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Chapter 2260: Dont Allow Him to See Clearly

When Gu Ning and the others arrived at the casino, it was already crowded.

Ji Anchen and Zhou Qingzhi were present.

As they walked inside, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting noticed Zhou Qingzhi.

It wasnt because he was with Ji Anchen, but because he had a different air from ordinary people.

He wasnt a cultivator, but was very close to cultivators.

He had a little magical power around his body.

Anyway, he wasnt an ordinary man.

At the beginning, Gu Ning didnt care about why this old man was with Ji Anchen, but she felt she might be his target when he started sizing her up.

What did this old man do Why was he sizing her up Gu Ning didnt have time to think further about that, and soon heard people talking about that old man.

“Isnt that Master Zhou standing by Chairman Ji”

“Master Zhou What Master Zhou”

“The famous feng shui master in City Ao.

Havent you heard of him”

“I have, but hes been absent for a long time.

Im quite surprised.

Is he really the famous feng shui master, Master Zhou”

“I heard Master Zhou is just in his early fifties, but he looks like he is seventy.”

“My grandfather told me it costs ones life to be a fortune-teller, so Master Zhou looks much older than his real age.”

“It sounds scary! I dont want to be a fortune-teller.”

“Even if you want to be a fortune-teller, you might not have the abilities.

Although it consumes ones life, Master Zhou became rich after being dirt poor.”


Feng shui master

Gu Ning understood that a feng shui master wasnt only good at feng shui, he could also read ones face and help people make good choices.

Was Ji Anchen suspicious of her so he turned to a feng shui master for help Did he want the feng shui master to read her face

Gu Ning didnt know this feng shui masters level, but the fortune-teller, Xiang Honghuai, had easily seen her reincarnation by reading her face.

She was worried that this feng shui master could also see her secrets.

Although her soul had totally mixed with her body, the feng shui master might see the difference.

Besides, she had disguised herself as Tang Aining now, and it would be troublesome if the feng shui master saw through that.

Therefore, whenever Zhou Qingzhi tried to see her face, Gu Ning calmly avoided his eyes and prevented him from seeing her clearly.

As a result, Zhou Qingzhi couldnt read her face.

Actually, the reason that Zhou Qingzhi looked much older than his real age wasnt because he brought good luck to other people by feng shui.

It was a good thing and could help him live longer.

Zhou Qingzhi became much older than his real age exactly because he had done bad deeds.

If he was a good feng shui master, he wouldnt have come to see her with Ji Anchen.

Anyway, if this feng shui master didnt mess with her, Gu Ning wouldnt mind.

If he did, she wouldnt hesitate to punish him.

“Master Zhou, what do you think” Ji Anchen quietly asked Zhou Qingzhi.

“I cant see her face, so I cant tell anything.

Its really strange,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

He felt that Gu Ning was a strange woman, but couldnt tell the reason right now.

“Strange Why”

Ji Anchen was excited.

He guessed correctly that this woman was strange.

“I dont know for now,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

Hearing that, Ji Anchen was a little disappointed, but Zhou Qingzhi might need more time.

Therefore, Ji Anchen stayed patient.

He stopped bothering Zhou Qingzhi.

Zhou Qingzhi would let him know once he had the answer.

Ye Chaoxiong knew Zhou Qingzhi.

Although they werent familiar, they exchanged greetings when they saw each other.

Therefore, Ye Chaoxiong went to say hi to Zhou Qingzhi and also invited him to have a seat in the VIP area.

Zhou Qingzhi accepted it and went to sit.

It would take time for him to read that womans face.

They were playing Sic Bo this morning.

They were chosen by chance to compete with each other.

Winners would continue to play the game against one another.

This time, each of the gamblers had chips worth a hundred million yuan as usual.

They didnt need to lose all the chips if they wanted to quit.

There would be ten rounds.

The two competitors shook the dice cup once, then guessed the numbers to decide who lost and who won.

After ten rounds, if the gambler still had chips in their hands, but didnt want to continue, he or she could quit.

If the gambler lost all of his or her chips before the ten rounds finished, he or she could quit as well.

Therefore, many people took part in todays gambling.

Although they were afraid to compete with Gu Ning, they might not have the chance to compete with her.

Some of them, on the contrary, wanted to compete with Gu Ning, even if they would lose in the end.

Gu Ning was famous in the gambling industry now, so it was lucky if they had a chance to gamble with her.

There were thirty-six gamblers today.

Eight quit, because they werent good at Sic Bo.

Although they were chosen by chance to compete with each other, Gu Ning had Jade Eyes and could choose whoever she wanted to compete with.

Therefore, she basically chose to compete with foreign gamblers.

She also tried to avoid Lucas.

Two gamblers would be in a group, so the thirty-six gamblers made eighteen groups.

Gu Ning was No.

11, and her competitor was a foreign gambler.

It wasnt Hunter, Hidesuke Ida, or Piao Wankui.

Because Gu Ning didnt want to compete with them so quickly, she did her best to avoid them right now.

She planned to compete with Hunter in the last round, because Hunter should have won many chips by then, and she would rob him of all his chips.

Local gamblers might want to quit after losing once, but foreign gamblers wouldnt.

It was a matter pride.

If they quit after losing once, they would make themselves a joke in the gambling industry.

Therefore, they would rather lose all of their chips than quit halfway.

Because it was a competition, participants gathered together at the same table to play the game.

It wouldnt take much time to shake the dice cup dozens of times.

In group No.

1 there were two local gamblers.

Perhaps in ordinary gamblers eyes, they were masters, but they were merely at an average level compared with the best gamblers around the world.

Before long, three groups had finished.

In group No.

4 were Hidesuke Ida and a local gambler.

Hidesuke Ida won in the end with chips worth forty million yuan.

After a while, He Hongjie competed with a local gambler and won.

After he was cured, he had a better hearing, which was very useful for Sic Bo.


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