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Chapter 172 Attack the Police

Once he found out that Gu Ning was the one who had beaten Xiajiaojiao and the other two girls, he immediately swore at her without asking the reason.

However, seconds later Gu Ning stopped him.


Gu Ning was so aggressive that Du Haiping was struck dumb.

He rounded his eyes focusing on Gu Ning, but didnt know what to do next.

All the other people were surprised that Gu Ning dare to yell at the principal.

Even the female teacher was slightly regretful, but she still refused to believe that Gu Ning had support.

It seemed like today would be a long day.

“As the principal, you snapped and blamed me without even asking why.

Youre a shame to teachers!” Gu Ning was being very serious, but not because she was arrogant.

It was the principal who didnt have any moral standards after all.

After a long while, Du Haiping finally realized that he had been educated and humiliated by a teenager.

He was annoyed with shame.

“How dare you talk to me like that! Wasnt it you who injured those girls”

“So what They have slapped my cousin twice on purpose.

They deserve it,” Gu Ning said coldly.

“You…” Du Haiping was mad.

“Your cousin seems fine.

Why did you have to do that”

“Dont treat others the way you dont want to be treated.

I think that Ive already been kind,” Gu Ning sneered.

“Gee! How naive you are! You could be arrested!” Du Haiping threatened.

“I dont care.

I wont be the only one who will be arrested,” Gu

Ning shrugged glancing at Xiajiaojiao and the other two girls.

“Dont forget there is one thing called power in this world, other than equality!” Du Haiping said with disdain He was laughing at Gu Nings innocence.

“Of course, other than equality, there is one thing called power in this world,” Gu Ning replied in a meaning way.

“So, never annoy someone you dont know.”

Seeing Gu Ning being so confident, Du Haiping got anxious.

Is this girl from a powerful family

Right at that time, they heard police sirens in the distance.

The police came within 10 minutes.

Although the police station wasnt far away, it wasnt near either.

Because the female teacher specifically reminded the police that it was the daughter of Xia Mingshan, the leader of the Administrative Examination and Approval Section of the Education Bureau, who had fainted after being kicked, the police didnt dare to waste time.

The hospital was a little farther away than the police station, so the ambulance hadnt arrived yet.

A police car stopped beside the crowd.

Three policemen got out walking inside.

The female teacher immediately walked ahead talking to the policemen, “Its so nice to meet you.

Its her who has injured three students!”

“Take her away!” a policeman ordered.

The other two policemen stepped to Gu Ning at once, and one of them had handcuffs.

They didnt bother to ask the reason.

It was obvious that they had been bought by money.

“Wait!” Gu Ning stopped them.

The two policemen stopped looking at her with disdain.

One of them asked, “What Are you going to resist”

“No, but arent you supposed to figure out what has happened before you arrest me” Gu Ning asked seriously.

Hearing that, the two policemen lost their patience.

They didnt think that it was necessary.

However, in front of the public, they couldnt say it out aloud, so they asked a perfunctory question, “Fine, then let me ask you.

Did you hit them”

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

“Then I dont think there is anything wrong if we arrest you,” the policeman said.

“Nevertheless, they also slapped my cousin.

You should arrest them all as well,” Gu Ning retorted pointing at Xiapaojiao and the other two girls.

“You need to go to the police station to write down the arrest record now.

They are injured and have to go to the hospital right away.

Well have another policeman talk to them in the hospital,” the policeman said.

The policeman put it so well, but only to deceive the crowd.

He wouldnt do the same thing behind everyones back.

Gu Ning understood that.

She only argued because she didnt want to be regarded as a criminal.

“Sure, but its only a civil dispute.

Im not a criminal.

You dont have a right to handcuff me.”

Gu Ning also understood that it was a trap to go to the police station, but she wasnt afraid of it.

“Fine, lets go!” The policeman agreed.

Gu Ning didnt move right away, but looked at Du Haiping.

She threatened, “Principal Du, if my cousin is hurt when Im not here, you will be replaced for sure.”

Her cold voice was quiet persuasive.

Du Haiping had to believe that Gu Ning had the ability to replace him.

She couldnt let Jiang Xinyue go to the police station with her.

No matter if Jiang Xinyue was guilty or not, her reputation would be affected, but Gu Ning didnt care.

“Please…” Jiang Xinyue clasped Gu Ning.

She wouldnt let her leave.

“Relax, Ill be fine.

Dont tell our families,” Gu Ning stared at Jiang Xinyue with determination.

Jiang Xinyue felt comforted for no reason.

Then, Gu Ning left with the two policemen.

Just as they got in the car, the ambulance arrived.

In the car, Gu Ning took out her phone to make a call.

A policeman immediately reached out his hand to grab it, “Youre a suspect now.

Your phone has to be confiscated.”

Gu Ning raised her hand to seize his hand tightly.

The policeman couldnt move all of a sudden.

A grown-up man failed to deal with a teenage girl.

The policeman was irritated with shame.

He threatened, “Let me go, or Ill arrest you for attacking the police!”

“Attack the police Do you think Ill be afraid of that Stay away.

You cant afford the result!” Gu Ning warned coldly.

“You…” The policeman was mad, but he knew he couldnt defeat the girl.

However, he was also surprised by her confidence.

The female teacher had already told them that the girl was from an ordinary family; that was the reason why they were so rude.

So he said in a sarcastic way, “How dare you beat the daughter of Xia Mingshan! Do you know who her father is He is the leader of the Administrative Examination and Approval Section of the Education Bureau! Youre doomed!”


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