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“Its so nice to meet you!”

An Guangyao shook hands with Zhou Zhenghong.

However, Li Zewen was surprised.

“What Youre the Chairman Zhou of Jade Beauty Jewelry Its so nice to meet you! I read the news about your opening ceremony on the Internet.

It was a sensation!”

An Guangyao knew nothing about it, so he didnt have any special feelings.

“Thanks!” Zhou Zhenghong said.

“Alright, please have a seat, you all.

I let you meet today to tell you that Shenghua Real Estate and Jade Beauty Jewelry belong to the same group,” Gu Ning said.


Zhou Zhenghong, An Guangyao and Li Zewen were all astonished, looking to Gu Ning.

The two companies belong to the same group If Shenghua Real Estate and Jade Beauty Jewelry belong to the same group, she had to be the owner of those two companies!

If Gu Ning hadnt emphasized those two companies, they probably wouldnt have had an idea, but Gu Ning did emphasize them.

They were confused.

Seeing that, Gu Ning smiled and said with certainty, “Like whats in your mind now, I am the owner of both Shenghua Real Estate and Jade Beauty Jewelry.”

The three men couldnt help taking in a long breath.

They were shocked by the news.

After a while, they understood it.

An Guangyao and Li Zewen thought that it was possible that Gu Ning was able to open Jade Beauty Jewelry since she had the funds to acquire Shenghua Real Estate.

Zhou Zhenghong had the same idea.

It wasnt impossible that Gu Ning was able to acquire Shenghua Real Estate since she had enough capital to open Jade Beauty Jewelry.

However, she was so young, which was unbelievable!

After Gu Nings explanation, An Guangyao and Li Zewen then found out that she had a special skill for stone gambling, and that she had gained all her capital by it.

An Guangyao and Li Zewen were shocked again.

Stone gambling was a high-risk activity.

It was much harder to make money than normal gambling.

Even the gods couldnt make an accurate judgment, but Gu Ning became a billionaire by stone gambling.

It was so incredible!

An Guangyao and Li Zewen now couldnt admire Gu Ning more.

“Boss, do you have any more shocking news” An Guangyao joked.

He now believed that Gu Ning must be an extraordinary human being.

“Of course, and youll know about it in the future,” Gu Ning replied, half joking.

She absolutely could do more than that.

“It seems like we better be mentally prepared for the coming shock!” Zhou Zhenghong joked as well.

They all enjoyed this gathering, except Leng Shaoting who was always silent.

Leng Shaotings phone vibrated all of a sudden.

He told Gu Ning that he needed to answer the call before he went out.

Before long, Leng Shaoting came back.

He stared at Gu Ning with affection, but said with determination, “Im sorry, but I have to leave right away for a task.”

“What” It was so abrupt that Gu Ning was reluctant to let him go, but she also understood that ad hoc assignments happened often.

“Is it an emergency Do you have time to eat first”

“I dont think that I have time to eat right now.

Ill come to you once its done,” Leng Shaoting answered.

“Sure, let me walk you out,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that Leng Shaoting was leaving, An Guangyao and the others all wished him good luck.

Gu Ning walked Leng Shaoting to the parking lot.

She reminded him to be careful.

At the same time, Leng Shaoting suddenly bent to place a kiss on Gu Nings lips.

Although he still felt shy because of the last kiss, he loved the feeling of it, which made him want it more.

Since they were going to be apart, only a kiss could alleviate the love-sickness.

“Ill be back by your side,” Leng Shaoting promised.

Gu Ning then watched the man disappear from her sight.

She felt so lost when he was gone.

However, it was unavoidable that they both had to work and would be apart once in a while.

When Gu Ning went back to the private room, the dishes were already on the table.

The rest of the people around the table were all curious about Leng Shaotings identity, but no one asked.

None of them liked drinking, so they didnt drink at all.

During the meal, they kept discussing.

“Uncle An, I plan to build an office building outside of the living area on Zhengyang Street.

It doesnt need to be very big, 300 square meters with five or six stories will be enough.

Itll be the branch of our group and the office building of Shenghua Real Estate as well as Jade Beauty Jewelry in City G.

Ive already made up my mind to set the headquarters in the capital, because Im going to apply at the Capital University.

I also plan to live there afterwards.

Ill leave for the capital to see whether there is a suitable office building on sale or appropriate foundation to build one this vacation.

The name will be the Shengning Group.

I decided to run the real estate and jewelry business across this country.

There will only be branches in City F and City G.

In addition, Ill also be involved in other industries in the future, including entertainment,” Gu Ning said to them.

The reason why Gu Ning aimed at the real estate and entertainment industry was that the Tang Family was mainly involved in those two industries.

Hearing Gu Nings blueprint, the three of them all rounded their eyes in shock.

If another teenage girl said that to them, they probably would think that she must be crazy or naïve, but the girl was Gu Ning, they instead believed that she was more determined than ambitious.

And no one doubted her ability.

It was the truth! She seemed to be an ordinary high school student, but owned a real estate company with around seven hundred million yuan in assets and a jewelry company with several hundred million yuan in assets; all within a month! And the value of the jewelry companys assets wasnt less than that of the real estate company.

Currently, she had over a billion yuan in assets!

Moreover, when her jewelry store opened, most of the important figures in City G attended its opening ceremony.

Actually, no one dared to question her ability.

Although it was much harder to run a business in the capital than in City F and City G, it didnt mean that Gu Ning couldnt make it.

They could be concerned about the future of the group, but they should encourage Gu Ning more to conquer any problems ahead.

They belonged to the same group after all.

“Uncle An, if youre free, please send some people to inspect the sources concerning real estate in the capital.

If there is any suitable land, you may bid for it.

You dont need to worry about the money.

Ill leave for Province Y to collect enough funds by stone gambling during this vacation,” Gu Ning said.


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