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Chapter 1940: Was Chas Cretan Behind This

Leng Shaoting promptly took out his sword when no one was in sight after he entered the mountain forest, and flew off on his sword with Gu Ning so that no evidence of their involvement would be left behind.

Leng Shaoting was still inexperienced with sword flying, so he stumbled a little and left Gu Ning in shock.

Fortunately, they were not flying high and only about two meters above the ground.

So even if they did fall, they would not get hurt falling from that height.

Since Chas Cretan knew that someone was taking out Charles Cretan today, he really hoped the mastermind would succeed.

Even though he did not bear the hope of any success as Charles Cretan was not an easy target.

Nonetheless, Chas Cretan sent men to keep an eye on the race track and inform him the moment they caught wind of an attack on his half-brother.

Hence, Chas Cretan received news of Charles Cretans death just a minute after he died.

After he learned of Charles Cretans death, he was left in shock when his subordinate informed him that the killer had killed Charles Cretan in the blink of an eye.

Charles Cretan was killed with a single cut to the throat and was cut deeply by the strike.

Also, Charles Cretan did not have the opportunity to retaliate during the attack.

After he was murdered, his killer immediately disappeared.

His killer was simply incredible!

Who was behind the attack How could the mastermind manage to find someone with such incredible skills to assassinate Charles Cretan

However, he did not care about this after he recovered from the shock.

Instead, he was delighted.

He was absolutely beside himself with joy.

If he was not at the company, and surrounded by people, he would have laughed out loud.

Now that Charles Cretan was dead, no one could compete with him to become the next head of the family.

Although he knew people in the family would suspect him of killing Charles Cretan, it genuinely had nothing to do with him, so he was unafraid of getting investigated.

The Cretan family quickly caught wind of the news, but only Charles Cretans parents felt sad and furious that their son was murdered.

No one else in the family felt saddened by Charles Cretans death.

Charles Cretans grandfather was naturally a little sad.

Even though he did not like this boy since he was an illegitimate son born of a mistress, and he was cocky, he was his grandson after all.

However, he was only a little sad.

“Chas Cretan must have done it.

It must have been him.

He must have done it out of fear that Charles would surpass him…” The first person Charles Cretans mother suspected was Chas Cretan.

Especially since they were recently competing to inherit the clan.

“Yes, it must be him.

Chas must have killed Charles…” Charles Cretans father also suspected that Chas Cretan was behind it.

No, correction.

Chas Cretan had to be the mastermind.

“You cant make such accusations without even investigating the matter.

I trust Chas,” said Chas Cretans grandfather.

Despite his minor suspicion towards Chas Cretan, he trusted him.

After all, he had single-handedly brought up Chas Cretan, so he trusted him.

Otherwise, he would not have hoped for Chas Cretan to inherit the family.

However, his son, Chas and Charles Cretans father, only cared about Charles Cretan.

He indulged his son so much that Charles Cretan ended up violent and selfish.

The Cretan family was mafia, so the head of the clan had to be decisive and could not get emotional.

However, it did not mean he could be unethical, disrespectful, and cruel.

Although their family had a mafia history, they had started to operate a lot of legitimate businesses, so the inheritor now needed business savvy and strategy.

And he had brought up Chas Cretan just for the role.

“No, he must have done it.

It was him.

No one else would have done it!” Charles Cretans mother insisted.

Even though she knew Chas Cretan was not the only person with a reason to take her sons life, she simply insisted it was him.

In reality, she hated Chas Cretan and was exceptionally biased against him.

She was jealous of Chas Cretans accomplishments and wished him dead.

Chas Cretan was the biggest obstacle in the way of letting her son become head of the clan after all.

And now that her son was dead while Chas Cretan remained standing, it meant no one else had the right to vie for the position.

She could not stand seeing someone she despised becoming head of the family!

“You cant take Chas side just because you like him! Charles was your grandson too!” said Charles Cretans father.

Despite being Chas Cretans father as well, he felt Chas Cretan was the culprit.

He was such an awful father! Charles Cretan might think he was a great father, but he was Chas Cretans mortal enemy!


Dont you know what Charles is like He has offended so many people.

Plenty of people want him dead.

No one is to accuse Chas and sully his reputation before the investigation is done,” said Chas Cretans grandfather furiously.

The inheritor of the family could not be involved in fratricide.

A lot of people knew that Chaz and Charles Cretan did not get along, but they simply felt it was a brotherly conflict.

Even though many people suspected Chas Cretan to be the mastermind of Charles Cretans death, it was just minor suspicion and no one actually felt he would kill his brother.

However, if word got out from the clan that Chas Cretan was a prime suspect of his brothers death, the public would simply assume the clan was protecting Chas even if they could prove someone else was behind it.

Despite Charles Cretans parents indignation, they could only stop talking about it at their fathers insistence.

However, they were certain Chas Cretan was behind their sons death.

The family immediately sent men to investigate the matter.

Chas Cretan was also asked to come back to the residence right away, so he came home immediately as asked.

Many people suspected Chas Cretan of killing his brother, but a lot of people felt delighted about Charles Cretans death.

People did not like Charles Cretan and some of them even hated him.

The moment Chas Cretan arrived home, he was interrogated by his father and stepmother about Charles Cretans death.

Chas Cretan confidently denied any participation in killing his brother.

Considering how calm he was, all suspicion in his grandfather dissipated.

However, Charles Cretans father and stepmother continued to think otherwise.


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