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Chapter 2261: Correct Ten Times!

It relied more on ones luck and skills in Mahjong and 5 card stud.

He Hongjie won chips of about thirty million yuan.

Hunter and Lucas played the game before Gu Ning.

Hunter competed with a foreign gambler, while Lucas competed with a local gambler.

Both of them were winners in the end.

Because Hunters competitor wasnt weak, he only won chips worth twenty million yuan, while Lucas won chips worth 3.5 million yuan.

Because of that, Hunter felt a little jealous.

Both Lucas and Hidesuke Ida had more chips than him, and it was embarrassing.

However, he had to accept it.

When Hunter was in the game, he gave a glance at Ji Anchen once in a while.

He wanted to know whether Zhou Qingzhi had found anything useful, but he couldnt go over and ask them.

It upset him.

Leng Shaoting also paid special attention to Ji Anchen and Zhou Qingzhi.

He moved closer to them so that he could hear them once they talked.

He also wanted to know whether Zhou Qingzhi had noticed something different.

After sitting for a while, Zhou Qingzhi still couldnt see Gu Nings face, so he felt he should go to another place.

When Gu Ning sat by the gambling table, Zhou Qingzhi walked over.

Because their seats were at the side of the gambling table, he had to go to the front in order to see Gu Nings face.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting frowned, but didnt stop him.

If he stopped him right now, they might be suspicious of him.

Actually, even if Zhou Qingzhi saw Gu Nings face clearly, he might not be able to see any differences.

And even if he saw the differences, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning wouldnt be afraid.

No one would believe him even if he made it public.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting stood there in silence to see what would happen next.

Gu Ning understood that if the feng shui master was really skilled, it was impossible for her to avoid him.

And if the feng shui master wasnt skilled, he wouldnt be able to see anything from her face even if she didnt avoid him.

Anyway, Gu Ning still did her best to avoid Zhou Qingzhis eyes.

Therefore, Zhou Qingzhi couldnt successfully read Gu Nings face.

Gu Ning deliberately avoided him and there was a distance between them.

The audience area was at least three meters away from the gambling table.

If he wanted to read her face, he had to be close to her.

As a result, Zhou Qingzhi only felt that Gu Ning had a strange appearance, but couldnt see her clearly or tell why.

Gu Ning was avoiding Zhou Qingzhis eyes, and also carefully observed him.

She could see that he had found nothing useful from her face yet.

Gu Ning won at the end of the match with a foreign gambler.

Although she set a small bet in order to not arouse peoples suspicion, the foreign gambler still lost all of his chips after ten rounds.

Gu Ning controlled the bet on purpose, otherwise the foreign gambler would have lost all of his chips within five rounds.

To do that, Gu Ning only needed to play the game at long odds, and the foreign gambler could lose chips worth dozens of millions of yuan a round and Gu Ning guessed correctly a few times.

Although the foreign gambler had guessed correctly seven times, the numbers of odds werent high, so he didnt win many chips.

As a result, everyone was amazed by Gu Ning once more.

She was indeed incredible at Sic Bo.

She was correct a total of ten times, but the odds were different every time.

“Jesus, its so impressive! She was correct a total of ten times!”

“Right, the numbers were so high several times.”

“Im even starting to think that Miss Tang might be able to see the dice in the dice cup.

How could she be so accurate”

“I have the same idea, but I dont think its possible.”



Some people who had great imagination thought that Gu Ning might be able to see the dice in the dice cup, for her to be so accurate, but no one believed it was true.

However, what they thought was impossible was actually the truth.

Hearing their discussions, Zhou Qingzhi felt it was possible.

After all, he believed in monsters and ghosts, while ordinary people didnt.

Although he hadnt seen ghosts or ghosts with his own eyes before, he had encountered strange and creepy things.

As a feng shui master, he had changed peoples fate and luck, read peoples faces and palms, to help them live a better life.

Even if it didnt work every time, it was already beyond ordinary peoples knowledge.

However, his level wasnt high, so he didnt know that much about feng shui.

Therefore, he wasnt sure whether Gu Ning could really see the dice in the dice cup.

After all, it was too unbelievable.

At the same time, Zhou Qingzhi also had an idea that Gu Ning might be his peer at a higher level.

Therefore, she could know the numbers on the dice in the dice cup by calculating.

However, Gu Ning was too young for that, so he wasnt sure of it either.

Anyway, Gu Ning must have abilities that ordinary people dont have, otherwise she wouldnt be correct every time.

Either way, Zhou Qingzhi felt that Gu Ning wasnt ordinary, but he couldnt see why she was different, which was really confusing.

He had to continue to observe her.

If Gu Ning really had special skills, he wouldnt help Ji Anchen deal with her.

Instead, he would stay away from her in case he was dragged into trouble.

In the past, he wouldnt be so cautious, but now he had paid a lot for what he had done before.

He only wanted to live a peaceful life at an old age and was reluctant to have conflicts with anyone.

Hunter lost confidence completely.

He had promised to have a big bet with Gu Ning, but now he tried to deny it.

Although everyone had witnessed Gu Nings abilities yesterday, they had just played Mahjong last time.

They hadnt witnessed her skills at Sic Bo and 5 card stud yet, so they stayed doubtful.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was much more skilled than people had said she was.

People only said that Tang Aining had eerie accuracy, but didnt say that she was able to win at long odds.

If the odds werent high, it wasnt scary, but it was enough to totally defeat the competitor at high odds.

Because Gu Ning won, she went to rest, and the game continued.

When they finished, the winners of each group would choose their competitors again by chance.

Ye Chaoxiong also won when it was his turn and he won chips worth sixty million yuan.


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