him.

“Wow, what a handsome man!”

“Lets go talk to him.

I must get his WeChat account.”

“What if he rejects me Ill be embarrassed.”

“Sisi, youre so beautiful.

No man will say no to you.

Youve never been rejected.

Do you need me to start it for you” said the other woman.

Although she meant to please the woman called Sisi, she had her own purpose and was scheming something.

Sisi filled herself with confidence.

“Sure, lets go over now.”

After making the decision, they walked towards Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting had already heard their conversation, so he was displeased.

Seeing them walking towards him, Leng Shaoting directly turned and walked away.

The two women didnt know that Leng Shaoting was deliberately avoiding them, so they continued to walk to him.

Leng Shaoting was annoyed.

How could they be so shameless

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This time, Leng Shaoting didnt bother to walk farther away.

Instead, he released a cold aura to show that he didnt want strangers to approach him.

As a result, once the two women were closer to him, they felt the cold air and stopped at once.

Jesus, he was so cold and aloof!

“Um, I think we should give up.” Lin Sisi became timid and said quietly to the woman who encouraged her to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting.

“Its fine.” The woman was unwilling to give up right now, because they hadnt even started yet.

“Do it yourself.

I dont want to,” said Lin Sisi.

She had a feeling that she would be rejected and embarrassed.

An idea dawned on the woman and she directly said to Leng Shaoting, “Hi, Mr.

Handsome, my friend, Sisi, wants to make friends with you.

Can I know your WeChat account”

“Xiaoyun…” Lin Sisi was a little mad when her friend ignored her feelings, but she didnt think further about it.

She thought that her friend was just joking.

“No.” Leng Shaoting refused without hesitation.

“Why Sisi is so pretty…” Qin Xiaoyun didnt stop just because Leng Shaoting refused.

Instead, she kept on praising Lin Sisi.

It sounded as if Leng Shaoting was wrong.

However, she actually knew that Lin Sisi couldnt match Leng Shaoting even though Lin Sisi was very beautiful.

Therefore, she said it on purpose.

“Xiaoyun!” Hearing Qin Xiaoyuns words, Lin Sisi immediately tried to stop her, but Qin Xiaoyun wouldnt listen.

Leng Shaoting ignored them and directly went to the elevator, because Gu Ning was coming out.

Once Gu Ning was out, she saw Lin Sisi and Qin Xiaoyun standing in front of Leng Shaoting, but there was a distance of two meters between them.

Obviously, they tried to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting, but Gu Ning could see that Leng Shaoting had already rejected them.

In fact, Leng Shaoting never accepted other womens affection.

When Leng Shaoting suddenly walked away, Qin Xiaoyun was mad.

She turned and wanted to follow him, but she stopped as soon as she saw Gu Ning.

She recognized Gu Ning, but unexpectedly this man knew Gu Ning too.

Was he Gu Nings boyfriend or something

If he was, didnt she just…

In an instant, Qin Xiaoyun yielded.

She dared not offend Gu Ning.

“Whats wrong” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting.

“A dumb woman was fooled by her friend,” said Leng Shaoting loudly, so Lin Sisi and Qin Xiaoyun could hear him.

Qin Xiaoyun was humiliated and had a guilty conscience, because Leng Shaoting told the truth.

However, she didnt expect that Leng Shaoting saw through her and even pointed it out, which was unacceptable in her eyes.

Leng Shaoting said that aloud, not because he wanted to remind Lin Sisi to be careful, but because he was displeased that he was also a part of Qin Xiaoyuns scheme.

Therefore, it was Qin Xiaoyun who did unacceptable things.

Since she dared to do it, she should be prepared to be embarrassed when her evil purpose was exposed.

Lin Sisi subconsciously turned to look at Qin Xiaoyun.

She felt it couldnt be true, but she had to face it when she saw Qin Xiaoyuns guilty expression.

It turned out that Qin Xiaoyun deliberately embarrassed her.

Although she was unwilling to believe it, Qin Xiaoyun indeed insisted on striking up a conversation with Leng Shaoting after she tried to stop her.

Besides, Qin Xiaoyun panicked just then.

Did she really do it on purpose Why Why did she do that to her

Lin Sisi believed that she had been treating Qin Xiaoyun very well..

She had never made her unhappy before.


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