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Chapter 1906: Is There a Scheme

They had chip bombs installed on their watches.

As long as they couldnt escape, they would choose to die directly.

Only in that way would the vampire family not be affected.

Because it was a chip bomb, it wasnt very powerful.

Basically, they could only kill themselves by exploding it, and people who were close to them might be affected.

Leng Shaoting was displeased to see that, because he couldnt catch them after the explosion.

Besides, he couldnt discover their purpose for coming to their country right now.

If it was really a personal grudge, it would be easy.

However, if the government was involved, it would be a time bomb.

Although there were cultivators in their country and they could take action if vampires really invaded, it wasnt a good thing to have conflict.

Anyway, since they were both dead, there was no need for Leng Shaoting to stay here.

Either way, he would report it to his leader.

After walking out of the cave, Leng Shaotings phone received a signal, so he made a call to a senior leader.

“Is it done” Once his call was answered, he heard a serious male voice of power with concern.

“Yeah, but the murderers had a chip bomb on their bodies.

Once they realized they were doomed, they exploded it to commit suicide.” Leng Shaoting compressed his lips, saying in an upset tone, which showed that he was in a bad mood.

Hearing that, the leader realized that it was complicated, so he put on a serious expression.

“Who are they”

“Its a little special, so please be mentally-prepared before I tell the truth.

It might be quite unbelievable,” said Leng Shaoting.

For no reason, the leader felt anxious.


“Theyre from Country M, which isnt the point.

The point is that theyre vampires.

In other words, they arent completely human.

Theyre half human and half ghosts.

They live by sucking the blood of other creatures, and theyre dozens of times stronger than ordinary people,” said Leng Shaoting.

“What Vampires” Hearing that, the leader fell into a panic, because this was the first time he had ever heard something like that.

He had seen vampires in films before, but films werent real, so he never believed in ghosts or monsters.

“Does it really exist in this world” asked the leader.

“The world is so large that it contains a lot of strange things.

Perhaps there are special people with magical power in our country too,” said Leng Shaoting.

Although he could tell the leader about the vampires, he had to keep it a secret that there were cultivators in their country for the time being.

It had to be kept secret at least for now.

Even if he was going to tell them, he better not do it on the phone, because it was hard to make it clear in that way.

The leader remained silent for a second.

It was indeed quite unbelievable, but he chose to believe it rather than deny it.

“Since they are dead, its over.

However, its very strange, so you must think of a good way to deal with the consequences.

Pay the dead peoples family satisfying compensation to stop the news from spreading abroad,” said the leader.

“Of course,” said Leng Shaoting, then hung up.

Xu Jingchen and the others were at the bottom of the mountain.

Because they were a little far from the cave and the explosion was in the depths of the cave, and the power wasnt too great, none of them heard the explosion.

They didnt know whether Leng Shaoting would encounter the murderer, so they were unavoidably worried about him

They had done over a hundred tasks till now.

And although they succeeded almost every time, they were in a different situation this time.

Their enemies used to be human beings, but now they always ran into monsters or ghosts.

Monsters and ghosts were much more difficult to deal with than men.

They werent relieved until Leng Shaoting showed up.

Without delay, they ran towards him.

“Boss, how is it”

“Did you lose the trail”


They asked Leng Shaoting at once.

Because Leng Shaoting left for only a short time and had no injuries on his body, they thought that he might have failed to find the murderer.

“Well, its already done,” said Leng Shaoting.


“What Its already done”

“Within such a short time”

Everyone was surprised to hear that.

“Yeah.” Leng Shaoting nodded.

After he became a cultivator, it was getting easier and easier for him to complete the tasks.

Although there was a rule in the cultivation world that cultivators couldnt hurt mortals, Leng Shaoting wasnt one of their members yet, so he wasnt constrained by that.

He was a cultivator, but also a soldier of their country, so he should shoulder his responsibility.

“Then who is the murderer Why didnt you bring the murderer back” asked Xu Jinchen.

He couldnt wait to hear the answer.

“Actually, they are two vampires from Country M.

Because they were unwilling to be caught by me, they exploded bombs that they had on them to kill themselves,” said Leng Shaoting with a calm expression.

Hearing that, everyone was shocked, although they were aware it couldnt be done by normal people.

“Country M Is there a scheme or something” said Ai Weishun with worries.

The others had the same idea.

After all, their country and Country M didnt have a good relationship.

They were more like competitors.

“Boss, what else do you know” asked Xin Bei.

He actually didnt have much hope, because the two vampires chose to commit suicide.

“They told me they came here to search for someone who owes them money.

Its obviously a lie.

They would rather kill themselves than tell me the truth,” said Leng Shaoting.


The others agreed.

On Saturday and Sunday, Gu Ning was busy cultivating, but still failed to fuse her soul with her flesh.

Jing Yunyao had learned that Gu Ning had the Blood of the Phoenix in her body, so there was no need for her to go through the process of cutting her bones and purifying her marrow in order to be a cultivator.

However, she had no idea Gu Ning had reincarnated.

Therefore, she didnt know Gu Ning needed to fuse her soul with flesh to start cultivating.

She simply thought that Gu Ning hadnt mastered the skill.

“Its fine.

Take it slowly.

Cultivation is very time-consuming.

In the cultivation world, we dont have as many things to do as when you are in the mortals world.

In addition to learning and eating, we focus on cultivating every day.

We barely sleep too! Youre only learning now after all, so dont put too much pressure on yourself,” said Jing Yunyao to comfort Gu Ning.

Even though Gu Ning had the Blood of the Phoenix and didnt need to cut her bones and purify her marrow, it wasnt easy for her to master the skill of cultivating.

“I know, and I wont give up,” said Gu Ning.

Even though she was a little disappointed, she understood it took time.

Anyway, she had only tried a few times now.


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