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Chapter 1917: You Were Rude, so You Deserved the Slap

The employees were overjoyed to see their boss defending them so fiercely.


Qin Qianhui was dumbstruck by Gu Ning.

Despite Gu Nings young age, she had an incredibly powerful aura!

Qin Qianhui forced herself to look confident and instantly spoke with composure, “Your territory Dont tell me you are Fu Yanmings lover I was wondering why he refused to remarry me! It must be because of you…”

Before Qin Qianhui even finished her sentence, she was slapped.

Gu Ning had just slapped her.

Even though she did not slap Qin Qianhui too hard, she certainly did not bother holding back.

Qin Qianhui was stupefied by the unexpected slap.

A bright red handprint also instantly appeared on her face and promptly swelled.

The crowd was astounded by the slap as well, but no one felt Gu Ning was wrong for doing it.

Instead, they felt delighted.

How dare Qin Qianhui insult their boss by calling Gu Ning Fu Yanmings lover It was simply too insulting.

Since it was already Qin Qianhuis third time making trouble, they were used to it.

However, they were unable to do anything about it as they had to protect the companys image.

“Since you are rude, you deserved the slap,” said Gu Ning.

“Y-y-you…” Qin Qianhui finally composed herself and glared at Gu Ning furiously.

She was so angry that she trembled so hard she was incapable of talking straight.

Qin Qianhui did not feel there was anything amiss with what she said.

If the girl claimed this company was her territory, she must be Fu Yanmings lover.

Since Fu Yanming was the general manager of the branch office, only his lover would dare to say such things!

Qin Qianhui did not know the company belonged to a young woman.

Judging from Gu Nings age, she did not seem like the owner of a major establishment.

Also, Qin Qianhui was of the opinion that women were incapable of running a business.

Hence, it did not dawn on her that Gu Ning could be the company owner.

“Did you think you could make trouble at my company and get away with it If you dont get lost, dont blame me for being rude,” scolded Gu Ning.

“Huh What did you just say Is this your company” Qin Qianhui went into a daze before she asked in shock.

“Thats right,” replied Gu Ning.

“How is that possible” retorted Qin Qianhui instinctively.

“Considering how young you are, you must be Fu Yanmings lover…”

Before she finished her sentence, she made eye contact with Gu Nings stern gaze and instantly choked and went quiet.


Qin, this young woman is genuinely our boss, so I suggest you watch that attitude of yours,” warned the security guard sternly.

“H-how can that be Look at how young she is!” Despite the security guards affirmation, Qin Qianhui found it unbelievable.

Gu Ning looked like she was barely in college!

“Who says a youngster cant have her own company Just because you are incapable, doesnt mean the same holds true for everyone else,” sneered Gu Ning arrogantly.

“I dont care whether you believe it.

If you continue making trouble on my territory, I will call the cops.”

“You…” Qin Qianhui was dumbfounded.

Although she started feeling wary of Gu Ning, she could not stand by and do nothing after Gu Ning had slapped her.

Qin Qianhui suppressed the fear in her heart as she said, “Even if you own this company, you cant just slap me for no reason! Do you think you can get away with hitting me”

Gu Ning looked at Qin Qianhui tauntingly as she sneered coldly, “You came to my office to cause a scene and ruin our company image.

You shouldnt have done that.

I will give you 30 seconds to make yourself scarce before I kick you out altogether.”

“You…” Qin Qianhui shrank in fear.

Qin Qianhui was still feeling scared after getting slapped by Gu Ning.

However, Qin Qianhui felt indignant, so she did not leave right away.

Before long, she ran out of time.

“10, 9, 8, 7…” shouted Gu Ning as she checked the time.

Qin Qianhui gritted her teeth and turned to leave resentfully.

She was worried that Gu Ning would really kick her out.

Even though Qin Qianhui felt that Gu Ning was probably not strong enough to literally kick her out, all Gu Ning needed was to give the word, and many others would be eager to help.

Shortly after Qin Qianhui left the building, Fu Yanming turned up.

The receptionist had called his secretary informing him of Gu Nings arrival, so Fu Yanming came downstairs to welcome her.

He had also learned about Qin Qianhui making a scene in the office, so Fu Yanming felt worried.

He was naturally concerned if Qin Qianhui caused trouble for Gu Ning.

The entire situation only took about five minutes.

Since Fu Yanming needed about five minutes to take the lift down, he missed it entirely by the time he got there.

It was probably better for him to miss it and avoid getting harassed by his ex-wife.

“Chairman Gu, welcome to the branch office,” said Fu Yanming reverently when he saw Gu Ning.

Although Fu Yanming had never seen Gu Ning before, he instantly recognized her.

Since he was Gu Nings employee, he had done his research, learning everything there was to know about Gu Ning.

He had seen all the online reports about Gu Nings accomplishments and was deeply impressed by the young woman.

After greeting Gu Ning, Fu Yanming apologized, “Chairman Gu, Im sorry about the trouble my ex-wife caused.

I will take care of it and wont let history repeat itself.”

“Theres no need for apologies.

It was not your fault.

Since she wanted to make trouble, it was not like you could stop her.

If she comes back, you should just call the cops right away,” said Gu Ning without blaming Fu Yanming.

Although the incident occurred because of him, he could not have stopped it.

“Yes, Chairman Gu.

Thank you for being so understanding.” Fu Yanming was relieved to see that Gu Ning was not angry.

He proceeded to lead Gu Ning into the office.

“I think Qin Qianhui isnt going to give up without a fight.

Even though she might not be able to do anything to you, she might threaten you using your children, so you ought to keep a close eye on them,” reminded Gu Ning.

“I will keep a close eye on the situation,” replied Fu Yanming.

He had already considered the possibility, so he had hired two bodyguards for the children, in case Qin Qianhui attempted to take the kids.

Gu Ning only took a quick tour of the company before she left.

Since it was getting late, Gu Ning wanted to head back to the Tang residence.

She did not take Gao Yi and Qiao Ya along with her knowing they would be uneasy there.

Hence, she left them to have some free time of their own.

They agreed to stay in touch by phone if anything cropped up.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had the keys to Huafu Hills, so they were welcome to stay there if they liked.

Gu Ning got Fu Yanming to arrange a car for them when they wanted to leave, so Gao Yi sent her to the Tang residence before leaving.

The Tang family knew that Gu Ning was coming back today, but she had something to address during the day and would only be back in time for dinner.

Tang Yunfan came back much earlier when he caught wind that Gu Ning was back and had already arrived in the afternoon.

Tang Yunrong and Cao Wenxin were also there.

Sadly, Cao Ruihua and Cao Wenjun were busy working, so they could not make it.


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