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Chapter 2007: Panicked

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“Bai Lin, did you drink a lot” asked Gu Ning on purpose, because she couldnt let Bai Lin know that she actually witnessed everything.

“Yeah, I did,” said Bai Lin in a resigned tone.

“If they failed to drug you, theyll certainly try to make you drunk.

You cant continue to drink now.” Gu Ning said, “Oh, are they all very important”

She needed to know who they were so that she could make up an appropriate excuse.

“They mentioned you just now.

They think very highly of you and they are slightly afraid of you,” said Bai Lin in a low voice.

No one else could hear her.

They just discussed An Empress of Military Blood and Fenghua Entertainment, then Gu Ning.

When they talked about Gu Ning, they seemed to be in awe of her.

They agreed that Gu Ning must come from a very powerful family, or she couldnt become successful so smoothly.

“If so, you can directly tell them that the boss of Fenghua Entertainment wants to see you.

And shes dining in the Royal Court Hotel as well.

She has a few important guests, so you cant continue to drink or youll lose your manners later.

Lets see how theyll react.

If theyre scared and let you go, itll be for the best.

If not, you can call me and Ill go to see you.” Gu Ning said, “If you can leave them, dont go with your agent.

Were in the private room next to yours, VIP05.”

“No problem,” said Bai Lin.

After hanging up, Bai Lin went back to her seat and apologized.

“Manager Lin, Manager Wu, and Manager Wang, Im so sorry.

I cant drink any longer.

Chairman Gu of Fenghua Entertainment just called me and she wants to see me.

Shes in the Royal Court Hotel right now as well.

She has a few important guests.

She plans to introduce me to them.

If I continue to drink and get drunk, Im afraid Ill lose my manners before them, so…”

“What Chairman Gu of Fenghua Entertainment wants to see you Do you mean Gu Ning, Miss Gu” Hearing that, Manager Lin, who sat next to Bai Lin, was shocked.

Compared with other people, Manager Lin knew more about Gu Ning than them.

At such a young age, nobody believed that Gu Ning could become so successful without powerful support, at least Manager Lin didnt believe it.

He was sure that Gu Ning must have powerful support behind her.

The bronze chimes, which was the biggest news these days, were also provided by Gu Ning.

Most importantly, he heard from his father that the owner of Xiangyun Antique-store had a very close relationship with the several important masters in the capital.

His father was able to know that because he was a member of the Antiques Association.

His father had gone to the auction, so he saw it and shared the news with him.

When he learned that the owner of Xiangyun Antique-store was Gu Ning, he realized that it was precisely Gu Ning who had a close relationship with the several important masters in the capital.

He was a senior manager of a big company, but he was merely nobody in front of those important men.

Therefore, Manager Lin totally gave up his evil thoughts about Bai Lin and felt scared now.

Luckily, Bai Lin had broken the cup by accident just now, or he would be the one who was in trouble.

The other people didnt know about Gu Ning as much as Manager Lin, but they had heard of Fenghua Entertainment as well.

They knew it was owned by Gu Ning and agreed that Gu Ning must have powerful support behind her for her to become so successful now.

As a result, they behaved themselves around the table at once.

“Yeah, its Gu Ning.

Manager Lin, you should know that I gained some fame because of Infinite Horror and An Empress of Military Blood.

Both of them are produced by Fenghua Entertainment,” said Bai Lin.

They were aware that Bai Lin became popular because of Infinite Horror and An Empress of Military Blood, but they didnt know that Bai Lin had a private relationship with Gu Ning.

Even Bai Lins agent had no idea about that.

“Bai Lin, are you close with Gu Ning” Bai Lins agent asked.

“She cares about me and I respect her.

If there are any suitable roles, shell recommend me,” said Bai Lin.

She didnt directly give an affirmative answer, but her meaning couldnt be more obvious.

Her relationship with Gu Ning wasnt common, or Gu Ning wouldnt recommend her to new shows.

Bai Lin continued, “She has a lot of connections.

All of them are quite influential, so she wants to introduce me to them.

If I have any difficulties, I can turn to them for help.”

Hearing that, Manager Lin felt he was very lucky in retrospect.

Luckily, he didnt hurt Bai Lin.

“Wow, why didnt you tell me earlier” Bai Lins agent smiled with embarrassment.

He was slightly blaming Bai Lin.

If he hadnt known about Bai Lins good relationship with Gu Ning, he would have stopped their general manager from forcing her to stay in their company with dirty tricks.

“If so, Bai Lin, you dont need to drink any longer.

You can leave if you need to go right now,” said Manager Lin.

He didnt dare to stop Bai Lin from seeing Gu Ning and other important figures.

“Can I” Bai Lin hesitated on purpose.

She actually couldnt wait to leave.

“Of course.

Of course.”

The pther people immediately agreed.

They didnt dare to stop her from leaving.

“Well, then Ill go now.

Im so sorry, please allow me to buy you a meal next time to make it up to you.” Even though Bai Lin hated them, she had to act polite to them.

“Bai Lin, Ill go with you,” said Bai Lins agent.

He wasnt doubting Bai Lins words, but simply wanted to seize the chance to meet Gu Ning and those important figures.

“Um, Im afraid you cant without Gu Nings agreement,” said Bai Lin.

“Fine, then you can go now.” Bai Lins agent didnt insist upon hearing that.

He was unwilling to offend those important figures by showing up unwanted.

After that, Bai Lin left alone.

She went straight to Gu Nings private room afterwards.

Walking into the private room Gu Ning was in, Bai Lin finally felt relieved the moment she saw Gu Ning.

She thanked Gu Ning right away.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much! If it hadnt been for you, I honestly had no idea how to run away from them.”

“Although you havent joined my company yet, youll be my employee sooner or later.

Since you had trouble, I certainly should help you out,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt think it was a big deal.

Anyway, Bai Lin still felt very grateful to Gu Ning, so she decided to pay the bill today.

Once Bai Lin was gone, Manager Lin gave a sigh of relief as well, then he turned to Bai Lins agent in anger..

“Xiang Jian, your general manager has nearly ruined me this time.

Why didnt he make sure its safe before bringing the girl here”


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