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Chapter 2179: Will You Punish Me for That

“I…” Zheng Yuru didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

She wanted to deny it, but it was too late and useless now because she already said it aloud.

“Are you still trying to hide the truth away from me” Yuan Wenye snapped at her.

Knowing that she couldnt hide it away from her husband, Zheng Yuru summoned up her courage and said, “OK, fine, I know its Song Yang who killed Zhao Xiaoxi.

I hate Zhao Xiaoxi to death.

Her existence is a humiliation to me.

It reminded me that you had betrayed me, but I never thought about killing her.

It was just an accident.

I just wanted Song Yang to abandon Zhao Xiaoxi.

Thats it.

I didnt tell Song Yang to kill her.

It has nothing to do with me!”

She didnt tell the full truth.

Although she originally had no intention of killing Zhao Xiaoxi, she aimed to torture her.

Zhao Xiaoxis death was really an accident.

However, it was caused by her after all, so Zheng Yuru felt guilty.

Once Zheng Yuru mentioned the betrayal, Yuan Wenye was a little guilty, because it was indeed his fault and he knew he had hurt Zheng Yuru.

Therefore, his anger slightly went away.

However, it was very serious, so he couldnt give up searching for the real reason.

“You could just let her leave the capital.

Why did you have to kill her I know its my mistake, but didnt you agree to let it go”

“Yes, I agreed to let it go, but I cant get over it.

I just cant! Zhao Xiaoxi has been dead for so long.

Song Yang is also dead now.

Will you punish me for that” Zhao Yecheng asked.

She dared to talk to Yuan Wenye in that way because she believed Yuan Wenye wouldnt really punish her.

It wasnt because Zheng Yuru believed Yuan Wenye loved her and wouldnt punish her.

There was barely love between them right now.

She believed that Yuan Wenye wouldnt punish her because they already had children.

Yuan Wenye needed a good reputation as well, so he wouldnt cause a sensation.

“You…” Yuan Wenye was mad.

Although he was really angry, he couldnt punish Zheng Yuru.

As Zheng Yuru just said, Zhao Xiaoxi had been dead for years and Song Yang who killed her was dead now too, which was fair.

Although Zheng Yuru wasnt completely innocent in it, for the sake of their children and his reputation, he couldnt punish her.

Most importantly, he didnt have much affection for Zhao Xiaoxi, so he didnt care much about Zhao Xiaoxis life.

However, even if he had no affection for Zhao Xiaoxi, Zhao Xiaoxi was his daughter after all.

His wife killed his daughter and had kept it a secret from him for so long.

It was impossible for him not to be mad.

He wouldnt punish his wife for that, but he was reluctant to see her now.

“I wont punish you, because I dont want other people to know the murder has something to do with the Yuan family.

Ill stay in the study these days,” said Yuan Wenye coldly, then he stood up and left the bedroom.

“…” Looking at Yuan Wenyes back, Zheng Yuru wanted to say something, but didnt know what she could say.

She knew Yuan Wenye was really mad at what she had done this time, otherwise she wouldnt have kept it a secret for so long.

Anyway, since it was already exposed, she didnt expect Yuan Wenye to forgive her right away.

It was already a good result that Yuan Wenye wouldnt punish her.

However, she was worried about how much Gu Ning knew and whether Gu Ning would tell other people.

Therefore, at this moment, Zheng Yuru wasnt relieved at all just because Yuan Wenye didnt punish her.

Sitting on the bed in sadness, Zheng Yuru couldnt sleep.

Younger Mrs.

Yuan couldnt fall asleep either tonight, because what she had heard about Zhao Xiaoxi today didnt leave her mind.

Because Yuan Wenye had an illegitimate daughter, she suddenly wondered whether Yuan Wenyue could also have an illegitimate kid.

She was afraid that her husband also had an illegitimate kid behind her back, and she couldnt accept it if she learned about it.

Besides, she promised Zheng Yuru that she wouldnt tell other people about the secret.

Although they didnt have a good in-laws relationship, Zheng Yuru was too strong while she was a little weak.

She didnt dare to act against Zheng Yuru.

If they had a terrible relationship, she would have already spread Zheng Yurus dirty secret.

Moreover, upon thinking that Zheng Yuru had caused Zhao Xiaoxis death, she was scared of Zheng Yurus cruelty and had no idea how to face her in the future.

She understood Zheng Yurus hatred towards Zhao Xiaxi.

If she were Zheng Yuru, she couldnt accept it either, but she didnt dare to kill.

Because Younger Mrs.

Yuan couldnt sleep, she rolled left and right and woke Yuan Wenyue up.

Afterwards, they heard Zheng Yurus argument with her husband from their room.

They couldnt hear it clearly, but Younger Mrs.

Yuan guessed that Yuan Wenye might have found out what had happened to Zhao Xiaoxi.

“Its so late.

Why are they arguing” Yuan Wenyue muttered.

Although it was very normal for a couple to have an argument, it was annoying if it happened in the late night.

“No idea.” Younger Mrs.

Yuan replied.

“Do you feel uncomfortable You were rolling left and right,” asked Yuan Wenyue.

“No, I just cant fall asleep,” said Younger Mrs.


She couldnt tell him what she was thinking.

Yuan Wenyue didnt care.

He needed to go to work tomorrow, so he continued to sleep now.

On Monday, Gu Ning didnt go to school, she accompanied Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing to deal with the flower shop.

The name of the flower shop was Pavilion of Magic, because the plants they sold all contained magical power.

In the morning, Gu Ning asked Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to move the flowerpots to Xiaoyao Mountain Villa, and she took Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing there first.

As soon as they entered Xiaoyao Mountain Villa, they felt that the air was filled with magical power, which was emitted from the plants transplanted by Gu Ning and the others.

Because those plants were sprinkled with magical power liquid by Gu Ning, they all had magical power, but it was very thin.

The plants that had been sprinkled with magical power liquid were full of vitality and were very eye-catching.

Both Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing were happy to see it.

“Wow, these plants are so lush and beautiful.

They will be sold out very soon,” said Miao Jingjing.

She couldnt wait to open the store.

“Yeah, the credit should go to Gu Ning!” said Jing Yunyao.

She knew their plants would be very popular.


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