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Chapter 2071: Arent You Afraid at All

All the cultivators who were defeated were at a low level.

Some cultivators at a low level successfully got a number card because they had either great teammates or good luck.

Afterwards, participants with a number card went to register for the second part of the game.

There were numbers on the number cards.

After they wrote down their names and numbers, Bai Lingtian introduced the rules of the second part to them.

“Everyone, in the second part of the game, youll go into the deep forest of mist.

Your task is to get the magic crystal from demonic monsters.

You have eight hours.

There are a lot of demonic monsters in the mist forest.

Its very dangerous.

I hope you can protect your number card well, because its a transfer Taoist magic figure.

If you encounter danger inside, you can break it and itll send you back right away, but it also means you quit.

Even if you get magical crystals before that, itll still be meaningless.

Once eight hours are over, the number card will break on its own and youll be sent out.

The number and quality of the magical crystal you get will decide your rank.

No matter what tricks you use, we only see the result,” said Bai Lingtian.

They didnt care about the tricks, only the result, which meant participants could steal the fruits of other peoples labor.

It sounded shameless and unfair, but it was the cruel reality.

If you didnt have the ability to guard your stuff, you could lose it.

There were many demonic monsters in the deep forest of mist.

Their existence was a threat to the cultivation world, so they held the kung fu competition once every three years to kill them.

Magic crystal was the crystal condensed in the body of demonic monsters, but not every monster had a magic crystal.

It relied on ones luck.

If you were lucky, you could easily find one.

If not, you might not be able to find a single piece after meeting dozens of demonic monsters.

However, one had to kill demonic monsters to see whether they had magic crystals.

After all, cultivators couldnt see inside their bodies.

Therefore, as long as they fought, they were consuming time and strength.

If they found no magic crystal after killing a dozen demonic monsters, they had to accept their bad luck.

However, Gu Ning had Jade Eyes, so it wasnt a problem.

Cultivators could improve their level through magic crystals, and they werent worse than magical pills, but only high-level demonic monsters magic crystals would be very useful.

Low-level magic crystals were only useful for cultivators at a low level and they werent very helpful for cultivators at a high level.

Although there were a lot of demonic monsters in the deep forest of mist, there was thinner magical power now, so demonic monsters made very slow progress.

As a result, demonic monsters inside were mostly at a low level.

Only a few of them could reach a middle level.

However, it wasnt easy for common cultivators to deal with them.

In addition, for the sake of their lives, they didnt dare to go too deep in the mist forest.

There could be high-level demonic monsters deep inside the mist forest, but they were very dangerous.

If they werent careful enough, they could die.

Therefore, even if Baili Zongyang won the first prize three years ago, he only had seven magic crystals in all back then, including two at the fourth level, one at the third level, three at the second level, and one at the first level.

Dongfang Ziyu ranked right below him.

She had one at the fourth level, one at the third level, three at the second level, and one at the first level.

Although there would be the top 10, prize-winners had to successfully get magic crystals.

If there were only seven participants who had magic crystals, they would be the prize-winners.

“Oh, no fighting within the first hour.

Its not allowed.”

After Bai Lingtian finished his speech, they began to write down their numbers.

Leng Shaoting was No.

52, and Gu Ning was No.


They grabbed the number cards randomly.

There was no order, but they deliberately chose larger numbers.

Their numbers were written down, making it convenient to record other information later.

Afterwards, they entered the transfer formation and disappeared in an instant.

The next second, they saw a completely different scene.

They were now standing in a deep forest, which was filled with thick white fog that blocked their sight.

Besides, the eerie and weird forest covered in the mist made many people feel a sense of horror, especially the timid ones.

They even had the idea of leaving.

“Jesus, this place is creepy!”

“Right, it gave me goose pimples.”

“I feel like quitting.”


Someone said he wanted to quit, but he didnt actually mean it.

They had fought hard to get into the second part of the game, so they naturally wouldnt quit right now.

They could break their number cards to get out of here if they encountered danger.

Some of them had been here before, so they didnt have many feelings.

Precisely because they had been here before, they knew how dangerous this place was and stayed alert.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning came here for the first time, but they werent nervous at all.

They just kept on reminding themselves to be careful.

Mo Qilin and Baili Zongxue were scared, but they wouldnt quit.

Dongfang Ziyu and the other people observed Leng Shaoting and Gu Nings reaction for a while, but they frowned in annoyance when they found out that they stayed very calm and relaxed.

Werent they afraid at all

“Alright, we dont have much time.

Lets move now!”

They stopped wasting time on talking, then walked deeper into the forest in teams.

Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and Mo Qilin were in a team.

Baili Zongxue wanted to follow them, but felt embarrassed to say it aloud.

Although the girl just rescued her, she couldnt ask the girl to protect her all the time.

Therefore, Baili Zongxue walked away with her teammates.

Jing Yunyan and Dongfang Ziyu did the same thing in different directions.

At the beginning, they wouldnt fight, because it wasnt allowed within the first hour.

In addition, they relied on each other to kill demonic monsters and get magic crystals, then they could fight to take them as their own.

Because of the dense fog in the deep forest, they couldnt see each other after a distance of about seven or eight meters.

Besides, in the deep, misty forest, the breath was chaotic and the voices were mixed, so it wasnt easy to feel the breath or hear footsteps and the like.

“Senior Qing Feng, Senior Qing He, arent you afraid at all” When they were away from the crowd, Mo Qilin grew more anxious, but he got curious once he saw how calm Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were.

“Why should we be” Gu Ning said, “We just have to kill demonic monsters and get magic crystals.”


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