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Chapter 2239: Zhan Zhiyin

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“Ningning, thank you so much for saving Shaotings uncle.” Master Leng thanked her.

Although he had done that on the phone, he felt it was necessary to thank her again face to face.

“Its my pleasure, grandpa.

Shaotings uncle is also my uncle,” said Gu Ning.

“What happened” Leng Shaoting asked.

Gu Ning hadnt told him about it yet.

She didnt do that on purpose, but simply forgot to tell him.

Therefore, she told Leng Shaoting what had happened in City C.

When she said she had foreknowledge of the accident that happened to Song Wenxuan, she put it as a premonition.

Because Master Leng was here, she couldnt be too honest.

Leng Shaoting understood Gu Ning was implying her foreknowledge.

“Thank you, Ningning!” Leng Shaoting also thanked Gu Ning after hearing the story.

“Come on, you dont need to say that.

Were a family, right If you keep on thanking me, Ill feel like an outsider,” said Gu Ning and acted angry.

She was indeed a little displeased when they kept on thanking her.

It made her feel as if she was an outsider.

“Alright, alright, we wont say that again,” Master Leng immediately said.

It was necessary to thank Gu Ning, but they didnt want her to think that they saw her as an outsider.

Master Leng knew that Gu Ning was very tolerant, but they should care about her feelings since she was unhappy about it.

After that, they talked about something else.

All of a sudden, they mentioned the scandal about the Yuan family.

Master Leng was clearly aware of those rich heirs bad deeds, so he wasnt surprised at all.

However, he was curious to know whom Yuan Yiyang had offended.

All the bad deeds he had done were made public.

Master Leng actually approved of that, because only a few people dared to challenge the powerful now.

They could be easily paid back.

“I wonder whether the Yuan family has found out who made all these things public.

If the person isnt a criminal, I hope he or she will be safe,” said Master Leng.

He felt that brave people should be protected, or no one would have the courage to do good things.

However, there was a condition that the person was a good guy.

If the person was a criminal, he or she shouldnt be forgiven and would only get a lighter sentence.

“Dont worry, they cant find out who did it,” said Gu Ning with certainty.

Master Leng was very smart.

Upon hearing Gu Nings reply, he realized something wasnt right.

“Does it have something to do with you” he asked.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be so sure that the Yuan family couldnt find out who did it.

Gu Ning didnt bother to keep it a secret, so she said, “Right, I paid someone to do that, because one of the victims turned to me for help.

Although I wasnt involved, I thought I should do something.”

Master Leng was surprised after making sure it was done by Gu Ning.

“Its the right thing to do.

Were not going to save the whole world, but we must keep a sense of justice.

We can help the good fight back against the bad if its possible, but you must be careful.

Dont cause yourself trouble when youre helping others,” said Master Leng.

He also had a sense of justice, but wouldnt put himself in danger just to help other people.

He wouldnt do bad deeds anyway.

“I know,” said Gu Ning obediently.

She had the same idea, and wouldnt risk her safety for people who didnt deserve her kindness and help.

Master Leng nodded in satisfaction.

He supported her when she did good things, but he was more worried about her safety.

Therefore, he reminded her to be careful and to not do bad things.

“Oh, one of my old comrades will come later,” said Master Leng, then turned to ask Leng Shaoting, “Shaoting, do you remember Zhan Daosong, Grandpa Zhan”

“Yes, of course,” said Leng Shaoting, realizing that Master Lengs old comrade who would come later was Zhan Daosong.

Zhan Daosong was Master Lengs comrade and they had fought together on the battlefield.

Both of them had saved each others life.

Zhan Daosong went to City F in the south, so they rarely met each other again, but they kept in touch and occasionally had a meeting.

In the previous years, both of them werent very old and they could meet once a year.

However, they were aging and couldnt travel very often, so they couldnt see each other often now.

So it had been three and half years since they had last met.

“Zhan Daosong has a granddaughter named Zhan Zhiyin.

Shes twenty-five this year and just came home.

Shes single now, so I have the idea of setting her up with Shaoming.

If they have a good impression of each other, they can spend more time together,” said Master Leng.

Master Leng was a little worried because Leng Shaoming was still single.

Leng Shaoming was a year younger than Leng Shaoting, and was only twenty-six years old.

He wasnt old, but he wasnt young either.

He wasnt urging him to get married soon, but they would be more relieved if he at least had a girlfriend.

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting in a flat voice.

He didnt have any opinions about that.

It wasnt his business after all and he didnt care much about Leng Shaoming.

At 5 pm, Zhan Daosong came and Master Leng went to welcome him in person.

Because Master Leng went to welcome the guests, Leng Shaoting and the others couldnt stay sitting.

Without delay, they went out too.

However, right at this moment, Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and Jing Yunyao were greatly surprised and exchanged glances.

There was a monster! Right, they sensed a monster.

Zhan Daosongs car entered the Leng familys house at this time.

The three of them stayed calm and didnt avoid the monster.

They werent afraid of being discovered either.

No matter who the monster was, they decided to meet it.

If it meant to harm the Leng family, they would get rid of it as soon as possible.

Even if the monster wasnt harmful, they would still remove it if it had done bad things before.

If it hadnt done bad things before, they might allow it to stay.

However, they clearly felt the monster coming, so it couldnt be at a high level.

After Master Leng and the others walked out of the gate, Zhan Daosongs car was about to arrive.


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