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Chapter 2166: Go to Hell and Repent!

“Do you really realize its wrong” Zhao Xiaoxi asked.

Its voice softened slightly, which gave Song Yang the illusion that Zhao Xiaoxi was moved, and he became a little happy.

“Yes, I know its wrong.”

“Since you know its wrong, then go to hell and repent!” Zhao Xiaoxi said coldly, then stopped wasting time on Song Yang.

She held a dagger and went to stab Song Yang.

“No!” When Song Yang saw that, his eyes widened and he wanted to resist, but he was already unable to do that.

He watched as the dagger in Zhao Xiaoxis hand pierced his chest.

The next second, blood spurted out.

“You…” Song Yang wanted to say something, but couldnt utter another word.

He was reluctant to accept this result.

If he knew that one day Zhao Xiaoxi would turn into a ghost to seek revenge on him, he wouldnt have killed her four years ago.

For his own fame and wealth, he would still attack Zhao Xiaoxi, but he wouldnt have killed her directly.

Zhao Xiaoxi was afraid that Song Yang wouldnt die from a single stab, so it pulled out the dagger and stabbed him again and again.

It didnt stop until it was sure that Song Yang was really dead.

When Song Yang died, Zhao Xiaoxi suddenly felt relieved.

The obsession that had tortured it for many years was also released and gradually dissipated.

Zhao Xiaoxi returned to Gu Ning and solemnly thanked her.

After that, Zhao Xiaoxis soul gradually became transparent, and finally turned into a mist and drifted away.

Now, Gu Nings task was over, so she left.

Song Yangs body was found by someone who came to the park for a jog the next morning, then the person immediately called the police.

After investigating the scene and monitoring the surroundings, the police didnt find any trace of the murderer, which was quite troublesome.

The news was quickly posted on the Internet, and everyone naturally cursed the murderer.

However, some people said that Song Yang must have done something heinous that caused the killing.

Not only innocent people would be killed, sometimes bad people were killed because they had done something that harmed others, which caused revenge.

Either way, the case of Song Yang being killed went viral, and the police were also publicly looking for witnesses.

The result was that they found nothing.

After all, from the surveillance cameras, no one was close to Song Yangs location at that time.

At that time, there were many people walking in the park, but it happened that there was no one within a radius of 200 meters from Song Yang, so no one saw the murder, and there was no one who heard Song Yangs shout either.

They also couldnt expect that the murderer was actually a ghost, and after the murder, it disappeared completely.

As an accomplice, Gu Ning wasnt affected at all.

In the morning, Miao Jingjing told Gu Ning what she planned to do.

She had always liked flowers.

She used to like to grow flowers by herself, so she wanted to open a flower shop, but she lacked money, so Jing Yunyao would invest.

The two of them would start the business together.

Jing Yunyao also felt that she couldnt be idle all the time.

She didnt need to make a lot of money, but at least she could support herself and didnt need to rely on others to live.

In addition, being idle like this was quite boring, so she had to find something meaningful to do.

If so, Gu Ning naturally agreed.

Cultivation was meant to be boring.

If she didnt find something to do, it would be even more boring.

Gu Ning couldnt help them with other things, but she could accompany them to find a store, so at 9 am, they went out together.

In fact, Gu Ning could help them solve the problem of looking for a store with just a call, but they felt it was more meaningful to do it by themselves.

Since they wanted to do business, they had to do it by themselves so that they could learn.

The flower shop that Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing wanted to open would mainly sell potted plants.

When they had that idea, they also went on-line to learn what kind of flowers or plants were more popular now.

After the survey, they found out that the most popular plants were succulents, so they decided to focus on succulents.

Gu Ning thought it wasnt a bad idea, but now there were a lot of succulent plants sellers.

They had to do better than others, otherwise it would be difficult to stand out.

Therefore, Gu Ning proposed that she would also invest, but not to invest money.

She would provide them with magical power liquid.

As long as a drop of magical power liquid was applied to the roots of the succulents, the succulents would look more beautiful and live longer than ordinary succulents.

It seemed to be a waste of magical power liquid by doing so.

After all, a single power crystal could sell for a lot of money, but a pot of succulent plant was only worth a few dozen or hundreds of yuan.

After adding water to a power liquid, a power crystal could provide at most dozens of drops.

Obviously, there was no profit.

However, for Gu Ning, the magical power liquid didnt require any cost, and it was inexhaustible.

Therefore, it was a dead thing without any meaning if it wasnt put into use.

So it was better to take it out and use it to do something meaningful.

Both Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing approved of that.

They knew the value of the power crystals, so they felt that Gu Nings contribution was the greatest.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing agreed to make Gu Ning the majority shareholder with the highest share, but Gu Ning refused.

Although Gu Ning provided them with magical power liquid, she didnt need to pay for it, and it didnt cost her anything, so she would be the third shareholder.

The first shareholder was Jing Yunyao, holding 50% of the shares, the second shareholder was Miao Jingjing, holding 30% of the shares, and Gu Ning held 20%.

Because Gu Ning insisted on doing that, Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing agreed.

Although the flower shop wouldnt make a lot of money, since Gu Ning was involved in it now, she wouldnt make their shop just a small flower shop, she would develop the flower shop into a studio to attract more customers.

More people would come to their shop to buy stuff.

Therefore, when they looked for a store, they tried to find a bigger one.

Although they might lose money at the beginning, it was very normal in business.

Nothing good came without risk, so they could start to make money after losing it for a while.

Even if they lost money, it was nothing to them.

After all, they only needed to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on a flower shop.

Gu Ning and the others directly came to the flower market, looking for the store, while also observing other flower shops.

Without surprise, they saw a lot of succulent plant shops, and many people bought them.

In that case, they had more confidence.

“Mother, I think we can grow a lot of succulents in Xiaoyao Mountain Villa by ourselves.

Not only can they be sold, but its also a different landscape in the villa,” Gu Ning said.

“Right, Xiaoyao Mountain Villa has large vacant land for planting.

If we plant them by ourselves, the cost will be lowered.

At the same time, we can also plant other plants.” Jing Yunyao immediately agreed upon hearing that, and thought it was an excellent idea.


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