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Without a powerful family background, one could still get a promotion as long as he or she had outstanding abilities.

However, the president of the student union was special.


Yuan Shuyans surname was Yuan, and she was the deputy minister of the Department of Arts.

Gu Ning thought of the Yuan family in the capital.


Even if they were really from the two dominant families in the capital, Gu Ning wouldnt be afraid.


“Sorry to know that you were dragged into trouble right after coming here.

May I know what happened just now” Rong Zechen asked.

Although this was his first meeting with Gu Ning and he didnt know much about her, he believed that she wasnt a troublemaker.


“President Rong…” Yuan Shuyan was very displeased when Rong Zechen asked Gu Ning, instead of her, that question.

He was embarrassing her in public!


“Deputy Minister Yuan, Gu Ning is a freshman, but shes encountered trouble on the first day of school.

I think we should solve the problem for her first.” Rong Zechen interrupted Yuan Shuyan before she could finish her sentence.


Rong Zechen didnt want Yuan Shuyan to say anything more about that, because he could see it had something to do with her.


He disliked Yuan Shuyan, but he wasnt finding fault with her this time.

Given his knowledge about her, it must be her fault.


Either way, he made up his mind to help Gu Ning.


Even though Yuan Shuyan was a member of the Yuan family, they were in the school now and he was the president of the student union.

They naturally should obey their rules.


“You…” Yuan Shuyan was mad.

She wasnt dumb and she knew Rong Zechen did it on purpose to stop her from talking about it.

Besides, he was aware it had something to do with her.


Rong Zechen, why do you hate me so much Even if you hate me, you cant treat me like that! Yuan Shuyan felt quite hurt.


In fact, Yuan Shuyan liked Rong Zechen, but Rong Zechen disliked her.

To be specific, he hated her very much.


The reason was that their families were enemies, so it was impossible for them to be together.

Actually, even if their families werent enemies, he wouldnt like Yuan Shuyan, because Yuan Shuyan was a person with character problems.

However, no matter how much he hated Yuan Shuyan, he had never picked on her, but she believed he did that when they had disagreements on some things.


“Well, the thing is that we know where to enroll, so we have no intention of bothering senior students in the student union.

These two kind boys came over and asked us whether we needed their help just now.

We didnt need it, so we declined, but we only talked with each other for about a minute.

This girl suddenly criticized us for wasting their precious time.

I didnt understand it and argued with her over that,” said Gu Ning.


Although the two senior male members of the student union had lied because they were afraid of Yuan Shuyan, Gu Ning didnt blame them for that.

She knew that they were threatened by Yuan Shuyan.

Nevertheless, she wouldnt thank them either.


As for whether Yuan Shuyan caused them trouble on purpose due to what had happened yesterday, Gu Ning didnt say it aloud.

It wasnt because she didnt want to embarrass Yuan Shuyan, but because Chu Peihan had just said that aloud.

Everyone was aware of that now, and there was no need for her to mention it again.


Because Rong Zechen had guessed that it must be Yuan Shuyan who caused the problem, he wasnt surprised after hearing Gu Nings explanation.

Instead, he only looked even more displeased.


Yuan Shuyan was too arrogant and self-centered!


“Deputy Minister Yuan, do you have anything to say” Rong Zechen asked Yuan Shuyan in a serious tone.


Although he trusted Gu Ning, he still gave Yuan Shuyan a chance to defend herself, or other people might think he blindly believed her words and helped her.


“I just wanted to remind them not to waste time, but she swore at me and said that Im crazy, so we argued.” Yuan Shuyan panicked a little, but refused to admit her fault.

She turned to blame Chu Peihan instead.


“Ridiculous! You suddenly jumped out and criticized us for no reason.

How could you expect us not to be mad Youre not the only one who has a temper here!” Chu Peihan retorted in annoyance.


“You…” Yuan Shuyan was furious, but didnt know how to fight back all of a sudden.


“What Do you need to see the surveillance videos to see whether we just had a causal talk” Chu Peihan became a little aggressive.


“You…” Yuan Shuyan was in sheer panic now, and couldnt finish a sentence.


“Alright, its not serious.

We dont want to cause a scene, so please stop arguing with us over it.

We need to go now,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt think it was necessary to make a scene, because it would make them seem bad.

Anyway, everyone was aware that Yuan Shuyan had deliberately made things difficult for them, which was enough to make her have an unpleasant day.


Yuan Shuyan was unwilling to give up, but felt too embarrassed to continue to argue with them.

It wouldnt do her any good, and would only embarrass her more.


No matter what, she had a grudge against Gu Ning and her friends today, and she was determined to pay them back.


“Lets see!” Yuan Shuyan snorted, turned around, and walked away.


“Gu Ning, sorry about that!” Rong Zechen apologized to Gu Ning again.

It had nothing to do with him, but he was the president of the student union and was responsible for todays welcome meeting for freshmen.

It was his duty to deal with it.


“Well, Senior Rong, I know it has nothing to do with you.

I wont take it to heart,” said Gu Ning.


She didnt take it to heart, but she knew Yuan Shuyan did and Yuan Shuyan wouldnt give up on paying her back.


Anyway, she wasnt worried about that.

She would teach Yuan Shuyan a lesson if she really dared to do that.


“Do you need me to help you enroll” asked Rong Zechen.


“Thanks, but well walk there slowly.

I also plan to guide my friends around our school later.” Gu Ning declined.


“Great!” Since she said that, Rong Zechen didnt insist.


“Um, Goddess Gu, can I join you Im alone,” the girl who defended them asked cautiously.

She wanted to join them, but was afraid that they might refuse to accept her.


“Of course!” Gu Ning didnt mind it.


With Gu Nings agreement, the girl got excited.


There were many other freshmen who wanted to have a tour around the campus along with Gu Ning, but they were too shy to say it aloud.

As a result, they could only watch them leaving.


Once Gu Ning and her friends were gone, other people began to talk about them.


“Wow, shes a real straight-A student and goddess.

Shes even prettier than her photos.”


“A straight-A student and goddess” Someone was confused.


“Shes the top scorer of this years National College Entrance Examination,” another person said.


“What Shes that top scorer of this year”


Knowing that, some people who didnt recognize Gu Ning were surprised.


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