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Chapter 1931: Can You Compare to Her

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Zi Shaomin felt Xu Jinchen was a great guy and wanted Zi Beiying to consider Xu Jinchen as a potential suitor.

However, Zi Beiying used to fancy Leng Shaoting.

Sadly, Leng Shaoting would never fall for her so easily! Moreover, Leng Shaoting already had Gu Ning now.

Zi Shaomin naturally knew Zi Beiying had developed feelings for Xu Jinchen by now.

He also knew that Xu Jinchen felt the same way about Zi Beiying.

Otherwise, he would not have allowed Gu Ning to match-make them.

After all, the relationship would not last if Zi Beiying was forced to date Xu Jinchen.

“Fine!” Since Gu Ning had plans for Xu Jinchen, he could only agree.

Zi Shaomin turned back and sent Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting back to the airport.

Since they had only just left the airport, they arrived in ten minutes..

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting got out of the car and entered the airport while Xu Jinchen followed Zi Shaomin to the Zi residence.

After Xu Jinchen got to the Zi residence, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting started to board the flight.

Gu Ning sent Xu Jinchen a text message.

Gu Ning said: Jinchen, your mission is to keep Beiying company and ensure she is happy.

If I find out she is unhappy when I come back, your mission will be deemed a failure and you will get punished for it.

Shaoting says youll be punished in accordance with the military code.

Gu Ning turned off her phone after sending a text message.

Xu Jinchen was stunned to see Gu Nings text message.

He also realized her intentions for sending him to the Zi residence.

Xu Jinchen started to feel awkward as though he had gotten caught red-handed doing something bad.

He could not help feeling uneasy in his heart.

He thought he had concealed his emotions well, but all of them had seen through his act.

Zi Shaomin led Xu Jinchen into the living room and said, “Oh yes.

I have some work to handle, so I will get Beiying to come over and chat with you! As for the mission Miss Gu has tasked you with, let me know if you need help.”

Although Zi Shaomin had already guessed Gu Nings intention for leaving Xu Jinchen here, it was pure speculation and she might genuinely have a task for him.

Zi Shaomin was unsure whether it was his place to ask, so he did not ask about it.

Instead, he offered Xu Jinchen help if he needed it.

Xu Jinchen could not help feeling uneasy at thinking about the mission Gu Ning had tasked him with, but he thanked Zi Shaomin for his offer.

Zi Shaomin went upstairs to get Zi Beiying.

Zi Beiying had barely gone out owing to the recent family problems they were going through and had holed up at home for ages.

Even though there were plenty of ways for her to pass time at home, it was not as fun as going out.

She barely had any friends in the city to begin with.

Now one of her pals had gotten married and moved to City Y while the other became a celebrity and barely came home, so she hardly spoke to either of them.

Her only other close friend was Xia Maiqi and she was abroad as well.

She only spoke to them occasionally over the phone.

After all, all of them were busy and were not as free as her!

Zi Shaomin went to Zi Beiyings room and asked her to help him take care of a guest as he was busy.

However, he did not specify who the guest was.

He decided to give Zi Beiying a surprise.

Zi Beiying had been bored to her wits end lately.

So since her brother was busy and needed her to play host to his friends, she was happy to help.

“Who is it” asked Zi Beiying.

“Just an old friend you know as well.

Hurry up and go over! I have urgent matters to deal with!” said Zi Shaomin before he hurried off to the study.

If it was an old friend of Zi Shaomins, whom she was acquainted with as well, there were only a few likely candidates.

However, Zi Beiying assumed it was one of Zi Shaomins friends in the city and it did not cross her mind that he was from abroad.

Zi Beiying quickly washed up and headed downstairs.

The moment she spotted Xu Jinchen sitting in the living room, she was instantly stunned and her heart palpitated.

Him What was he doing here

Zi Beiying did not feel that Xu Jinchen was here just to visit her, he must be on a work trip, but her mood lifted the moment she saw him.

Zi Beiying immediately composed herself when Xu Jinchen looked over and headed downstairs nonchalantly before walking towards him.

She acted as though everything was normal.

Xu Jinchens heart could not help throbbing quickly when he laid his eyes on Zi Beiying.

He looked slightly uneasy, but he did not want her to notice it, so he forcibly composed himself as well.

“Its you! Are you here on a business trip” asked Zi Beiying.

“Uh huh! Im here for some work matters,” replied Xu Jinchen.

“Did you come alone” asked Zi Beiying.

“Initially, there were others involved, but Im the only one left now,” replied Xu Jinchen.

“Oh But why” asked Zi Beiying curiously.

“Shall we head out before we talk” said Xu Jinchen.

There were servants in the residence and he could not let any other people learn of his mission regardless of whether they were trustworthy.”

“Sure.” Zi Beiying caught on to Xu Jinchens intentions and quickly brought Xu Jinchen to the garden.

The garden in the Zi residence was huge, so if they kept their volume down and stayed in the center of the garden, no one would be able to hear them.

“Ning and Shaoting came too…” said Xu Jinchen.

“What Is she here too Then where is she” The moment Zi Beiying heard this, she instantly interrupted Xu Jinchen excitedly.

Xu Jinchen felt a little jealous hearing how excited Zi Beiying was when she found out Gu Ning was in town.

She did not seem excited at all to see him when he showed up.

Did this mean she did not fancy him

Xu Jinchen suddenly felt upset.

“Jinchen, whats the matter” asked Zi Beiying quizzically when Xu Jinchen did not reply to her.

Xu Jinchen blurted, “You didnt seem half as excited to see me, but the moment you heard Ning was in town, you were delighted.”

Xu Jinchen realized he had spoken inappropriately and instantly regretted saying it, but it was too late to take his words back, so he decided to face it graciously and pretend he was joking.

Zi Beiying felt her face turn warm when she heard what Xu Jinchen said, and averted her eyes uneasily.

Of course, she was excited! She simply did not show it.

However, she remained composed on the surface and pretended to speak unkindly, “Humph! Its not your first time visiting my place to begin with.

Why should I be excited Its Gu Nings first time in the city, and she is one of my best friends.

Can you compare to her”

Xu Jinchen could not help feeling upset when he heard what Zi Beiying said, but he could not refute it since it was the truth.

“Sigh! How could you say that to a friend I came at Gu Nings suggestion to hang out with you and keep your spirits up, but you despise me so much.

Forget it.

In that case, Ill make myself scarce before I make you even more upset and end up scolded,” said Xu Jinchen.


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