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Chapter 1879: Only Care About Benefits

After knowing what Gu Ning owned, Ge Jiaying didnt dare to disdain her anymore.

If she only owned Fenghua Entertainment, it might not be a big deal, but Kouzi, Charm, and Jade Beauty Jewelry were extremely popular now.

However, Chu Peihan had a relationship with Gu Ning, which made Ge Jiaying even more jealous.

If she could become Gu Nings friend, she could get more advantages.

Thinking of that, an idea dawned on Ge Jiaying.

She could go to make friends with Gu Ning!

If she could become Gu Nings friend, she could use products from Kouzi and Charm as much as she wanted.

As for the jewelry of Jade Beauty Jewelry, she wouldnt need to buy it then.

She could borrow it as she liked.

Ge Jiaying indeed thought too highly of herself, as if Gu Ning would become her friend as long as she wanted to be Gu Nings friend.

Besides, she believed that she could ask Gu Ning for whatever she wanted after they became friends.

However, real friends wouldnt ask each other for whatever they wanted.

Real friends cared about each other more than they did about benefits.

If benefits were mixed with a relationship, there would be no real friendship.

In fact, snobs only cared about benefits.

At 5:55 pm, Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen came.

Because both of them were famous actors, they easily attracted the reporters attention once they showed up.

Without delay, many reporters walked to Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen.

However, they didnt leave Gu Ning and Su Tongnuo behind, and only half of them walked away.

Gu Ning wasnt the major role today, so she had no intention of stealing their thunder.

She let those reporters interview Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen first, because they were more important today.

Afterwards, the reporters went to interview Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen.

After getting rid of a group of reporters, Lu Zhan along with several directors and producers walked towards Gu Ning.

He introduced them to each other and they exchanged greetings.

“Ive heard of Miss Gus unbelievable achievements long ago, but dont have a chance to see you until today.

I should thank Director Lu for introducing me to Miss Gu.”

“Right, Miss Gu has become so successful at such a young age.

You have my respect and admiration.”

“Right, if its possible, we hope that we can cooperate with Fenghua Entertainment.”


They kept complimenting Gu Ning, but not to flatter her.

They truly admired and respected her.

Given Gu Nings achievements, people who had no jealousy or hatred towards her truly respected her.

After all, there was no one else who could be as successful as Gu Ning at such a young age.

Facing their compliments, Gu Ning stayed calm and confident.

She didnt look like a young girl who lacked social experience at all.

On the contrary, she was like a mature, successful figure who had years of social experience.

It made people doubt whether Gu Ning was only 19 this year.

Because of that, everyone had a better impression of Gu Ning and started to respect her from the bottom of their hearts.

They didnt take her lightly because of her young age.

Seeing Chu Peihan socializing with Lu Zhan and the leading actors of An Empress of Military Blood, Ge Jiaying was more displeased.

She wished that she could stand next to Gu Ning chatting with those famous directors and actors.

Chu Peihan didnt notice Ge Jiaying at the beginning, but she was displeased to see her when she did, because she disliked Ge Jiaying.

However, even though she disliked Ge Jiaying, she wouldnt do anything, because she wasnt a troublemaker like Ge Jiaying.

In addition, it was the party held by Gu Nings company, so she couldnt ruin it.

Therefore, Chu Peihan only gave Ge Jiaying a cold glance, then ignored her.

Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen finished the interview with the reporters, then walked to greet Gu Ning.

“Congratulations!” Gu Ning congratulated them.

“Thanks, boss.” Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen smiled.

“What do you plan to do next” asked Gu Ning.

“Ill play the leading female role in a xianxia TV show.

The filming will begin next month, but I dont know the specific time yet,” said Tang Xiaoxiao.

“I also have a job recently.

Its a show about the military.

Although its just a supporting role, I think its a good chance.

Most of the actors are experienced,” said Qiao Hanchen.

Given Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchens current positions in the industry, they could play the leading roles in shows, but they were willing to accept jobs for good supporting roles too.

Sometimes, the leading roles might be overshadowed by supporting roles.

They would also make a cameo appearance in some shows for their friends in the industry.

“Great, I have confidence in both of you,” said Gu Ning to encourage them.

“Thanks,” said Tang Xiaoxiao and Qiao Hanchen.

They were grateful to Gu Ning, because they couldnt get what they had today without her help.

Several new actors signed by Fenghua Entertainment were also present today.

They actually werent new faces in the industry and had played roles in some shows.

All of them had outstanding appearance and acting skills.

However, because of the lack of support or unwillingness to accept unspoken rules, they didnt have many chances to show their abilities.

Afterwards, Lu Xiao poached them.

Once they joined Fenghua Entertainment, they didnt need to give in to unspoken rules.

All they needed to do was to work hard and have their limits, because Fenghua Entertainment would support them.

After they were signed by Fenghua Entertainment, they had more and more chances to show their faces before the cameras, so they were soon offered new jobs relying on their abilities instead of dirty tricks.

It was the road they chose to take, because they hoped to achieve greater success with their abilities, not the unspoken rules.

It was their first meeting with Gu Ning, but it would soon be 6 pm, so they didnt have a chance to say hello to Gu Ning.

Before long, it was 6 pm and all the guests were present, then the party began.

Lu Zhan gave a speech first, followed by Gu Ning, then all the leading actors.

After the speeches, they began to enjoy the food and drink.

It was a banquet, so everyone was walking around in the hall chatting with other people casually.

Because Han Kun had told Lu Zhan that he brought Ge Jiaying here to go through the motions, there was no need for Lu Zhan to take her seriously.

Anyway, since he came with Ge Jiaying, he should naturally introduce her to Lu Zhan.

Otherwise, the director might be annoyed at him.

“Director Lu, this is an actress from Pegasus Entertainment, Ge Jiaying.” Han Kun perfunctorily introduced Ge Jiaying to Lu Zhan.

“Its so nice to meet you, Director Lu.

Im Ge Jiaying.

Ive heard of you long ago, but I didnt have the chance to see you till today.

Its my honor,” said Ge Jiaying.

She had done her homework before coming here, so she was able to be so decent.


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