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Chapter 1791: She Cant Bully Me

“My cousin happens to be in the same department as Yuan Shuyan, so she knows some things about her.

Yuan Shuyan is very vengeful.

It often doesnt end well if anyone offends her.

She usually doesnt do it in a straightforward way, instead she takes revenge on you secretly.”

“Furthermore, Yuan Shuyan has a thing for Senior Rong.

Senior Rong treated Gu Ning so special today.

Im afraid Yuan Shuyan wont let it go.”

“Yeah! According to my cousin, a senior girl got closer to Senior Rong previously.

Yuan Shuyan picked on her once.

And she hid far from Senior Rong since then.”

“To be honest! I think Senior Rong and Senior Yuan are a good match! Given their similar family background, why cant they be together”

“You know nothing about them! The four dominant families are all opposed to each other.

It is impossible for members of the Rong family to be together with those of the Yuan family.”

Hearing this, Gu Ning was certain that Rong Zechen was from the Rong family of the capital.

Still she couldnt figure out whether he was from a direct line or a collateral line.

However, the Rong family and the Yuan family were all opposed to the Leng family.

Gu Ning wouldnt make friends with any members from those two families.

“Shhh! Dont talk about such things.

If it gets out, we will get in trouble.” Someone immediately stopped the person who was discussing the Rong family and the Yuan family.

Such things were not for casual chit chat.

Hearing this, one person immediately changed the subject.

“Oh! Prove me wrong.

Is it that Gu Ning is so full of herself even though she has little capability She dared to provoke Yuan Shuyan.”

“Not exactly the case.

It was Yuan Shuyan who stirred up trouble.

Moreover, Gu Ning may not know who Yuan Shuyan is! Since she is from City F, not from the capital.”

“Make sense.

If thats the case, then Gu Ning would be too wronged.”

Several people expressed sympathy for Gu Ning, but Gu Ning didnt care at all.

After finishing their meal, Song Miaoge headed back to school, and Gu Ning also sent her friends including Chu Peihan back to school.

As she should officially go to school tomorrow, she would go to the company this afternoon.

So she said goodbye to Chu Peihan and the others.

They all understood her, so they did not make things hard.

Originally, they intended to take the subway home, but Gu Ning insisted on sending them, so they compromised.

After sending Chu Peihan, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi to their schools respectively, Gu Ning went directly back to the company.

She happened to meet K in the parking lot at the company so they went into the elevator together.

Gu Ning thought of Battle on the Sky in the arcade, so she asked casually, “When Im in XX arcade, I saw Battle on Sky in the hall.

Do you have any cooperation with them”

K was taken aback on hearing this.

His face became grim.

“No, besides a mobile game authorization, Battle on the Sky has no other cooperation or authorization.

It seems to be a copyright theft.”

Gu Ning was also startled when she heard this.

She didnt expect this to be the case.

“Boss, sorry, this was my fault.

I didnt even investigate it.

I will look into this matter right away.

We cant let people get away with monetizing our games,” K said.

Unauthorized games were forbidden to be used indiscriminately.

For game console developers, games were produced and sold only when they had obtained the authorization and cooperation of the game copyright official.

Once the developers obtained the copyright and produced the game console, it was legal for anyone to buy it, but if they failed to get it while still in production, it was pirated and illegal.

“All right.” Gu Ning replied, since there was no cooperation with their game company, then it was naturally illegal for them to have Battle in the Sky.

She had just asked casually.

Unexpectedly, something bad happened.

Gu Ning didnt blame K for the illegal commercial use of the game.

After all, this kind of thing had become an awfully common practice in the gaming industry.

If you found it, you could withdraw it, and if you didnt find it, it was out there.

Not long after Gu Ning came to the office, she received a call from Leng Shaoxi.

Leng Shaoxi seldom called her because she was too shy to call randomly.

As for the reason, one was that she didnt have much to say, and the other was that she worried about taking up other peoples time.

“Ningning, I heard about what happened at school today.

You and Yuan Shuyan clashed as soon as you went to school.

I havent heard the whole story yet.

Are you okay” Leng Shaoxi asked with concern.

Leng Shaoxi was also a student of the Capital University.

Starting this year, she would be a junior.

Although Leng Shaoxi wasnt in the student union or at school today, her friend who was a member of the cadre in the student union told her about that.

Her friend didnt know the relationship between Gu Ning and Leng Shaoxi, but she knew Leng Shaoxi and Yuan Shuyan had issues, so she told Leng Shaoxi to delight her when Yuan Shuyan was at disadvantage.

Although Yuan Shuyan suffered a loss today, Leng Shaoxi knew her temperament.

Leng Shaoxi was worried that she would get back at Gu Ning secretly.

“Im fine, dont worry! She cant bully me.

Although she is from the Yuan family, I still have the Tang family and the Leng family backing me up! Isnt it” Gu Ning smiled.

“It is a relief to know that you know the Leng family will always stand by you.

I was so worried that you would choose to fight against her alone.” Hearing Gu Nings words, Leng Shaoxi was relieved.

Although she doesnt know Gu Ning very well, she could sense that Gu Ning didnt like reaching out for help unless she had to.

Leng Shaoxis words warmed Gu Ning, and Gu Ning figured out Leng Shaoxi purpose for calling her! It was to tell her that the Lengs family did and would always have her back.

“By the way, Which class and dormitory are you in I will come to you after I sign up.

Grandpa gave me a task and asked me to take care of you! If he knows that you were wronged at school, I will be punished,” Leng Shaoxi said.

She was more than happy to do so instead of complaining.

When Yuan Shuyan knew that Gu Ning was close to her, she would rein in.

Leng Shaoxi wasnt sure if Yuan Shuyan would quit her revenge, but she was certain she could reduce Gu Nings troubles by doing so.

Even though Yuan Shuyan belonged to the Yuan family, she was merely from a collateral line, while Leng Shaoxi was from the direct line of the Leng family.

Therefore, her family background could pose some threats to Yuan Shuyan.

They did have their conflicts, but both of them didnt dare to go too far.

It was just quarreling.

“Class A of the Department of Economics, Room 508 of Dormitory 1,” Gu Ning replied.

Although she doesnt want to expose her relationship with the Leng family for the time being, she couldnt refuse the Leng familys help.

Without exposing their identity, she could approach Leng Shaoxi and let others think that they are just friends.

“Okay, I see.

Ill leave you to it.

See you at school,” Leng Shaoxi said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning replied, then they hung up.


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