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Chapter 2000: Stop Bullying People with Your Status

“Do it now!”

In an instant, many people urged Gu Ning to hit the red spot with 10 darts in a row.

They were excited, looked forward to seeing it, waited to laugh at Gu Ning, or took her as a joke.

The majority of the onlookers actually waited to make fun of Gu Ning because most of them didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to hit the red spot every time.

It was very hard after all.

Xie Yiyi didnt believe it either, but she became curious after seeing Gu Nings calm expression.

She wanted to witness whether Gu Ning was able to hit the red spot every time, so she stopped throwing more darts.


Hit the bulls eye with all the darts Arent you afraid that youll make yourself a joke by bragging so ridiculously” said someone, full of mockery.

The person who said that was a girl the same age as them.

She was pretty, but she had a hateful attitude.

Along with the girl were several other young men and women.

They all showed disdain on their faces.

“Youll see whether shes bragging! Dont deny other people without seeing the result.

Who do you think you are” said Chu Peihan in a bad attitude.

“I dont think she can do that.

If she does, I will call her my grandma,” said the girl.

“Really You want to be her granddaughter Nice, youll call her your grandma if she succeeds,” said Chu Peihan.

Since the girl proposed that idea on her own, Chu Peihan was more than willing to see the funny scene.

She knew that Gu Ning wouldnt reject it, so she accepted the challenge on her own initiative.

“If you dare to refuse to do it, dont blame me for punishing you.”

Saying that, Chu Peihan covered her fist with another, making her joints crack to tell other people that she was very good at kung fu.

Hearing the sounds, the girl panicked a little, but she still refused to believe that Gu Ning could hit the red spot every time.

“Sure, if she loses, she must call me her grandma as well,” said the girl.

She was unwilling to be punished alone.

Since they were going to bet, they must receive the same punishment.

This time, Chu Peihan didnt agree right away.

Instead, she turned to look at Gu Ning.

“No problem,” said Gu Ning.

Given the current situation, she couldnt say no, or she would be a coward.

As Chu Peihan believed, Gu Ning was willing to accept the girls challenge.

If she wasnt, she wouldnt have given Chu Peihan the chance to accept the girls challenge early on.

Seeing Gu Nings confident expression, Xie Yiyi became less doubtful.

Gu Ning seemed very mature and stable.

She didnt seem to be arrogantly stupid.

Is she really able to do that

Xie Yiyi found it hard to believe.

Either way, Gu Ning was going to throw the darts in her hands, so she cared little about their attitudes.

Moreover, she had a bet with the girl, so she was determined to win.

After that, Gu Ning began to throw darts one after another without pause and each dart accurately hit the red spot.

Everyone was amazed, because other people had to spend some time aiming at the red spot but Gu Ning seemed to throw darts randomly.

It proved her incredible ability.

“Jesus, its unbelievable! She did hit the red spot every time.”

“Its her ability! It has nothing to do with good luck.”

“Shes a real goddess.”


Xie Yiyi felt heavily hit and reluctant to throw darts again, because she wasnt able to hit the red spot.

She didnt want to embarrass herself, so she handed the darts to the man next to her.

The man knew what Xie Yiyi was thinking, so he said nothing.

In fact, even if she lost, it wasnt a big deal.

After all, there were few people who could hit the red spot every time like Gu Ning.

Actually, it was already very outstanding among the visitors here if one was able to hit the red spot 3 or 4 times with 10 darts.

Xie Yiyi took Gu Ning as her enemy, so she cared too much about the result.

Before Gu Ning and her friends left, Xie Yiyi called hers to leave.

Xie Yiyis jealousy and hatred for Gu Ning were too obvious to be ignored, but Gu Ning couldnt care less about her because it happened very often.

Gu Ning wouldnt be affected by the negative emotions.

The girl who had the bet with Gu Ning was stunned and her face took on a ghastly expression.

She subconsciously wanted to run away, but Chu Peihan stopped her.

“What Do you want to run away” Chu Peihan said, gloating over the girls embarrassment.

Seeing that, the girls friends didnt stand out to help her.

They werent afraid of Chu Peihan, but they actually disliked the girl.

They were reluctant to help the girl and they wanted to see her embarrassed.

The girl was always arrogant.

They were friends, but she treated other people badly as if they were her servants.

She often shouted at them, being quite hateful.

Because of her family background, they were slightly scared of her.

She wasnt seriously terrible to them, so they tolerate it.

Stopped by Chu Peihan, the girl was a little horrified and immediately turned to her friends for help, but her friends hesitated to step forward.

The girl was as angry as she was embarrassed.


There were many of them, but none of them dared to stand out because they were afraid that Gu Ning was really good at fighting.

Witnessing that scene, many people found it quite ironic.

The girl must have a bad reputation in her circle so that even her friends were unwilling to help her.

The girl realized that they wouldnt help her and she could only rely on herself, so she tried to scare Chu Peihan and said, “Do you know who I am”

“Ha-ha.” Chu Peihan laughed mockingly, then said with disdain, “Stop bullying other people with your status.

I dont care who you are.

Whoever you are, Im not afraid.

You better do what you agreed to right now, or Ill have to take action.”

“You…” The girl was mad.

She was surprised by Chu Peihans confidence.

“Be quick.

We dont have patience or time to waste on you,” said Chu Peihan impatiently, then she clenched her fists making her joints crack again.

Nobody stood out to help the girl because they were all amazed by Gu Nings performance.

They admired her and were more willing to stand with her.

Besides, the girl challenged Gu Ning first, so she should do what she agreed to after she lost.

Scared by the sounds of Chu Peihans knuckles cracking, the girl blurted out.



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