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Chapter 2202: The Real Boss of the Tianying Gang

“Its fine.

You havent seen me before after all,” said Gu Ning airily.

Then she walked to the patients bed and took out a power crystal and gave it to Huang Haihao.

She used it as a cover, because Hu and Yang were here.

After Huang Haihao took the power crystal, Gu Ning laid her hand on his wrist to feel his pulse and secretly put her magical power into his body.

Huang Haihao was seriously injured.

Although it wasnt as serious as Zhou Xings, he was also in a very dangerous situation.

He has just had the operation, but his life wasnt out of danger, and he could die at any time.

Speaking of Zhou Xing, after Gu Ning treated Zhou Xing, Zhou Xing woke up the next night, shocking all the doctors again.

After absorbing Gu Nings magical power, Huang Haihaos face gradually became ruddy.

His breathing became more obvious too, and he was clearly getting better.

Hu and Yang rounded their eyes in shock, unable to believe what they saw.

“Miss Tang, Leader, its…” Hu was excited.

Although Huang Haihao obviously got better, he still wanted to hear an affirmative answer to make sure of it.

“Dont worry, his life is no longer in danger.

If nothing unexpected happens, hell wake up in a few hours.

Itll be very soon,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that Huang Haihaos life was out of danger, Hu and Yang were relieved, but they were surprised to know that Huang Haihao would wake up in a few hours.

They were very curious about what kind of medicine Gu Ning gave Huang Haihao, as it had an amazing effect, but they didnt dare to ask.

As long as Huang Haihao was fine, they were satisfied.

“Tell me the situation of the Tianying Gang now,” said Gu Ning.

“The deputy gang leader, no, Long Yichao, tried to kill the gang leader, but failed.

When he escaped, he crashed into the river with his car.

The car was salvaged, but the people who fell in the river were presumed dead, because the river in City C is so wide and deep, the water runs quickly too.

However, unexpectedly, Long Yichao didnt die.

Just this morning, explosives were suddenly thrown at the gang leaders car from a passing car.

The person who did it was precisely Long Yichao.

However, he ran away, and we have not caught him yet.

Although weve sent people to guard the exits of City C, its unavoidable that Long Yichao has other ways to leave it.

Now the Tianying Gang is in a mess, and they are clamoring to choose a new leader,” Hu said, getting more and more angry.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he wouldnt have curbed his anger.

“Take me to the Tianying Gang and notify all the senior members to have a meeting,” Gu Ning said.

The most important thing now was to stabilize the situation in the gang.

As for the whereabouts of Long Yichao, she would leave it to K.

“Sure,” Hu said.

Because Gu Ning was the real boss of the Tianying Gang, Hu naturally needed to obey her orders without hesitation.

Afterwards, Hu began to inform all the senior members to go to the Tianying Gangs headquarters for a meeting right away.

Gu Ning asked about the location of the accident, then called K.

After listening to Gu Nings order, K couldnt help but joke.

“Boss, after I know so many secrets about you, will you kill me”

It was true that K knew more of Gu Nings secrets than anyone else who worked for her too, including the existence of zombies.

“It depends on your performance,” said Gu Ning meaningfully.

It sounded as if she was going to kill him if he behaved badly.

Although K knew it wouldnt happen, he still trembled in fear and said at once, “Boss, I promise Ill do my best.

I wont disappoint you.”

“Great,” Gu Ning said and hung up.

Hu, however, didnt finish his task.

Only the members who supported Huang Haihao agreed to attend the meeting, while those who had different ideas said they didnt have time.

Hearing that, Gu Ning said to Hu, “Tell them were going to talk about the new gang leader.”

Hu did what she said, and those who gave the excuse of having no time immediately agreed to come.

After they were notified, Yang and the others were left to guard Huang Haihao, while Hu took Gu Ning to Tanglong Winery.

Although the villa of Tanglong Winery was bombed before and hadnt been rebuilt yet, the office area remained safe, so they could have a meeting there.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived, a dozen or so senior members of the Tianying Gang arrived too.

When they saw Hu bring a woman in, they all expressed their doubts.

Who was this woman What was she doing in the Tianying Gang

“Hu, who is this Why did you bring an outsider to our gang” the head of the Intelligence Department immediately questioned unhappily.

“Yeah, Hu, whats going on here” other heads asked.

“Well, let me solve your doubts next,” Gu Ning said, and walked towards Huang Haihaos position.

Seeing that, they were all shocked, and the head of the Intelligence Department was the first to say angrily, “Thats not a position you can sit in!”

The head of the Intelligence Department wasnt protecting Huang Haihaos position.

He felt it should be his seat, so other people couldnt touch it.

Other members didnt think Gu Ning should go there either, but they werent as emotional as the head of the Intelligence Department.

After he criticized Gu Ning, they remained silent.

“Its not up to you whether I can sit here or not.

Hu, tell them whether I can stay in this position,” Gu Ning said, then directly sat down, looking like a boss.

Hearing that, the other people turned to look at Hu.

Before Hu could say anything, they all asked, “Hu, whats going on now”

“What does she mean Why can she sit on that seat”


Facing their questions, Hu calmly said, “No one is more qualified than Miss Tang to sit in that position, because Miss Tang is the real boss of the Tianying Gang.”


Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

This woman was the real boss of the Tianying Gang How was it possible How come they knew nothing about it

Even if there was another boss controlling the Tianying Gang, it couldnt be a woman!

They never thought women could achieve anything, since women were always the weak in their eyes.

“Hu, you must be joking! Did you just say shes the real boss of the Tianying Gang We didnt know that at all.”

“Did you pay a random person to come here and tell us shes the real boss of the Tianying Gang, so that you can seize the power yourself”

“Hu, Im surprised by your ambition.”


They began to criticize Hu one after another, except for those who were still loyal to Huang Haihao.


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