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Chapter 2274: Youre the Shameless One!

]Hunter had their agreement before gambling with them, or the tragedy wouldnt have happened.

In order to make sure that the winner wouldnt be blamed for the result and the loser wouldnt regret or deny it, they needed to sign an agreement.

Those gamblers agreed to do that because they wanted to do the same thing to Hunter, but some were also provoked by Hunter.

Anyway, it was always Hunter who challenged them, so Hunter was crueler compared with them.

“Unfortunately hes scared.

If he dared to do that with me, I would like to see his reaction if he loses,” said Gu Ning and felt it was quite a shame.

Although Gu Ning didnt approve of betting limbs, she wouldnt refuse if Hunter wanted to do that with her.

After all, she wanted to pay Hunter back.

“If he gambles with you, hed surely lose.

Or he wouldnt have quit.

This is the first time that Ive seen Hunter quit! Its really rare.” He Siyin laughed at Hunter.

Before long, an ambulance came and Hunter was sent to the hospital.

Even if Hunter fell by himself, he fell in the Ye familys casino, and Hunter wasnt a regular gambler.

He was the Ye familys guest, so the Ye family arranged for Ye Jiasheng to go to the hospital with him.

As Hunters friend, Ji Anchen, also went there with him.

Although everyone was slightly affected by Hunters sudden fall, they still continued to enjoy the meal.

They wouldnt stay hungry just because Hunter fell.

After the meal, they went to have a rest in the lounge.

And at 2:30 pm, they went back to the gambling hall.

In the hospital, the result of the medical check was soon out, but the doctors failed to find the reason why Hunters limbs suddenly became stiff and the blood even stopped circulating.

The doctors had never seen such symptoms before, so they didnt know how to deal with it.

They had to keep Hunter in the hospital for observation before sending him home.

As a result, Hunter couldnt leave today.

After paying Hunter back, Ji Anchen was the next target, but Gu Ning needed to wait till the night.

Gu Ning wasnt sure when she would leave, but she wouldnt go home until tomorrow.

In the afternoon, they had the communication game.

No gamblers bet their limbs, and they made much smaller bets today.

After all, not many people could afford chips which cost a million yuan each.

No matter how rich they were, they could lose all of their wealth within a very short time.

Therefore, those gamblers who challenged other gamblers could set the bet, which could be ten thousand yuan or a hundred thousand yuan.

Gamblers who were challenged could decide whether to accept the challenge or not.

At 4 pm, Zhan Zhiyin needed to leave the capital.

She wanted to stay, but couldnt think of a good reason.

After all, she wasnt very familiar with Leng Shaoming and couldnt ask him out very often.

If she asked him out too often, he might be displeased because they werent familiar.

Besides, Leng Shaoming would leave tomorrow morning back to work too.

Even if she stayed in the capital, she wouldnt be able to see him.

Because Zhan Zhiyin needed to go back to City H, she needed to tell Leng Shaoming before leaving.

Knowing that Zhan Zhiyin was leaving, Leng Shaoming asked her about the departure time.

He planned to drive her to the airport.

Leng Shaoming didnt propose to drive Zhan Zhiyin to the airport for a purpose.

He was simply a well-educated gentleman with good manners.

They only chatted with each other on WeChat for a while after their meeting yesterday.

They didnt talk with each other for long, they just kept in touch.

In that case, they felt they could be together, but lacked confidence.

It was hard to tell the outcome right now.

They needed to see what would happen in the future.

After all, they werent very familiar now!

After Leng Shaoming sent Zhan Zhiyin to the airport, he didnt leave until she had passed the security check.

He felt a little reluctant to see her leave, but he wasnt too affected.

After having dinner and going back to the hotel, Gu Ning was stopped by Ji Manlin again at the door.

“Miss Tang, please tell me his phone number.” Ji Manlin begged her.

Her attitude was much better this time, because she was unwilling to annoy Gu Ning.

If Gu Ning was annoyed, it would be impossible for her to get that mans phone number.

“Sorry, I cant,” said Gu Ning coldly.

“How could you be so selfish” Ji Manlin criticized her at once, as if Gu Ning had done something to harm her.

“Selfish” Gu Ning felt it was ridiculously funny.

“Miss Ji, I think you need to think twice.

Youre the shameless one here.

Why do you have to bother me for a strange mans phone number Do you lack men so much Isnt there a man whos willing to marry you in City Ao”

“You…” Humiliated by Gu Ning, Ji Manlin was angry and her face distorted in anger.

“Ji Manlin, enough is enough.

Stop causing trouble here.

If you dont leave right now, Ill have you thrown out.” Ye Jiasheng walked out at this moment and threatened her.

He couldnt stand Ji Manlins behavior any second longer.

“You…” Looking at Ye Jiasheng, Ji Manlin almost cried from feeling aggrieved.

Ye Jiasheng disliked her and Tang Aining refused to give her that mans phone number, so she felt as if she was bullied.

Ye Jiasheng and the others ignored Ji Manlin, then walked straight into the hotel.

This time, Ji Manlin didnt dare to stop them.

She understood that she could really be thrown out if she dared to stop them here, but she couldnt control herself.

She was determined to get that mans phone number.

Unfortunately, Tang Aining refused to tell her.

After Ye Jiasheng sent them to the floors of their rooms, he was ready to leave, but was stopped by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning invited him to spend some time in her suite.

Ye Jiasheng understood that Gu Ning wanted to talk about something with him, so he went over.

Gu Ning stayed with Leng Shaoting, and Leng Shaoting was present, so Ye Jiasheng wasnt afraid that other people might misunderstand them.

Gu Ning asked Ye Jiasheng for Ji Anchens home address.

Ye Jiasheng realized that she planned to pay Ji Anchen back, but he didnt stop her.

It was her own business after all.

Therefore, Ye Jiasheng gave Gu Ning the address of Ji Anchens home.

With Ji Anchens home address, Gu Ning didnt set off right away.

Although it was already dark, it was still early.

It was just 8:30 pm and she wasnt sure whether Ji Anchen was home.

Therefore, she decided to go a bit later.


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