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Chapter 2025: Forget Home Once He Has a Girlfriend

Mengda and Nan werent worried about Zi Beiying and they trusted Xu Jinchen.

They knew that Xu Jinchen wouldnt do anything inappropriate to Zi Beiying.

Even though they knew that, they actually hoped that Xu Jinchen would do something otherwise it might take forever for him and Zi Beiying to get together.

There was chemistry between them after all, but neither of them took a step forward.

Therefore, if they wanted to be together, one of them had to be more active and take the step ahead.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Great Wall, they had some food before going inside.

As long as it was a good day, there would be many visitors climbing up the Great Wall.

Luckily, it wasnt a holiday, so there werent a lot of people.

It was a good thing, because it would be impossible for them to appreciate the view if it was too crowded.

Therefore, the amount of visitors was acceptable today.

The Great Wall wasnt too quiet or noisy.

Since they were at the Great Wall now, Zi Beiying surely needed to take some photos, but the view couldnt be pictured if she took selfies, so she told Xu Jinchen to help her.

However, because of that, Zi Beiying felt shy to make poses.

Even if she didnt do any special poses, she was too attractive to look ugly in the photos.

Looking at Zi Beiying on the screen of the phone, Xu Jinchen was amazed and couldnt move his eyes away from her.

After taking a few photos, Zi Beiying stopped because she felt too uneasy.

They continued to walk, then saw a loving couple taking pictures together.

At this moment, both Zi Beiying and Xu Jinchen had a strange feeling.

They subconsciously exchanged a glance, then immediately moved their eyes away in panic.

Right at this time, the boy of the couple walked over to Xu Jinchen and asked, “Sir, would you please help us take some photos The larger view cant be pictured if we take selfies.

Well help you take photos as well later.

How about that”

“No problem.” Xu Jinchen didnt refuse, because it was very easy and he also wanted to seize the chance to take photos with Zi Beiying.

After that, Xu Jinchen took the phone the boy handed to him.

The boy then walked back to his position and Xu Jinchen said to Zi Beiying in a quiet voice, “I think its a good idea.

Why dont we take some photos together in a while too Would you mind”

Zi Beiying flushed a little.

She didnt mind it and was more than willing to do that, but she still seemed slightly reluctant.

“Its just some photos.

No big deal.”

Xu Jinchen smiled with satisfaction.

His smile was so charming that Zi Beiying flushed again and turned her head away at once.

Xu Jinchen was very handsome.

No girl could stay calm seeing his smile.

Seeing Zi Beiyings reaction, Xu Jinchen was more satisfied.

After the boy and the girl did a good pose, Xu Jinchen began to take photos for them.

Because they were a couple, they behaved intimately, which was totally acceptable.

In fact, Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were very envious of their intimacy.

After taking several photos, the boy took back his phone and said, “Do you need me to take photos for you as well”

Xu Jinchen then gave his phone to the boy and went to stand together with Zi Beiying.

They werent a couple, so there was barely intimacy in their poses, but Xu Jinchen deliberately moved closer to Zi Beiying, so they seemed close.

Because they were close, they could feel each others breath and their hearts began to pound.

Afterwards, both of them heard it and felt a little embarrassed.

Luckily, they didnt show their real feelings and seemed calm on the surface.

The boy didnt think there was anything wrong with their poses.

Not everyone needed to show intimacy in front of the camera and they looked close too.

In addition, both of them were good-looking, so they looked very beautiful in the photos.

The boy took a few photos for Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying, then Xu Jinchen took his phone back.

He thanked the boy before looking at the photos.

He had to admit that he felt that he and Zi Beiying were a perfect couple.

“Ill send the photos to you,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Sure.” Zi Beiying gave him a simple response.

It sounded indifferent, but she actually couldnt wait to see the photos.

Before long, she heard the sound of a new message from her phone.

Without delay, Zi Beiying read it and saw that it was photos sent to her from Xu Jinchen.

Staring at the photos, Zi Beiying also felt that they seemed to be a perfect couple, but both of them still felt a little embarrassed right now.

“How is it Is it beautiful” asked Xu Jinchen.

“Not bad,” said Zi Beiying with embarrassment, then put away her phone.

She decided to appreciate the photos alone at home later because it was embarrassing to do that in front of Xu Jinchen.

Both Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying had the habit of practicing kung fu, so neither of them felt tired after climbing for a long time, but Xu Jinchen still asked her out of concern once in a while, “Do you need a rest”

“No need,” said Zi Beiying.

“Lets have a rest for a while and drink some water!” Xu Jinchen cared about her and thought that they should have a rest.

Since they came to climb the Great Wall, Xu Jinchen was well-prepared with water and cookies in his backpack.

“Great.” Zi Beiying agreed with Xu Jinchen, then they stopped to drink some water and have cookies.

After resting for a while, they kept on climbing up.

When they were back to the parking lot, it was already 5 pm and it was time for dinner by the time they got back to the city center.

The moment Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were in the car, Xu Jinchen got a phone call from Xu Jinlin.

“Are you back in the capital” asked Xu Jinlin with certainty.

“Yeah, Im back,” answered Xu Jinchen.

He wasnt surprised that Xu Jinlin knew he was already back in the capital.

“Why didnt you come home What, you forget home once you have a girlfriend” Xu Jinlin joked.

Xu Jinchen didnt avoid Zi Beiying when he answered the call and Zi Beiying had good hearing, so she heard what Xu Jinlin said on the phone.

When she heard Xu Jinlin address her as Xu Jinchens girlfriend, she flushed and her heart pounded faster.

Xu Jinchen didnt deny the way his older brother addressed Zi Beiying.

“Ill be home later.”

“There is a meal with An Yan and other people.

Why dont you come with your girlfriend” asked Xu Jinlin.

“I need to ask for her opinion first,” said Xu Jinchen.

He still didnt stop Xu Jinlin from mentioning his “girlfriend”.

Instead, his reply actually admitted that he already had a girlfriend.

Zi Beiying was annoyed and glared at him, but Xu Jinchen only gave her a smile.

As soon as Xu Jinchen hung up, Zi Beiying questioned him, “Whos your girlfriend Why didnt you explain it”


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