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Chapter 1948: Zi Beiying Gets Angry

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying naturally sensed her staring just like Gu Ning.

They glanced around and quickly spotted the woman.

Zi Beiying did not know her.

So even though Zi Beiying did not know why she was casting strange looks at her, she did not take it to heart.

Xu Jinchen found the woman familiar, but he did not know who she was and did not bother thinking.

Since he was unable to remember her, she was probably unimportant.

Xu Jinchen merely glanced briefly before veering his eyes and continued entering the store with Gu Ning and the others.

The moment Xu Jinchen looked over, the woman immediately smiled gently.

However, she promptly froze when she realized he merely happened to glance in her direction.

Gu Ning noticed Xu Jinchen and the womans reaction and could not help finding it hilarious.

Xu Jinchen clearly could not even remember who she was.

Just as Xu Jinchen and the others walked over, a middle-aged woman standing beside her turned with a garment in her hand and asked, “What do you think of this, Zijing”

This beautiful stylish woman was none other than the woman whom Xu Jinlin brought up yesterday.

She was Xu Jinchens mothers friends daughter, Ji Zijing.

Ji Zijing was a wedding gown designer and had participated in the last design competition in Paris.

Despite making it into the top ten, she did not continue to advance into the top three.

Also, she was overwhelmingly defeated by her competition.

She came to Gufan to check out Yu Zis designs for Charm since she had walked away with two major awards.

She had to admit Yu Zi was talented.

All the details on Yu Zis designs were perfect and carefully crafted and her designs were genuinely good.

Then again, she must be quite the talent to catch Jasons eye and for him to take her in as an apprentice since he was a famous clothing designer from Paris.

Ji Zijing snapped out of her daze when she heard her mother talking to her.

Instead of replying, she said, “I just saw Xu Jinchen in here.

He saw me, but failed to recognize me.”

“Huh Is Jinchen here” Mrs Ji promptly looked delighted.

She was just wondering when Xu Jinchen was coming back home so that she could arrange for him to meet her daughter! Now they ended up bumping into each other here! Fate was certainly on her side!

Mrs Ji immediately comforted her daughter when she saw how disappointed she was, “You havent seen each other in ages, so it is normal for him not to recognize you.

Dont take it to heart.

Considering how pretty and talented you are, I am sure Jinchen will fall for you.”

“But there is some other woman with Xu Jinchen! I think she might be his girlfriend…” She did not feel upset when Xu Jinchen did not recognize her.

Instead, she was upset to see some other woman walking beside him.

“Huh Didnt Mrs Xu say Jinchen was single I think she probably isnt his girlfriend!” Mrs Ji found this inconceivable and did not like hearing this.

If Xu Jinchen was already seeing someone, her daughter would have no chance.

“Why would he go clothes shopping with her if they are not dating” asked Ji Zijing.

In her opinion, no man would shop for clothes with a woman if they were not an item.

Even though other people were present, there was only one other man among them.

The man was walking next to one of the women while the two other women were walking together.

Xu Jinchen was the only one who kept walking with Zi Beiying the entire time.

“Zijing, even if that woman was genuinely dating Xu Jinchen, Mrs Xu likes you.

As long as the Xu family does not approve of her, no other woman can marry him,” said Mrs Ji as she consoled Ji Zijing.

Mrs Ji clearly felt the Xu family was the sort of family who cared about status.

“Everyone dates around before they get married! As long as he settles down after marriage, its okay! Lets go over and say hi.

Dont show your disappointment when we go over.

After all, you are not dating yet, so it is important to leave a good impression.

Got it”

Ji Zijing composed herself when she heard what her mother said.

“Got it.”

Mrs Ji led Ji Zijing over to see Xu Jinchen.

“Jinchen, fancy meeting you here!” greeted Mrs Ji warmly after she walked up to Xu Jinchen.

Xu Jinchen turned when he heard Mrs Jis voice.

His eyes landed on Mrs Ji before glancing at Ji Zijing standing beside her.

It promptly dawned on him who Ji Zijing was.

Xu Jinchen looked a little annoyed when he realized it was Ji Zijing.

However, he replied Mrs Ji politely, “Hi, Mrs Ji.”

He dismissed Ji Zijing altogether.

In any case, he merely knew of her existence and they were not considered friends.

Gu Ning and Zi Beiying were both standing next to Xu Jinchen when this happened, so they looked at Mrs Ji when she spoke to Xu Jinchen.

The moment they heard Xu Jinchen calling her Mrs Ji, other than Jing Yunyao, all of them caught on to her identity.

She was Mrs Xus friend whom Xu Jinlin brought up last night.

In that case, the young woman standing beside her ought to be the one whom Mrs Xu wanted to matchmake with Xu Jinchen.

Gu Ning subtly glanced at Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying and noticed how tense things were getting between them, but she said nothing and watched quietly.

“You must have just gotten back, right” asked Mrs Ji.

She assumed Xu Jinchen had yet to go home.

Otherwise, his mother would have told her about it.

After all, his mother was very worried about his love life.

“Uh huh.

I just got back in town,” replied Xu Jinchen

“Oh yes.

Is this your girlfriend” asked Mrs Ji after glancing at Zi Beiying.

The moment Mrs Ji got a close look at Zi Beiying, she could not help looking worried.

She was surprised by how beautiful this woman was and thought her daughters prospects of marrying him were in danger.

She could not help feeling worried about what kind of family and background the woman came from.

If she hailed from a relatively powerful family, there was no reason for the Xu family to disagree with the match.

“Mrs Ji, you are mistaken.

I am not his girlfriend.

Xu Jinchen is my older brothers friend.

Since I am in town, he acted as my tour guide.” Before Xu Jinchen said a word, Zi Beiying interrupted.

Her voice was cold and was clearly pissed off with Xu Jinchen.

Ji Zijing and her mother merely thought Zi Beiying was upset about getting misunderstood.

They were instantly relieved and happy to hear she was not dating Xu Jinchen.


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