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Chapter 2248: You Wont Be Able to Laugh in a While


However, right at this moment, Gu Nings phone with Tang Ainings number rang and the caller was Ye Chaoxiong.

Ye Chaoxiong must have heard about what had happened to them.

Gu Ning had to pick it up.

Leng Shaoting was unhappy when he was interrupted, but he didnt stop Gu Ning from answering the call.

He only looked at her unhappily.

“Ha-ha.” Gu Ning snorted with laughter.

Leng Shaoting focused on her and said meaningfully, “Keep on laughing at me, because you wont be able to laugh in a while.”

Gu Ning understood what he was implying, so she stopped at once and went to pick up the call.

Without surprise, Ye Chaoxiong called her because he heard about what had happened to them tonight.

Ye Chaoxiong asked Gu Ning whether she needed them to help her find out who the murderer was.

Gu Ning turned him down for the time being, and told him her idea and plan.

Ye Chaoxiong agreed with her and told her to let him know whenever she needed them.

Gu Ning was his guest, so he should take responsibility for her safety.

After hanging up, Leng Shaoting threw himself at Gu Ning and began to fondle her body.

Gu Ning was soon aroused and enjoyed his touching and kissing.


Gu Ning couldnt help moaning with pleasure during the foreplay, which sounded unbelievably seductive in Leng Shaotings ears.

Leng Shaoting couldnt wait and immediately penetrated her.

They didnt stop having sex until they were totally out of strength.

The next day, Leng Shaoting ordered breakfast service in the room.

They finished breakfast in the room and didnt go out.

They just enjoyed their rare private time.

Ji Manlin, in the dining hall, was irritated and lost patience because she was waiting for them to show up.

Although she knew Gu Ning would go to the Ye familys casino in a while and she would go there too, there would be too many people, including Ye Chaoxiong.

It wasnt convenient for her to do anything there.

At about 9 am, Ye Jiasheng called Gu Ning.

He told her that lunch was ready and that Ye Chaoxiong would come to have lunch with her.

The He family arrived at about 10 am, so they would have lunch together.

Because City G was close to City Ao and it normally took about half an hour on the road, the He family came this morning and would stay in City Ao for the next three days.

When it was nearly 10 am, Gu Ning received He Siyins call.

He Siyin told her that she was already in City Ao and would reach the hotel where they stayed in twenty minutes.

He Siyin came with He Hongjie.

After Gu Nings treatment last time, He Hongjies hearing was much better than before and he had greatly improved his gambling skills.

Therefore, he came this time to compete with the foreign skilled gamblers.

This decision was made after Ye Chaoxiong had a competition against He Hongjie once more.

He Hongjie was barely comparable to Ye Chaoxiong in the past, but now it was even.

Ye Chaoxiong was greatly surprised and asked He Hongjie for the reason.

He wanted to know why He Hongjies hearing was much better now.

He Hongjie didnt know the reason clearly, but his hearing was much better after Gu Ning treated him.

Therefore, he explained that Gu Ning was very good at medicine.

Ye Chaoxiong nodded.

He was an atheist, so he didnt think much about it.

After He Siyin and He Hongjie arrived at the Ye familys hotel, they met Gu Ning first and exchanged greetings.

He Siyin and He Hongjies room was right next to Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings room, so they could easily see each other.

He Hongjie didnt come alone with He Siyin.

Given their status, they always went out with bodyguards.

Therefore, there were six bodyguards with them and the bodyguards stayed next to He Hongjies room.

It was a presidential suite and there was a living room, so Gu Ning invited He Hongjie and He Siyin to come in.

Because there were no outsiders, He Siyin and He Hongjie called Gu Ning Miss Gu.

Only they knew Gu Nings real identity.

However, when they saw Leng Shaoting, both He Siyin and He Hongjie were struck dumb for a second, but they soon realized that Leng Shaoting had disguised himself as someone else.

They couldnt see it from Leng Shaotings appearance, but they knew that Gu Ning showed up as Tang Aining.

In that case, it was understandable that Leng Shaoting also disguised himself as someone else.

“Miss Gu, is everything alright after you came to City Ao You have great fame now and many people came here for you,” asked He Hongjie with concern.

Not everyone was friendly, and there were many people who planned to harm Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt bother to lie to He Hongjie, so she said, “Well, I escaped an assassination attempt last night.

I survived, but the man was injured.

I havent found out who the mastermind is yet.”

Hearing that, both He Siyin and He Hongjie looked mad.

They werent surprised, but were still unhappy about it when it really happened.

“I knew it would happen.

Since youre already here, its hardly avoidable.

I know both of you are good at fighting, but you still need to be careful.” He Hongjie understood that Gu Ning wasnt weak, but he still kindly reminded her to be careful.

After all, the He family owed Gu Ning a big favor.

“Sure, I know, thank you so much for your care,” said Gu Ning.

He Siyin and He Hongjie stayed for about twenty minutes, then went back to their own room.

At 11:30 am, Ye Jiasheng called them and invited them to have a meal, so they went downstairs together.

When Gu Ning and the others came, Ye Chaoxiong and Ye Jiasheng were already in the private room.

As the host, they couldnt keep their guests waiting.

Ye Chaoxiong enjoyed a very high status in City Ao, but he was very easy to get along with in private.

Once Gu Ning and the others came in, Ye Chaoxiong stood up from the chair and said, “Hi, Hongjie, Miss Tang, Mr.

Wei, welcome, have a seat.”

“Hi, Chaoxiong, its been a while!” He Hongjie smiled at him.

“Nice to see you, Mr.


Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and He Siyin respectfully greeted him.

After that, they sat and began to order.

After ordering, they began to chat with each other.

“Miss Tang, Im really sorry, I was busy treating other guests yesterday, so I was absent.

Please forgive me.” Ye Chaoxiong apologized to Gu Ning first.

After all, he invited Gu Ning here and it wasnt polite that he didnt treat her in person, but there was a reason for that.

“This time, all the most skilled gamblers from Country M, Country Y, Country R, Country H, Country D, and other countries are here.

There are about a dozen countries.

Some of them came here for you, Miss Tang, so I didnt call you to join us.”


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