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Chapter 2031: Double Happiness

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They all knew that Gu Ning was able to do that all because of the Blood of the Phoenix, so they soon calmed down after being surprised for a second.

Common cultivators couldnt do that after all.

“Well, great, today is a good day.

Both of you have good news! Although it was dangerous, luckily you are both fine now.

Its double happiness,” said Shangguan Yang with a beam.

He was in a very good mood now, even though he wasnt the one who made it to the next level.

He took Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning as his family members, so he felt happy for them when they successfully got to the next level.

“I think we should have a good meal tonight to celebrate it.

Ill be the cook,” said Gu Ning.

Although it was a little late, they werent very hungry so it was fine to eat later.

“Ill help you,” said Leng Shaoting.

He wouldnt let Gu Ning do it alone.

“Great.” Gu Ning accepted.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting supported Jing Yunyao back into the tower for a rest, then they began to cook.

They had fulfilled their goal at Kunlun Mountain, so they would go back tomorrow.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning had been absent for a few days after all.

They actually had a lot of things to deal with.

Jing Yunyao was physically weak, but she could still travel.

They set off before dawn, because there was no car.

They had to fly with the sword, so they had to set off before dawn, otherwise it would cause trouble if anyone saw them.

Therefore, Gu Ning and the others left the Kunlun Sects place at 5 am.

When they were back in County X, it wasnt 5:30 pm yet, so it was still dark outside.

At this time, there were already some people going for morning runs in the town.

The breakfast shops were open as well.

They decided to have breakfast first, then booked plane tickets.

After turning on his phone, Leng Shaoting didnt see any missed calls or messages, because he seldom received a call unless it was about work.

Gu Ning had a few messages from Qiao Ya.

Qiao Ya told her who had called her and for what while she was absent.

Chu Peihan had called Gu Ning and simply wanted to ask her out and there was nothing important.

Mo Qilin, the young cultivator, had called her a few times to invite her to share a meal.

Tang Qingyang had also called her, but didnt say why, so she could only call him back after dawn.

In addition to the above, she received 2 surprising calls.

One was from He Siyin, while the other was from Han Wenling.

Gu Ning didnt keep in touch with He Siyin and Han Wenling normally, so for them to suddenly call her there must be a reason.

However, they didnt tell Qiao Ya the reason, so Gu Ning had no idea what it was about.

Nevertheless, it was too early now and they must be asleep, so Gu Ning decided to wait till 8 am.

Jing Jining and Shu Lihua had called Jing Yunyao, but because they couldnt get through to her, they left her a message.

Shu Lihua told Jing Yunyao that nearly all the cancer cells in her body disappeared and she was worried about her after failing to get through to her for so many days.

However, when she read Jing Jinings message, Jing Yunyao frowned.

Gu Ning saw that, so she asked with concern, “Mother, whats wrong”

“Yin Shixuns body was discovered.

The Yin family and Tiandaozong are investigating it.

Im afraid theyll find you and your Uncle Jing,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Gu Ning looked serious as well.

“When did Uncle Jing send you the message”

“About three days ago.” Jing Yunyao said, “Its enough for them to find out the result.

After all, Tiandaozong is very capable of doing that.”

“Call Uncle Jing right now.

Lets see whether you can get through to him.

If hes still outside, it should be fine.

If not, there could be a problem,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Jing Yunyao, then she called Jing Jining at once, but no one answered her call.

“It seems Tiandaozong has already met Uncle Jining,” said Leng Shaoting.

“It should be fine.

Uncle Jing and I killed Yin Shixun in a remote mountain after all.

There are no surveillance cameras, so there is no clear proof to prove that Yin Shixuns death has something to do with Uncle Jing.

Well, as long as Uncle Jing refuses to admit it,” said Gu Ning.

“He wont admit it.” Jing Yunyao believed that Jing Jining wouldnt admit it.

She was still worried, even if she felt Tiandaozong couldnt find evidence to prove that Yin Shixuns death was caused by Jing Jining and Gu Ning.

After they reached a breakfast shop, they ordered some food and Leng Shaoting began to book plane tickets.

There were 5 flights from City Ge to the capital today and the nearest one would leave at 8:50 am.

It was only 5:30 am, but they had no car, so they gave that flight up.

County X wasnt large, so there werent any taxis.

If there were, they could have taken a taxi and they would board on time.

The bus began to work at 8 am and it took at least an hour from County X to City Ge.

They needed to spend about half an hour on the road to the airport.

In that case, when they finally arrived, the flight should have left for nearly an hour.

As a result, they could only book a later plane which would take off at 11:20 am so that they would have enough time.

They didnt plan to take a bus to get to City Ge from County X.

Instead, they chose to book a car from the airport and take it to the airport, because it was more comfortable.

They would fly back to County X first instead of flying to City Ge right away with the sword because there was a long distance.

Jing Yunyao was weak now, so it was better for her not to be exposed to fast wind.

After all, nothing could protect them from wind when they flew with a sword.

After having breakfast, they went for a walk.

There was nowhere to go at this time, and the car sent over from the airport wouldnt arrive for another hour and a half.

Although Jing Yunyao had a few good friends at County X, she was unwilling to disturb them so she didnt go to visit their places.

In fact, even if they went to visit friends, they couldnt stay in their places for a long while, because it would be bothersome.

They went to a park and sat down to wait for the car.

A few minutes before 8 am, Leng Shaoting received a call from the driver.

The car already arrived at County X and the driver asked him where they were right now.

Leng Shaoting told the driver that they were in the park.

After a few minutes, a MPV showed up, then they got in it and left.

At this moment, the sky was completely bright.

After getting into the car, Gu Ning began to deal with the missed calls.

She called Tang Qingyang back first.

Tang Qingyang told her that he read a piece of news three days ago..

It said that a half rotten male body was found by the road in a suburb, and the male body was Qi Ziyue.


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