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Only An Guangyaos secretary and lawyer knew that it wasnt an accident, everybody else still didnt know the truth.

Therefore, Li Zewen, the lawyer, fixed his eyes on the two active workers.

The two were disappointed that only seven workers were quitting.

“Why dont you leave now Do you want to be involved in an accident”

“Exactly! Youll regret it by then.”

Hearing that, other workers felt like quitting as well.

At this time, Li Zewen opened his mouth.

“Youve already gotten your salary, and if you continue to agitate, we can sue you.”

The two immediately shut their mouths.

They had achieved their goal after all.

“Besides, once you quit from Shenghua Real Estate, youll never be hired here again.

Please consider it well before you quit,” Li Zewen added.

Hearing that, the workers hesitated.

A few days later, another rumor that Shenghua Real Estate was going to go bankrupt went aboard.

The company had already invested a large amount of money, but the project was stuck.

It was likely that it would go bankrupt.

However, some also held the opinion that Shenghua Real Estate was different now.

Its real boss who could easily acquire it must have the ability to keep it afloat.

The company would lose this land at most, but wouldnt go bankrupt.

Either way, Shenghua Real Estate was under the spotlight now.

Since it caused a sensation, the government sent someone to investigate the case too.

The rumor not only affected Shenghua Real Estate, but also affected the government, because the government had sold this land to Shenghua Real Estate.

If the rumor was true, the government had made a bad decision.

The case wasnt over yet, so the construction site went into a rest period.

All the construction workers had paid vacation and would be notified later to resume working.

Chu Peihans birthday was today.

She had already booked the hotel and went straight to the five-star hotel with her friends after classes.

An Yi was still in a bad mood because of the bad news of Shenghua Real Estate.

Although the Shenghua Real Estate didnt belong to his family now, his father still worked for it.

However, today was Chu Peihans birthday, and he couldnt be absent.

In addition, he could do nothing to help his father now.

His friends all comforted him that the real boss of Shenghua would handle it if his father couldnt solve the problem.

An Yi then relaxed a little.

Chu Xuanfeng didnt show up to Chu Peihans birthday party, because he was on a business trip.

As the leader of Zhuque Group, Chu Xuanfeng was busy dealing with all kinds of business.

He barely stayed in City F every month.

Chu Xuanfeng was also not happy to leave on his sisters birthday, but it wasnt the first time, so he got used to it to some extent.

Except for Gu Ning, none of the rest knew about Chu Peihans background.

Chu Peihan always kept it a secret, so they only knew that she had an older brother, but had no idea about her parents jobs.

They became friends with each other because they shared common interests, not because of their families.

Everyone showed his or her gift before the meal.

Gu Ning was the boss, so she was the first one, but to everyones surprise, Gu Ning said, “I didnt bring any gift.”

“What No! Boss, you said that you would give me a precious gift! Do you know how excited I was to receive your gift” Chu Peihan was upset at once.

The rest didnt know what to say, but they didnt believe that Gu Ning came with empty hands.

“You said that you didnt care about gifts,” Gu Ning said, like she was innocent.

“I was just kidding.

Dont take it seriously!” Chu Peihan felt like crying now.

She now understood the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

It was her birthday, and she was so looking forward to the gifts!

“There, there, Im kidding too!” Gu Ning laughed.

She then took out a box from her backpack.

Hearing that, Chu Peihans face lit up at once.

“Boss, I knew it!”

However, everyone else was surprised.

Chu Peihan grabbed the box from Gu Ning without delay.

Gu Ning only smiled gently.

She opened it immediately.

It was a jade pendant in the shape of a rabbit.

Chu Peihan wasnt very interested in jewelry, but it was a gift from Gu Ning and her name was on it, so she loved it very much.

“What is it”

Everyone surrounded her.

“Its a jade pendant in a rabbits shape! Boss, you asked us for our Chinese zodiac signs.

Are you going to send each of us a jade pendant” Hao Ran immediately realized why Gu Ning had asked them the question.

“Really” Mu Ke and others all looked to Gu Ning with anticipation.

“Youre smart and right! I did prepare a jade pendant for each of you, but Peihans birthday was so near, so hers was finished first.

And everybody else will need to wait for a while longer,” Gu Ning answered.

They were all happy to hear that.

Then, Chu Peihan received more gifts from her other friends.

After the meal, they went to V5 bar to have fun.

V5 bar became more popular after what had happened last time, because everybody knew that V5 bar had the support of the Qing Gang now.

Although some were afraid of the Qing Gang, more people thought that it would be safer in V5 bar.

They didnt stay long in the bar, and didnt drink much.

Chu Peihan invited her friends to have night snacks afterwards.

Just as they left the bar, they heard a noisy argument.

A boy and a girl were arguing with another girl.

They were all around 17-years-old.

“Su Anya, thats enough! I told you that we broke up, so stop following me!” the boy shouted at the girl in front of him in anger.


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