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Chapter 1880: Yeah, I Disdain You

“Im flattered, Miss Ge,” said Lu Zhan politely.

Because Lu Zhan needed to socialize with many other guests, he didnt spend much time chatting with Han Kun and Ge Jiaying.

Ge Jiaying came this time only to meet Lu Zhan, so she didnt stop him from leaving.

The next second, she saw Gu Ning walking to the ladies room by herself and felt it might be a great chance to form a relationship with her, so she excused herself and walked to the ladies room at once.

Han Kun didnt know what Ge Jiaying was thinking, so he didnt pay much attention to it.

Gu Ning used the washroom.

When she walked out, the door of another cubicle also opened and Ge Jiaying appeared.

Actually, Ge Jiaying kept paying attention to the sounds of the cubicle where Gu Ning was, so she hurriedly stepped out once she heard that Gu Ning was leaving.

Seeing Gu Ning, Ge Jiaying acted surprised, then politely greeted her.

“Oh, hi, Miss Gu, what a coincidence! I didnt know that youre the real boss of Fenghua Entertainment.

Youre so young and successful! I really admire you.”

Ge Jiaying was truly a snob, and she only tried to please people of power or wealth.

Whether Gu Ning relied on herself or men to become successful, it was undeniable that she had great influence.

As long as it was beneficial for Ge Jiaying, she didnt care about other things.

What Ge Jiaying didnt know was that Gu Ning had witnessed everything she had done in Charm studio, so Gu Ning had a bad impression of her.

Even though Ge Jiaying was hypocritical, they were at the party held by Gu Nings company after all.

In addition, Ge Jiaying was a guest, so Gu Ning remained nice to her before she caused trouble here.

“Thank you for your compliment, Miss Ge,” said Gu Ning in a polite and indifferent tone.

“I mean every word I said.

Miss Gu, if you dont mind, can I have your number Perhaps we can share a meal some day,” said Ge Jiaying.

She had a polite attitude, but thought too highly of herself.

In fact, Gu Ning held a higher social status than Ge Jiaying, so Ge Jiaying should be more low-profile in front of Gu Ning, but she wasnt.

On the contrary, her behavior showed that she thought that she was at the same level as Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt care about her friends social status, but Ge Jiaying was only a stranger in her eyes.

Therefore, she didnt think Ge Jiaying was smart given the situation.

“Sorry, I normally dont give my number to strangers.” Gu Ning refused and sounded a little cold, but she still didnt intentionally embarrass Ge Jiaying.

Hearing that, Ge Jiaying felt slightly embarrassed.

To her surprise, Gu Ning turned her down.

She believed that Gu Ning would agree.

If not, Ge Jiaying thought that Gu Ning might think that she was superior to other people.

Ge Jiaying had a different way of thinking from other people.

Actually, it was her fault that she thought too highly of herself, but she blamed Gu Ning for it.

“Miss Gu, do you think Im inferior to you” Ge Jiaying asked reluctantly in a blaming tone.

She didnt think that Gu Ning refused because of the gap between their social status, but because Gu Ning was arrogant.

Gu Ning frowned, showing displeasure.

At this time, she thought that she could stop being polite to Ge Jiaying.

Gu Ning didnt want anything terrible to happen at the party held by her company, but it didnt mean she had patience to be wasting time on Ge Jiaying.

Besides, Ge Jiaying didnt have a good character, and was quite aggressive.

Gu Ning wasnt an idiot after all.

“Yeah, I disdain you.

So what” Gu Ning said without hesitation.

Hearing that, Ge Jiaying was annoyed.

She didnt expect Gu Ning to be so straightforward and she was surprised that Gu Ning really thought that she was inferior to her.

Ge Jiaying believed that Gu Ning should feel embarrassed and apologize to her before giving her the number.

“You…” Ge Jiaying felt humiliated and became angry.

“Miss Gu, I know youre young and successful, but your attitude is too unacceptable.”

“My attitude is unacceptable” Gu Ning coldly looked at Ge Jiaying and said with mockery, “I dont think there is anything wrong with my attitude.

Dont I have the right to show my opinions Miss Ge, you think too highly of yourself and you dont have manners at all.

I saw the drama caused by you in my Charm studio earlier.

Im being very tolerant that I dont blame you for that.

Do you still want to try to play any other tricks with me here”

“You…” Ge Jiaying was astonished and felt embarrassed.

However, she didnt think Gu Ning was present back then so Gu Ning learned about it.

Instead, she believed that Chu Peihan told Gu Ning about it, so she began to blame Chu Peihan for it.

Therefore, Ge Jiaying explained at once.

“Miss Gu, did the girl by your side tell you that There is a misunderstanding…”

Although Ge Jiaying was annoyed at Gu Nings attitude, she still tried to form a relationship with her, so she swallowed her pride and explained it again to Gu Ning.

It was Ge Jiayings view, but Gu Ning saw a totally different thing.

“She said nothing, because I was there,” said Gu Ning, staring at Ge Jiaying as if she was looking at an idiot.


Ge Jiaying was quite embarrassed now.

She didnt know that Gu Ning was present too.

“So, please behave yourself, Miss Ge, or Im afraid that you will have to leave.” Gu Ning warned her, then left her behind, walking away.

Ge Jiaying was mad.

Watching Gu Nings leaving back, she swore, “Gu Ning, what do you think you are Youre not the most successful person in this world!”

“Thats funny!” The moment Ge Jiaying finished, she heard a mans voice from behind her.

She immediately realized that someone overheard what she said just now.

She was scared and turned around at once.

Seeing a familiar face which she was unwilling to see, Ge Jiaying was angrier.

The man was about 27 years old, 1.8 m tall, and was quite handsome.

“What are you doing here” asked Ge Jiaying in annoyance.

It was obvious that she didnt want to see him.

“Since you can come, why cant I” asked the man mockingly.

“You…” Ge Jiaying didnt know what to say.

He absolutely could come, but she simply was reluctant to see him.

“Ge Jiaying, Gu Ning isnt someone you can mess with.

Dont think that you are somebody after riding on the coattails of a senior manager of Pegasus Entertainment.

Pegasus Entertainment is not bad in the entertainment industry, but its nothing in business.

Gu Ning is much more influential than it.

Dont affect the Ge family,” said the man.

His expression showed obvious dislike towards Ge Jiaying, but he had to remind her to be careful for the sake of the Ge family.


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