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Chapter 1932: You Poor Thing

“What do you mean” asked Zi Beiying.

“We are here to handle Charles Cretan.

We just got off the flight and got out of the airport, but Shaoting and Ning went straight to Country Y to kill Charles.

If they cant find Charles, they will attack Chas and frame Charles for it and use Chas to finish off his brother,” explained Xu Jinchen.

“Really” Zi Beiying was delighted to hear this.

She felt Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would definitely be able to help her settle the problem.

Charles Cretan deserved death for doing this to her family.

“Uh huh! Gu Ning sent me to keep you company since you were unhappy.

I came to help lift your spirits,” said Xu Jinchen as he studied Zi Beiyings expression.

He wanted to know how she felt when she learned he was here to hang out with her.

Zi Beiying went stunned.

An uneasy look swept across her face briefly as her heart palpitated.

However, Zi Beiying frowned slightly and her face turned dark before she spoke somewhat angrily, “Did you have to come because Gu Ning said so You poor thing.”

It meant he had no intention of coming if Gu Ning did not request it!

Xu Jinchen realized Zi Beiying had misunderstood him.

He was anxious and promptly explained, “Thats not what I meant.

I wanted to help kill Charles Cretan personally, but Gu Ning told me to come.”

The moment Zi Beiying heard this, her displeasure dissipated.

She became happy when she heard Xu Jinchen wanted to kill Charles Cretan and seek revenge for her personally.

“Fine!” Zi Beiying pretended to believe him.

“Since you are here to cheer me up, then you have to do a good job! Otherwise, I will tell Gu Ning that you failed at your mission and even pissed me off.”

“Okay,” acknowledged Xu Jinchen.

For the entire day, Xu Jinchen was at Zi Beiyings service other than when using the bathroom.

Although Zi Beiying was in a really foul mood recently, it was not as bad anymore.

Now that Xu Jinchen was here, her bad mood naturally lifted.

Zi Beiying knew the reason Gu Ning sent Xu Jinchen over, so she did not want to waste the opportunity.

She promptly took the chance to spend time with Xu Jinchen.

If they genuinely had feelings for each other, they should not hold back.

If Xu Jinchen did not like her, then she had to let go.

Zi Shaomin gave them plenty of room to spend time together and rarely came out.

Even when he came out of the study after work, he avoided them as best as he could.

However, it was impossible to avoid them for the entire day, so he made time to chat with Xu Jinchen during and after dinner.

After flying for 17 hours, Gu Ning and Leng Shaotings flight arrived at City Wei at 2:00 am.

It was 2:00 am at home and not Country Y.

There was a 7 hour time difference between both countries, so it was roughly 8:00 pm at Country Y.

Most people would have jet lag and need time to adjust, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were unaffected.

They were capable of going for days without sleep without any effect on their energy.

Since they had just arrived and were unfamiliar with City Wei, they did not know where the Cretan residence was, so there was nothing else they could do for the time being.

They were not in a hurry to go on with their plans for now.

Instead, they headed off for dinner before checking online for more information about the Cretan family.

They were unable to check internet browsers from abroad back home, so they were incapable of checking for foreign information and could only do so upon arrival in Country Y.

After leaving the airport, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting hailed a cab and headed to the city center.

They picked out a restaurant and ordered steak.

They proceeded to search online for more information about the Cretan family over dinner.

Even though they were unable to find much information about the Cretan family, including their residential address, they were able to find information about their establishments.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting managed to identify several businesses they owned.

Once they found out which properties belonged to the Cretan family, they could capture its management and interrogate them.

She was confident of squeezing information out of them.

Before they went ahead, they had to change into a disguise.

After dinner, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting found a discreet place to get changed.

Gu Ning did not disguise herself as Tang Aining.

Instead, she used another look since she was worried that the Cretan family would investigate Tang Aining and cause trouble for her after Charles Cretans death.

Leng Shaoting made his complexion slightly darker and put on a mustache and made himself look ten years older.

Leng Shaoting came prepared with the mustache since he occasionally needed to put on a disguise when he was on a mission.

Not only did Leng Shaoting come prepared with the mustache, but he also had a fake ID for this look.

It was an ordinary Chinese man by the name of Wei Yang.

For the next few days, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went about the city in these disguises.

Gu Ning could not help laughing when she caught sight of Leng Shaotings disguise.

“Sure enough, good-looking people remain handsome even if their complexion is darker and they have a mustache and look old.”

Leng Shaoting no longer felt shy when Gu Ning paid him compliments.

Instead, he felt happy!

“That way, you will still like me when I am old,” said Leng Shaoting.

“How long would it take before you are old Lets not forget you are a cultivator and have a much longer life than an average man! The higher your inner discipline, the longer you can live.

If you end up like Grandpa Shangguan, you can live 1000 years.

If you become an immortal, you can live for several millennia, so you…” said Gu Ning until she detected Leng Shaoting looking upset and becoming increasingly stern.

Gu Ning instantly stopped and felt bad when it dawned on her that Leng Shaoting did not like talking about this.

She knew Leng Shaoting was particularly sad that one of them was a cultivator while the other was just a mortal.

How could she bring up the subject when it was as good as pouring salt on his wound

She had planned on telling Leng Shaoting she could cultivate and give him a surprise after she managed to become one with the Blood of the Phoenix and made its power circulate throughout her body and soul.

From the looks of it now, she should not have done that.

For as long as Leng Shaoting was kept in the dark, he would keep feeling depressed and worried.

“Shaoting, I have something to tell you…”

Gu Ning decided to tell Leng Shaoting about Blood of the Phoenix being sure to avoid the subject of reincarnation.


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